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Justin Verlander Throws Tigers' First No Hitter in 23 Years

It was the first no hitter in Comerica Park history, too. Verlander was so hot last night that he was still throwing 102 mph fast balls into the ninth inning. If you watched the game live then you may have noticed that the Tigers announcers didn't say a word about a possible no hitter for fear of jinxing it. For those Tigers fans who missed it, here's a four minute video summary of Justin's no hitter:

And it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy, too.

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Averaged 97mph on his fastb... (Below threshold)

Averaged 97mph on his fastballs which were 40% of his pitches. I question his humantity. Muscle and bone, and sinews alone, couldn't make those strikers moan.

As a perpetually frustrated... (Below threshold)

As a perpetually frustrated and synical Brewers fan I say, why not.

I was actually at a concert... (Below threshold)

I was actually at a concert at the Fillmore Detroit across the street from Comerica Park. I had no idea about it till today, but thats a pretty sweet accomplishment for verlander.

...Tigers announcers did... (Below threshold)
Peter F.f:

...Tigers announcers didn't say a word about a possible no hitter for fear of jinxing it.

Annoying Baseball Superstition #32: It is an ANNOUNCER'S JOB to tell people--in this case, Tiger fans--just what's going on in the game, for crying out loud! Sheesh! Who the hell is going to hear them way up in the booth? Even if they scream it, nobody in the dugout is gonna hear them....duh.

It was the first no hitter in Comerica Park history, too.

Now that's a journalistic stretch. The park's only 7 years old....LOL

Just giving you grief, Kim. ;-) (My buddy Eric is a HUGE Tigers fan, and I always razz him. So I feel obligated to razz other Tiger fans for no other reason than that.)

Its Okay, Peter F., we Tige... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

Its Okay, Peter F., we Tigers fans can take the raz after something like this.

One of the things about a no-hitter is the drama that builds inning after inning. Near the end, players stay away from the pitcher, everyone knows but nobody talks. It is all part of it.

The great Ernie Harwell would never ler the words "no-hitter" escape from his lips until it was broken up or won.

It is more tradition than anything else, and part of the specialness of a no-hitter. A tradition that goes back as far as the game itself, and a respect for it.

It is now that one thinks about Cy Young and Sandy Kofax, and that is cool too.

Robert O.:All well... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Robert O.:

All well and good, but how are the fans on the radio supposed to know what's going on??? LOL

Um, I remember Bob Costas uttering "perfect game" during David Cone's masterpiece. ;-)

A White guy?Ooohhh... (Below threshold)

A White guy?


The torque from his pitch takes him way off the rubber.

Peter F.In the Tig... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

Peter F.

In the Tigers' case the radio guys said it in every way but directly. "All the base runners have been from walks", "All eyes are on Verlander", etc. And of course: "no runs, no hits, no errors" at the end of every inning.

TV did the same and also showed close-ups of the scoreboard showing zero hits.

In Detroit we had fifty years of Ernie Harwell giving us clues like this.

I realize that other places are different.

Robet O.Love Ernie... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Robet O.

Love Ernie, I really do. Game romance aside, I'm saying is that it's a dumb superstition that has ZERO to do with the announcers.

Side note: It's amazing how many intellectuals overlook/ignore/turn their noses up at the grand game of baseball which, if they took a few minutes, days, years, would realize just how intellectual and compelling of a game it is.

God Bless the Best Game the World Has Ever Seen.

And congrats to Verlander! ( I wish you were on my fantasy team....)






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