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Blogging might be intermittent for the next couple of days. My main computer (the one with all my bookmarks, notes, software, and other stuff) has a power supply that's going bad, a failing hard drive, and a couple other issues. I won't have the time/money/parts to do a proper teardown and replacement/upgrade for a couple of days.

In the meantime, it tends to freeze up on me at inopportune times, and that tends to put a serious damper on writing longer pieces.

I'll be working around it as best I can.

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What are you running Jay ... (Below threshold)

What are you running Jay Tea , XP on a Pentium III w/256 mb of memory? Or are you an AMD type guy?

Clear the dust off the cooling fan and Power supply lately?

Rob, I'm running XP SP2 on ... (Below threshold)

Rob, I'm running XP SP2 on an Athlon XP2000+ with a gig of RAM and five internal hard drives -- 2x80, 100, 250, and 300. The 250 is going bad.

Oh, and if you're morbidly curious, a Radeon 9200 and an SB Live! Card, hooked up to a 12-year-old 21" monitor (that's also acting up).

Yeah, it's not the latest and greatest, but it does what I need to.

Most of the time.


Are you sure it isn't the m... (Below threshold)

Are you sure it isn't the mother board? That is what happened to my desktop. Same symptoms. Now kaput.

First, the LGF server hard ... (Below threshold)

First, the LGF server hard drive crashes. Now, Jay's drive is failing. I question the timing.

And my brain is failing bec... (Below threshold)

And my brain is failing because I don't have the least idea what you guys a talking about. LOL

what brand/wattage is your ... (Below threshold)

what brand/wattage is your PSU?

It's a CompUSA 500-watter t... (Below threshold)

It's a CompUSA 500-watter that I've gotten about 4 years out of, but now one of the fans in it is making a moaning sound. That's usually a bad sign, I believe...

And it will be replaced by one of at least 480 or 500 watts.


Just a bearing, but not lik... (Below threshold)

Just a bearing, but not likely replaceable. Maybe graphite? Maybe I'm an idiot.

DJ not know compooters so g... (Below threshold)

DJ not know compooters so good.

Find rock, smash problem, buy noo compooter, all good.

<a href="http://video.googl... (Below threshold)
Mister Link:
Me thinks Jay's computer ha... (Below threshold)

Me thinks Jay's computer has finally had enough of his blogging, LOL!

Sounds like big time trouble. Its gonna cost you...

I slapped mine together with a brand new $1.99 board I found at GoodWill, a case I found at the dumpster, 2 gigs of Hi Performance Corsair memory and a 3.0 ghtz CPU. Had a couple of SATA drives lying around and a box of spare parts. Downloaded Debian Etch for the free OS, and it rocks. Only cost me $300.00

I don't have those problems.

This freeze up sounds like ... (Below threshold)

This freeze up sounds like Hard Drive issues. Dump XP, it too likes to freeze up. Stop wasting money on Windows and Windows related crap.

Proper teardown? The Power... (Below threshold)

Proper teardown? The Power supply goes in last. Its a $30.00 - $40.00 swap. Hard Drive? 2 wires, it doesn't get easier than that. Come on man. If you can't open the HD to save data, then forget it, otherwise I assume you've already backed everything up. Simple fix.

Asta La Vista, baby!... (Below threshold)

Asta La Vista, baby!
Posted by: Mister Link at June 13, 2007 02:32 PM

Thats Friggin hysterical!!!
I think that was actual footage of Jay...

Just a bearing, but not lik... (Below threshold)

Just a bearing, but not likely replaceable. Maybe graphite? Maybe I'm an idiot.
Posted by: kim at June 13, 2007 12:27 PM

You don't replace bearings in those parts. How hard up for cash are you people? Just replace the bad units and be done with it. Whats the problem? Get it done already.

Maybe I'm an idiot.Posted by: kim






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