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Working for Failure in Iraq

Harry Reid is working overtime trying to ensure defeat in Iraq. Here is an excerpt from my Townhall column today.

The time for niceties has passed. The leaders of the Democratic party not only do not support the war effort, they do not want our troops to win and it is getting harder every day to pretend that they do.

Those in the field have noticed it, too. The L.A. Times recently reported: "Under a sweltering Iraqi sky, [Lt. Gen. James N. Mattis,commanding general of Marine Forces Central Command] asked for questions from his troops. Many were reluctant, but Marine Lance Cpl. Jack Kessel, 19,of Raleigh, N.C., stepped forward. Something had been gnawing at him as he and his buddies go about the business of winning hearts and minds in al-Anbar province: 'How are we supposed to fight a war when people back home say we've already lost?' "

Based on what I have observed, I would tell Lance Cpl.Kessel that many of those declaring the war already lost do not want him to fight. They are actively working for his defeat and they believe the sooner he stops fighting, the sooner that defeat will come. I realize that is an absolutely horrible thing to say, but I have come to believe it is true. Too much of the evidence I have seen in the past few months supports it.

Jules Crittenden is on the same wavelength, but he is putting his thoughts in bumper sticker language -- Just drop it.

Update: Do not miss Joe Lieberman's Iraq column in the Wall Street Journal today.

I recently returned from Iraq and four other countries in the Middle East, my first trip to the region since December. In the intervening five months, almost everything about the American war effort in Baghdad has changed, with a new coalition military commander, Gen. David Petraeus; a new U.S. ambassador, Ryan Crocker; the introduction, at last, of new troops; and most important of all, a bold, new counterinsurgency strategy.

The question of course is--is it working? Here in Washington, advocates of retreat insist with absolute certainty that it is not, seizing upon every suicide bombing and American casualty as proof positive that the U.S. has failed in Iraq, and that it is time to get out.

In Baghdad, however, discussions with the talented Americans responsible for leading this fight are more balanced, more hopeful and, above all, more strategic in their focus--fixated not just on the headline or loss of the day, but on the larger stakes in this struggle, beginning with who our enemies are in Iraq. The officials I met in Baghdad said that 90% of suicide bombings in Iraq today are the work of non-Iraqi, al Qaeda terrorists. In fact, al Qaeda's leaders have repeatedly said that Iraq is the central front of their global war against us. That is why it is nonsensical for anyone to claim that the war in Iraq can be separated from the war against al Qaeda--and why a U.S. pullout, under fire, would represent an epic victory for al Qaeda, as significant as their attacks on 9/11.

Update II: David Limbaugh, one of my favorite columnists, is writing about Reid and Iraq today too. Check it out.


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Comments (13)

The reprobate democratic pa... (Below threshold)

The reprobate democratic party is responsible for all lowered morale of our troops. It is a fact that when morale is low in the work force, employee accidents go up. You must be proud dimmers. You are doing it again. ww

Our American Soldiers are n... (Below threshold)

Our American Soldiers are no more dead when killed by the democrats than by the terrorists who do the bidding of the democrats. There's no one person living with an IQ above that of freezing, 32, that does not know for a fact that the democrats and getting more and more people killed in Iraq simply because the democrat ego is bruised. It's been true since the 60's, the average American pays, often with their life, to satisfy the Anti-American democrat drive for socialism. Can we say, Kennedy, Kerry, Dimmy Carter, Pigloooshi, Boxer, Chuckie Schumer, Leaky Leahy and hundreds of other traitors in the democrat (aka Socialist/Communist) party. That's why there is no longer an American Communist party that ran a sure loser every election. They are now a large controlling part of the democrat party. They didn't leave, they just assumed mind control of the 'Prozac' crowd known as democrats.

I see where the demacratic ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

I see where the demacratic congress is rating lower the bush too bad dems

"In the intervening five mo... (Below threshold)

"In the intervening five months, almost everything about the American war effort in Baghdad has changed"


Magic ponies for all. Especially Lorie.

But don't question the Dems... (Below threshold)

But don't question the Dems' patriotism.

Another excellent article L... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Another excellent article Lorie!

And thanks for having the courage to say what the President and every victory supporter should be screaming over and over again.

You don't just "end" wars as John, Barak, and Hillary claim. You either win them or loose them. John, Barak, and Hillary have basically all make the campaign promise that if they are elected the US will loose this war.

I do question their partriotism. Patriots do not want their country to loose.

Can you imagine an NFL team... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Can you imagine an NFL team owner hiring a coach who wanted his team to lose? Yet there is a politcal party vying for leadership in this country that does exactly that. These people do not want to be labeled as unpatriotic yet what would you call someone who wishes and then declares their nations failure in war? This combat has had remarkably light casualties considering the task and the circumstances yet the media and the democrats have sought defeat at every turn. They call it speaking truth to power, I call it treason.

"I Call It Treason", the la... (Below threshold)

"I Call It Treason", the latest from director Zelsdorf Ragshaft III, a blockbuster epic in which Coach George Ronald Gipper rallies his team, the Brownshirt Crusaders, to an apocalyptic victory over the allied forces of Eurasia, Islamia and Academia, after which they form "JesusLand", a walled nation state in the Southeastern US, from which the select few rule the world, enslaving the rest of the planet into a permanent underclass, And a few mega-rich white guys lived happily ever after.

Coming to a theater near you soon in a triple feature, along with "The Ten Commandments" and "Reefer Madness".

"I call it being a coward" ... (Below threshold)

"I call it being a coward" written by the renown "mucho groucho" showing what his party has become. In this tell all book, he states that being in a party that has no idea how to run a country, they must resort to kissing ass so that they can stay in "power". (did we not hear what was going to get done in 100 hours-not 100 months-nothing yet) Coming soon to the nearest gay bar in SF-"Watch The Swamp Drain"-"How To Freeze Your Money"-"Hire Your Nearest alien"-"If Your Swamp Won't Drain, Call Harry"- "How To Get Your Foot Out OF Your Mouth". Tickets on sale at your nearest lobbyist.

After reading the Crittende... (Below threshold)

After reading the Crittenden post, I was amazed. The man in Washington calls the man on the ground in Iraq delusional. The disconnect from reality inherent in that statement reads like something out of 1984 or Ayn Rand, with the villain writ larger than life.

Heck, it reads like Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge denying that Voldemort has returned, and is supressing the truth by mischaracterizing those who speak it.

<a href="http://rawstory.co... (Below threshold)
putting food on your family:

Lorie, here's one of the true conservative Republicans, former Rep. Joe Scarborough working hand-in-glove w/ the Democrats for failure in Iraq along w/ none other than Pat Buchanan in agreement. Maybe you just like putrting your head in a hole in the ground like an ostrich because you are so invested in your Bush that you can't see REALITY.

Quit being duplicitous w/ your whining about the Democrats.

There's no one pers... (Below threshold)

There's no one person living with an IQ above that of freezing, 32, that does not know for a fact that the democrats and getting more and more people killed in Iraq simply because the democrat ego is bruised.

I think you mean't "below 32" - otherwise you might feel excluded, Scrappy.

I call it being a c... (Below threshold)

I call it being a coward" written by the renown "mucho groucho" showing what his party has become.

I would call it "Bedtime for Bonzo, Part II", written by jhow the monkey boy. Time for your celery and that dance, monkey.






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