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Duke Lacrosse Prosecutor Disbarred

Disbarment alone isn't punishment enough for Mike Nifong, but that's what's happened so far. From The News & Observer:

The disciplinary commission for the state bar dismantled Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong's career Saturday afternoon, officially stripping him of his right to practice law in North Carolina.

The move was anticlimactic. Shortly before, Nifong's attorney David Friedman announced to the panel that his client wished to surrender his license and forgo any right to appeal.

"He has told me that he believes this has been a fair and full hearing," Friedman said, moments before the panel heard from lawyers on both sides about the proper punishment for Nifong. "He believes that disbarment is the appropriate punishment."

The disciplinary hearing commission was obligated to continue with its deliberations and find an appropriate punishment for breaking more than two dozen professional codes of conduct. The commission found evidence that Nifong knowingly made statements to the media that would bring condemnation to the accused Duke Lacrosse players. The panel also found he lied on several occasions when he told lawyers and court officials he had provided defense attorneys all the DNA evidence available to him.

Nifong's career already began crumbling Friday, when he announced he would step down as the district attorney regardless of the outcome of the state bar hearing.

The players' attorneys will be seeking criminal contempt charges next week. The only fitting justice would be for him to be looking at the possibility of a multi-year sentence himself...


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Comments (42)

He should be thrown in jail... (Below threshold)

He should be thrown in jail, and be forced to pay ALL costs the 3 men incurred.

This is further proof dems will do anything to win an election, and, once they have a little power, they feel they can get away with anything(DiFi, Wm. Jefferson).

I think you meant "isn't" i... (Below threshold)

I think you meant "isn't" in the first sentence.

Last December, Nifong throu... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

Last December, Nifong through Wilson almost certainly coached the accuser to "cook" her story in order to "fix" problems with the timeline.

Attemped lynching.

For this and the lineup, the intimidation of witnesses, falsification and omission of evidence, you name it - disbarrment is not enough.

And there are yet assistant DA's that need to go.

There is a lying rape nurse that needs to go.

There is an investigator that needs to go.

There are police that need to go.

I wonder if DA's carry the ... (Below threshold)

I wonder if DA's carry the same insurance other attys have. Or do they rely on the protection of the government? I wonder if that protection is waived in the event of criminal acts? So many questions....

"Or do they rely ... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

"Or do they rely on the protection of the government? I wonder if that protection is waived in the event of criminal acts?"

Well the Democrats sure have a way of protecting their criminals. You have to get the attention of the entire Country and the democrat media has to actually do their job and "REPORT THE NEWS" even if they willfully omiit the fact that he is a democrat.

Never trust a democrat to do the right thing or assume they will always be honest. There is something sinister about those who claim to be proud and loyal Democrats.

Nifong will be panhandling ... (Below threshold)

Nifong will be panhandling at a traffic light in Durham soon (if he miraculously does not go to prison). There he will be in the company of other miserable lib loser poo flingers like BrianD & Lee who will share in his misery.

Personally, I think 10 years in prison after he loses everything he has will be a good thing for him. A roof over his head and 3 squares a day. He can practice weight lifting since studying to be a jail house lawyer is out of the question.

Good riddance, now on with ... (Below threshold)

Good riddance, now on with the frog march.

And the multi-million dollar lawsuit against the State.

To me, the most galling thi... (Below threshold)
Brian nyc:

To me, the most galling thing is that the 88 professors of Duke have yet to apologize for presuming guilt and writing a letter of condemnation about their own students in a fit of liberal mental masturbation. They should lose tenure at least.

Brian nycManson wi... (Below threshold)

Brian nyc

Manson will be paroled before Duke professors experience revocation of tenure.

But that does raise a good point: What does a Duke Prof have to do to surrender tenure?

Look for the 88 professors ... (Below threshold)

Look for the 88 professors to write a letter of recommendation for Nifong joining the Duke faculty.

Paging Justice 58, or J58 w... (Below threshold)

Paging Justice 58, or J58 what happened to your "rapist wit?"

Everyone who thought there was a case here after April/May of 2006 is an idiot; on par with Nifong.

Who will you turn to now for authoritative sources? Je$$e, Al, Paris Hilton?

This proves the adage that about 10-15% of the US population is mentally incompetent to make any sort of significant decision--the way Je$$e, Al, and partisans did. Oh, and Dook 88, too.

Nifong could have gotten hi... (Below threshold)

Nifong could have gotten himself off with one sentence. "I'm an average democrat, not too smart, and neither are those that voted for me". Case dismissed. Forget the professors and forget putting you child on the list to attend Duke. It is now a self proven failure at education, ethics and honesty. Doggie university has more class and at least they teach the dog to heel.

Nifong has immunity, but it... (Below threshold)

Nifong has immunity, but it's limited to the scope of his office; if he acted outside the scope, by, say, orchestrating the DPD and the lineup, then they can sue the state.

No malpractice for gob'mint lawyers; they just let the taxpayers pick up the tab, or the defendant, who likely has few seizable assets, unless he's come into an inheritance recently--I'm sure that will be moved into a form that isn't easily seized.

Did you see Nifong crying w... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Did you see Nifong crying while he described a telephone conversation with his mother concerning the fact that he had been charged? What a self-involved weasel. I wonder if he ever considered the conversations the Duke lacrosse players must have had with their mothers.

It was a shock to see the l... (Below threshold)

It was a shock to see the local judges speak for him. I've been practicing in Durham since 1991 and I have never heard anyone say Nifong's skills as a prosecutor were exceptional in any way.

As a matter of fact, you rarely heard about him. No personality, no vision. Just trudging along his whole life in the DA's office, mainly what I saw of him, in traffic court--not exactly your Perry Mason incubator.

This guy was promoted way beyond his abilities and intellect. He was a seat warmer, who had to act like the Lion Prosecutor, fearful of Joe Cheshire, insecurity simmering underneath--even telling the assembled he was a better lawyer than any in the courtroom on the Duke case.

That is a joke, and an indication of how delusional, and mentally unstable the man is, was. The Emporer, in this case, was the last to realize he wore no clothes, not even tidy whiteys.

The evidence against Nifong... (Below threshold)

The evidence against Nifong was absolutely damning. In addition to the civil suits which will certainly follow all this, Nifong's clear contempt for the rights of defendants and - more to the point - the code of conduct for the State of North Carolina - means that any case he has touched in the past ten years will be open to re-examination, and the quickest way for a defense attorney to get a new trial, will be to explain to the appellate judge, "Your honor, the prosecuting attorney against my client was Mike Nifong".

The only mystery at this point, is how Nifong could possibly have imagined that this mountain of evidence would somehow disappear? If he had resigned as DA immediately and issued a terse apology, he might have kept his license and the illusion that he tried to do the right thing. Instead, he chose a course of action which left no doubt whatsoever that Nifong deliberately persecuted me he knew to be innocent, and did everything in his power to convict them of a crime he fully knew they could not possibly have committed.

If Nifong had been a Congressman, then he'd have had a chance to get away with that arrogance and contempt for the people, but he had the fortune to live in a state where at least some of the people in the system will stop such malfeasance.

DJThe answers to you... (Below threshold)

The answers to your several questions can be indexed as a registration entry at Duke: "Greek Tragedy: Hubris Consuming the Hero, A Retrospective of Ambition versus Reality".

Wow. Where are all of his f... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

Wow. Where are all of his friends: The 88 professors from Duke, The 87 Professors from Duke, NOW, Malik Shabazz of the New Black Panthers, Jesse, Al, NAMBLA, PETA, AFL-CIO, The Teamsters, The North Ireland Army, Al Queda, The Cast of Friends, Mr. Rogers's sweater maker, The Organ Grinder and his monkey, The New York Times, The NAACP?

A year ago he had more friends than he needed. Today, he would be happy with one friend. Will the New York Times and The Boston Globe cover the conclusion of the case of the century (Their implied sentiment, mine would be the rape and murder of the Tennessee couple). Will the 88, er 87 run a retraction, an apology, a call for healing even if obtusely omitted they were instigators of some of the pain?

Who, of all of the Nifong apologists who ran over old ladies to get to a camera and mic to ceondemn the lacrosse players will own up to their actions?

None of them, because they all got yellow streaks running up their backs

I had to laugh at him wipin... (Below threshold)

I had to laugh at him wiping his tears, just like the "Duke" Cunningham, Ney, in fact all of the elected crooks who got caught so far.

You can damn well bet those tears aren't for the victims, but because they got caught. The taxpayers, the 3 Duke men, we all got screwed.

I hope Nifong never sees life outside of the bars he needs to be behind, and not a slap on the wrist like the rest of them got.

But if Bush pardons the liar Libby, he might just as well pardon Paris Hilton and Nifong also, right, as they all committed crimes. But SPIN it anyway you want.

One more OUTRAGE!T... (Below threshold)

One more OUTRAGE!

This "Statement by Duke President Richard H. Brodhead on Resignation of Durham DA Mike Nifong" is posted on the Duke website:

His handling of the Duke lacrosse case was deeply unfair to the young men involved and damaged the criminal justice system itself. Mr. Nifong brought great harm to these Duke students and their families, to the Durham community, and to Duke University and all who care about it.

for those, if any, who do n... (Below threshold)

for those, if any, who do not know who Brodhead is, he is an accomplice during and after the fact in Nifong's crimes. As is, of course, the Gang of 88.

Allen:But if B... (Below threshold)


But if Bush pardons the liar Libby, he might just as well pardon Paris Hilton and Nifong also, right, as they all committed crimes. But SPIN it anyway you want.

You want "spin?" Sorry fresh out, but I have this:

YOU can stop spinning this thread onto a Bush theme and stay on topic.

Allen , Libby fell into a t... (Below threshold)

Allen , Libby fell into a trap set by someone as bad a Nifong. Fitzfong knew from day one that 'no crime' had been comitted. If there is justice, Nifong and Fitzfong will be in the same cell.

You should try to remember where you were and what you were doing on Jun 15, 2004 at 3PM, now be exact and remember it because you will be asked the question again, mixed in with a thousand other 'unrelated' to anything questions. This was a BS case driven by the democrat losers and the result of them becoming winners through crime is great. Congress's approval rating down to 23% and Dirty Harry down to 19%. We are tired of the BS and will get rid of the RINO's, will you help the democrats get rid of the hundred or so anti-American, outright traitors serving in congress with a 'D' after their name? Na, didn't think so. You are a product of the current non-education brain washing system. Pat yourself on the back and get ready for the many disasters that will come in the near future as a result of the current crop of KissA**, brain dead democrats.

Neefong, Fitzgerald...follo... (Below threshold)

Neefong, Fitzgerald...follow the money..

Scrapiron, That's e... (Below threshold)

That's easy, on June 15th, 2004, at 3 PM, using the DOJ's answer, is I can't recall. You know, the CRS (can't remember shit)response. Be surprised at how much you can get by with, right.

Also, takes one to know one.

YOU can stop spinning th... (Below threshold)

YOU can stop spinning this thread onto a Bush theme and stay on topic.

Where was your concern for not politicizing the issue and staying on topic after the very first comment?

Allen & brian-less where we... (Below threshold)

Allen & brian-less where were you when billy boy pardoned Marc Rich? ( you kmow the one whose's wife bb was humping) Hmmmmm

I wonder if he now thinks t... (Below threshold)

I wonder if he now thinks that playing racial politics with people's lives to get re-elected was worth it..
Good riddance to another member of the culture of corruption.

The DEMOCRAT culture of cor... (Below threshold)

The DEMOCRAT culture of corruption; Nifong was desparate to win the Democrat primary--that was what the DHC found was the motivation for railroading the defendants.

This is a good start.... (Below threshold)

This is a good start.

Now he should be shot.

"Also, takes one to know on... (Below threshold)

"Also, takes one to know one."
Good come back Allen, but the sandbox is over at DailyKos. Geesh.

There are still liberals ou... (Below threshold)

There are still liberals out there who like Nifong, still contend that the students were guilty, It doesn't matter if the 'victim' lied, the accusation that there was a 'victim' who fit their mindsets was enough to become 'outraged'.

This morning, I was reading the Chicago Tribune when I came across an article "Cheers can't down out painful truths' by Anne K Ream. (I don't have the link, but perhaps someone else does.) In it she still is unrepentant in her belief the 'something happened', and that the accuser was still being victimized. Her words drip with venom towards the Lacrosse players, insinuating that their being declated innocent and Nifong being punished, are perpetuating a 'myth' of 'false reportings' of rape, and that this case will bring about more unreported rapes.

BS, Ms Ream! What you seek to perpetuate is the usual far-left feminist accusation that all men are rapists or potential rapists. This case was turned into a racial/feminist 'cause', rather than a search for the truth. The forces of the left and the usual media-hungry cared not for the actual facts to be presented. The facts didn't fit their 'truth', and thus the 3 Duke students had to be destroyed by any means necessary. They found allies with the Duke University President, who decided to go with the lynch mob of 88; and a corrupt DA, greedy for an election win at any cost and willing to do whatever it took to get it.

The left is oh, so 'outraged' when 'miscarriages of justice' fit their agenda, but they like Ms Ream, are unrepentant when things don't go their way. To them, the Duke 3 are guilty, and they will perpetuate that lie as long at it benefits the 'cause'.

Fitzy's gettin' his, too.<b... (Below threshold)

Fitzy's gettin' his, too.

HermieI happen to ... (Below threshold)


I happen to like Mike Nifong and will continue to pray and support him forever. I'm not kicking a person while they're down. Are you still standing with Scooter Libby??? Do you still like him??? Hmmm I thought so!

Mike Nifong says, he wanted to do the right thing and I believe him.

And Mitchell.... I will never change my mind about him.

Mike had a chance to deny everything about the duke case but instead he said " I believe something happened in that bathroom". And he wasn't scared either. He still believes.

Does he believe something h... (Below threshold)

Does he believe something happened in the bathroom because the results of his investigation led him to that belief? If so, why can't he convince others of his belief. If not, from what comes his belief? From what comes yours?

Kim"Does he believ... (Below threshold)


"Does he believe something happened in the bathroom because the results of his investigation led him to that belief? If so, why can't he convince others of his belief".

I can't answer why he can't convince others of his belief but I'll throw my opinion in and guess maybe some people can't get pass skin colors. Hey, but that's just me.IMO

"He still believes"<... (Below threshold)

"He still believes"

OK, and a bunch of Nazis hiding out in Argentina still believe in Fascism. And there are still enclaves of folks here in the United States who think the way to deal with race issues is to put on a sheet and burn a cross.

Nifong is evil. Being unrepentant hardly counts as a virtue, when a man sets out persecute people he knows are innocent. Nifong swore an oath, then broke that trust. And that is unconscionable.

Nifong can keep his beliefs all he wants, but Justice demands he does it behind bars for a few decades.

Allen & brian-less where... (Below threshold)

Allen & brian-less where were you when billy boy pardoned Marc Rich?

I thought it was wrong. What's your point? Did I make your head hurt by not conforming to your hateful expectations?

So justice 58, you believe ... (Below threshold)

So justice 58, you believe Nifong's argument is unconvincing because of racism? That is one of the most ironic statements I have heard in a lifetime of loving and appreciating them. That one would probably vault into the top ten if I could find the list around here.

Lemme know if you locate it... (Below threshold)

Lemme know if you locate it; it's the only neon orange Big Chief tablet.

"I can't answer why he c... (Below threshold)

"I can't answer why he can't convince others of his belief but I'll throw my opinion in and guess maybe some people can't get pass skin colors. Hey, but that's just me.IMO"

That's a Freudian Slip Justice58.

Actually he should have bee... (Below threshold)

Actually he should have been suspended from practice for a month, and then resigned. Screw those preppie white boys. they are hooked up for life now (the old boys will be bending over backwards to give them jobs--as if that wasn't going to happen anyway) and you sick crazy scumbags now have heroes for life. It's Christmas for white males! this case can be the repository for the all the ugliness, stored guilt, rage, insouciance. Must be very cathartic...like orgasm? ;-)






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