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The Wall Street Journal's "Rising Anti-Immigrant Sentiment"

As you undoubtedly recognize, the mainstream media and a variety of liberals are deeply concerned about the fate of The Wall Street Journal. Run by the Bancroft family, this internationally respected newspaper is being fiercely sought by the purportedly evil Rupert Murdoch and his purportedly evil News Corp.

As far as the media elites are concerned, Mr. Murdoch wants to turn the Journal into a New York Post clone, thereby ruining its feverishly non-partisan approach to the news. He will, think many of our lefty pals, compel the Journal's staff to parrot its right-wing editorial page's line. As a result, in the past few weeks the Journal has run a few 50-million word reports on the likely effects of a successful News Corp. takeover, which read more like attempts at frightening subscribers than objective news stories.

Now, we, the crack young staff of "The Hatemonger's Quarterly," happen to esteem the Journal's news division. Even though we can detect a mild left-liberal bent to its coverage, we think it offers something exceedingly rare in the world of American journalism: News written for adults. The news reports in the Journal are of almost uniform high quality, easily surpassing the kiddie-pool dross one reads in The New York Times.

But let's not pretend, shall we, that The Wall Street Journal is an unimpeachable cynosure of journalistic objectivity. This is simply absurd.

Proof of our contention came across our desks in the form of a piece in the June 16-17 issue of the Journal. It's found in a section called "The Week Ahead: Our Take on Coming Events," the mere existence of which demonstrates the fact that semi-opinion pieces can be found amongst the paper's news stories.

Penned by one Gerald F. Seib, the article in question bears the title "For Republicans, Poll Shows Perils." Amidst an unremarkable discussion of the pitfalls for the GOP associated with the current debate over illegal immigration legislation, Mr. Seib produces the following paragraph:

To be sure, some feelings about immigration appear to be bipartisan at this time of rising anti-immigrant sentiment. A striking 73% of those surveyed [in a recent WSJ/NBC poll] said they strongly favored requiring all immigrants who apply to become citizens to learn English, and 57% strongly favor imposing new fines on businesses that hire illegal aliens.

Here you see all the telltale signs of lefty media bias. Notice how Mr. Seib blithely conflates concern with illegal immigration with "rising anti-immigrant sentiment." Not "anti-illegal immigrant sentiment," mind you, but "anti-immigrant sentiment" wholesale.

And just ponder Mr. Seib's proof for this despicable tide of rampant American xenophobia! Lots of Americans want immigrants to their country to learn its de facto national language! How horrid!

Inability to speak English in the United States virtually guarantees that you'll have a tough--if not impoverished--life. Who, moreover, doesn't want the US to follow the charming example of European multiculturalism--which Mr. Seib clearly finds superior to American "xenophobia"? Boy, the fact that, say, the Netherlands doesn't compel its Muslim immigrants to learn Dutch is really working out swimmingly for them, isn't it?

Yet it only gets worse. A distressing 57% of Americans strongly favor their government enforcing current illegal immigrant legislation by fining businesses that break the law. O, the humanity!

A warning to all American immigrants (and, last we checked, that's all of us): Get out now before the pogroms start!

(Note: The crack young staff normally "weblog" over at "The Hatemonger's Quarterly," where they are currently wondering if our fragile American republic can survive the fearsome onslaught of Rupert Murdoch.)


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A distressing 57% of Ame... (Below threshold)

A distressing 57% of Americans strongly favor their government enforcing current illegal immigrant legislation by fining businesses that break the law.

That is the main thing that the W$J cares about.

In fact, that's pretty much it.

Two new laws would remedy t... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Two new laws would remedy this whole situation. First, outlaw sending US funds out of the country, unless one can prove US citizenship and then limit the amount that can be sent. Second, confiscate the property of anyone who sells or rents shelter to illegal aliens.

Fine the living hell out of... (Below threshold)

Fine the living hell out of any employer that hires an illegal immigrant.

Im OK with preventing illegals from sending out of the US.

We have legal ways to immigrate to the US. WTF are these people that choose to NOT follow OUR rules, that come here and disrespect our flag and laws, and then say we are 'racist' because we are against illegal immigration?

Ask the families of those 2 teen girls killed near VA Beach how they feel about illegal immigration.

McNulty works as Schumer's ... (Below threshold)
(not) kim:

McNulty works as Schumer's tool to force English as a second language on America, Read The Three Little Pigs.

Gianni,I agree wit... (Below threshold)


I agree with you. So do most US citizens. Calling and writing our elected critters isn't working on this issue. ICE raided a Del Monte plant in Portland, OR and busted between 150 to 200 illegals, and the mayor was bitching about ICE doing it's job.

We need to enforce the existing laws, plus add heavier fines and penalties to every company that hires the illegals.

I absolutely resent the int... (Below threshold)

I absolutely resent the interchangeable use of
immigrant" and "illegal immigrant" and characterizing those of us against illegal immigration as anti-immigration.

When they do that they can stick their computers right up their asses, and I will definitely help.

Interesting subnote about t... (Below threshold)

Interesting subnote about the company in Portland that ICE raided...

-- based in the Cayman Islands, the company is "Arab owned" and the President is Hispanic/Middle Eastern and not a U.S. citizen.

-- over 600 employees in that one Portland location and and many of them using the same small pool of hijacked Social Security numbers...

-- and yet the Mayor of Portland COMPLAINED about the raid, not about the hijacked identities of American cirizens, not the crime involved, but about the raid, the effort to stop a small pool of crime from continuing.

Portland obviously has a criminal in the Mayor's office, almost certainly elsewhere, based upon the "values" displayed.

Mr. Seib shows himself to b... (Below threshold)

Mr. Seib shows himself to be a clueless dumbass if I remember my facts correctly. He expresses shock! that people think immigrants should learn English to become a citizen. My understanding is that you DO have to demonstrate some English proficiency to become a citizen, and it's been this way for at least decades. (Yes, there are exceptions for very old people). This is also why I've always wondered where these crazy judges come up with the rulings that ballots must be in different languages.

Good work, J; I hadn't even... (Below threshold)

Good work, J; I hadn't even seen that one.

Immigration: Another Bush ... (Below threshold)

Immigration: Another Bush Administration Failure
By Michael Orshan and Ricardo Valenzuela

Over the past few months I have interviewed key people around the border of Mexico. Enclosed are our conclusions. The main conclusion is that this is another failure of the Bush Administration and we'll explain why.

First, where is the problem? In the early 90's NAFTA started. During the negotiations Mexico did whatever it could to ensure their continued profitability via oil. To do that it was forced to give up something. Mexico gave up on protecting agriculture. Agriculture is a major Mexican industry. What did this do? Well, without protection, without subsidies, the United States agricultural industry overwhelmed the Mexican agricultural industry. This has forced the massive migration we have seen over the past ten years into the United States to work on construction or agricultural jobs. We are talking about a 400% migration growth over less than 20 years. We say that is unusual.

Mexico needs to take equal blame for this problem. The reforms that Mexico needed in order to be competitive in this new scenario, were sabotaged by the politicians hardliners who did not want Mexico be part of the first world, and they wanted to do something to again get control of the country. They decided to do it causing the 1994 devaluation that cost the country over $500B and the whole economy fell in to an abyss causing more unemployment and desperate people.

On top of that issue, there is the issue of Mexico being a developed country rather than a low cost labor country. Mexico graduates more engineers than the United States, yet they are underemployed. Outsourcing to India or China occurs much more than to Mexico, yet Mexico's labor is just fine, their location is better and in many cases the outsourcing companies have facilities already in Mexico. We suggest that there is a social issue here that will end up hurting the United States in the short term.

Then there is the issue of population. 35% of the United States population is under 25 while 60% of the Mexican population is under 25. Where is our youthful work force today? Non-existent, we simply do not have the hands and feet to grow in any direction, neither manual nor white collar workers. Can we continue to outsource to India and China? Probably not. Already the newly experienced Indian and Chinese workforces are creating competing products. So, the United States need this young Mexican population of loyal and educated people.

When Fox was the Mexican president there were high hopes that the Bush and Fox administrations could address these issues. 9/11 occurred and Mexico had to take a back seat to all the issues that needed resolving at that moment. With his relationship with Bush damaged, Fox decided to play death and let the river run while the problems were getting bigger. Instead of promise, Fox's tenure lead to revolts as the out of work farmers went to the streets to be heard.

So, where are we now? Well, we are building a wall between neighbors when there are three hour waiting lines for trucks filled with products waiting on both sides of the crossing stations. We are debating whether the immigrants should stay or go. Did you know that if all the illegal immigrants paid taxes it would certainly be more than $1B?

We need the Mexican government start aggressive economic development in Mexico. Remember this government, before Fox, was run by less than 10 families, who still have influence. Even they see the future. Mexico is actually importing oil, and the oil revenue is dwindling as PEMEX has done little R&D. In fact, the largest revenue source for Mexico is the money that the worker's, legal and illegal, send back to Mexico.

Without assistance from the United States and Canada, it is doubtful whether the Mexican government can create economic development on their own. As we are now seeing, the United States has a reason to lend a hand. What would you rather do? Send more police to the border or open more border crossings because commerce is growing? This is a negotiation process that should have been ongoing during the past 6 years, but was been forgotten. Now we are stuck with making decisions that few really strongly support.

The solution, when all the dust settles, will be the creation of the North American Trade Union. Like Europe, we will need to invest in those underdeveloped nations. The EU spent funds on developing Spain, Portugal and Ireland and the results have been great. Germany, France and Britain now do manufacturing in those countries while they engage in R&D and automated services. As the methods of marketing products and services change, more and more engineering R&D will end up in Spain, Portugal and Ireland. This is okay and a natural progression. The US, Canada and Mexico must begin to look at themselves this way. The United States will need to spend funds on economic development in Mexico or expect to change their standard of living because smarter regions of the world are figuring it out.

Mexicans don't want to come to the United States, but with no opportunities there they have to. The real solution in the long run is the economic development of Mexico which needs to be growing its GNP in the range of double digits. If that happens, the United States will have no immigration problem. The United States can have an incredibility growing market right now. Mexico, even with facing so many issues, is the #2 trade partner of the United States. We can have a market of 120 million people demanding American products like never before which is going to pale the billion dollars Mexicans spend every year in cities like Tucson, Arizona.

Remember President Salinas' popular saying during the 90s: "We don't want aid, we want trade." That drove the Salinas' government to build the Mexican miracle in which even young Americans started to immigrate to Mexico. If someone analyzes the economic history of those years, they would learn that Mexico really can create miracles and most of the people want to do it again. But this can only happens again if we all work together building bridges not walls.

That brings me to my final conclusion. As Professor Zolberg noted, "Countries decide on how they want to grow and their immigration policy follows this". The people of the United States need to understand that the Latin migration to this country is here to stay. The people of the United States need to understand that a stiff immigration policy will retard the economic growth and health of this country. I believe that the debate over immigration is more social than legal or economical. The United States needs to understand our future strengths and weaknesses and ensure a healthy country in the future and that future includes the Latin influence.

Both are principals at www.MARSOUND.com the producer of "Build Bridges not Walls" a series of interviews on influential people focused on economic development along the United States Mexican border.

producer of "Build Bridges ... (Below threshold)
Colorado KnightOwl:

producer of "Build Bridges not Walls" a series of interviews on influential people focused on economic development along the United States Mexican border.
Posted by: marsound

Build walls instead

Wow , what a scandal. A col... (Below threshold)

Wow , what a scandal. A column headed "Our Take on Coming Events" turns out to be an opinion piece. This is the kind of BS the right keeps spewing when trying to make the claim that the media has a bias. This isn't opinion disguised as news. It's opinion labeled as opinion. When are you asshats going to figure out the difference?

Chris D'oh pretends to be u... (Below threshold)

Chris D'oh pretends to be unuanced enough not to see the obvious great big black line separating news and opinion.

Hello! Good Site! Thanks yo... (Below threshold)

Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! hxfjkrwjmlaadv






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