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Congratulations to Matt and the other great guys at one of my favorite blogs, Blackfive, on celebrating four years today. If you are not a regular Blackfive reader, you should be.


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I've been reading B5 for th... (Below threshold)

I've been reading B5 for three years. It's a great source of information from a "boots on the ground" viewpoint.
It also highlights the heroic actions of our men and women in uniform, something I see little of in the MSM.
B5 also introduced me to Soldiers Angels. This is a cause EVERY American should support, whether you agree with the war or not. To provide even a candy bar through Soldier's Angels tells these troops that you care FOR THEM, regardless of your political persuasion.

I read Blackfive,Michael Y... (Below threshold)

I read Blackfive,Michael Yon,Mudville Gazette and
their links because they do what the liberal MSM
cannot do,provide accurate information about the War on Terror.

I find it very interesting ... (Below threshold)

I find it very interesting that Norman Pearlstine has a book coming out about the Plame/Libby case. This is the man who encouraged Cooper to fight Fitz's subpoena. Read Richard Cohen's op-ed in the WaPo, today.

This is another piece of artillery sighting in on Fitzgerald. The institution of journalism was complicit by its absence in the Wreck of the Patrick Fitzgerald, and I've been waiting for a grand old man to weigh in. Here it is.

I might add that NBC, particularly Russert, Gregory, and Mitchell are complicit in the fiasco, Russert probably criminally so.

Journalism failed it's duty... (Below threshold)

Journalism failed it's duty in this case, and has taken a serious hit on its ability to gain information by the way Fitzgerald's conduct has chilled source privacy.

When Fitzgerald is bounced, are the decisions in this case in other courts, for instance Tatel's about Miller, still good? If he has been unconstitutionally appointed, do those chilling precedents stand?

Comey gave Fitzgerald so much rope he has hanged himself, but not before lynching Dame Justice.

I'd be surprised not to see Fitzgerald go the way of Nifong. Nifong just had pissed off parents. Fitzgerald and Walton have pissed off the nation's elite law professors, and now I suspect the actions of the journalists have pissed off an elite journalist, Pearlstine.

I wonder how much he has about Russert?

"Read Richard Cohen's op-e... (Below threshold)

"Read Richard Cohen's op-ed in the WaPo, today._kim=="

Read Glenn Greenwald's evisceration of Richard Cohen's op-ed.

Cohen's public plea for a "lights off" policy regarding political dirty tricks unloosed FROM high places, etc.? That's opposition research against his own side and has been duly catalogued and cross referenced.

As for dredging up a Pearlswine from the banal depths/shallows of gossip brochure Time magazine? I take it WSJ boutique brand Opinion Journal begged off the neocon dung cart circuit this time?

Any 411 on Wolf-Riza palimony suit? OpnJnl says "F_ THIS! We're OUTTA here! (for now ;))"!

Lorie, as for Blackfive: to... (Below threshold)

Lorie, as for Blackfive: too artsy-fartsy. Backlit soldier posing and merc-style merchandising. Too much John Wayne, not enough Ernie Pyle. Very Headquartersy-feeling.

Just my opinion.

bD, Gigi couldn't eviscerat... (Below threshold)

bD, Gigi couldn't eviscerate a sock puppet. Speaking of which, what a puppet he is. Fitz is a menace to the rule of law.

Did you not get the sex and real estate references?

Speaking of pearls and swine, Norm might have a nugget or two.

Mebbe so, bD, but these sol... (Below threshold)

Mebbe so, bD, but these soldiers aren't the same and you don't know who their Ernie is. What has headquarters feel is MSM reporting and the headquarters aren't anywhere near the battlefield. In fact, they ain't even in Iraq.

There is an interesting tri... (Below threshold)

There is an interesting trio of judges on the panel hearing Libby's emergency appeal of Walton's order denying him bond on appeal of his conviction. One judge is Tatel, who Fitzgerald deceived into jailing Judy Miller, and one is Sentelle, who has spent ten years supervising special prosecutors. Fitzgerald has until tomorrow to explain to him why he didn't need supervision.

Tatel is wishing Fitzgerald had been supervised.






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