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Nifong's Swan Song

La Shawn Barber has followed the Duke Lacrosse/Mike Nifong story closely and today has a column about the latest chapter of the story.

Last Friday, a disgraced, disgraceful, and under-repentant Nifong sat before his North Carolina State Bar colleagues and the men he virtually held hostage for a year, tearfully offering a tepid, lawyer-like apology for his transgressions:

"To the extent that I made judgments that ultimately proved to be incorrect, I apologize to the three students that were wrongly accused."

"My community has suffered enough... It has become apparent, during the course of this week, in some ways that it might not have been before, that my presence as the district attorney in Durham is not furthering the cause of justice."

Neither his apology nor his intent to resign were enough to overcome his egregious ethics violations. On Saturday, June 16, Nifong's colleagues found him guilty of lying to a judge, withholding evidence from the defense, and making inflammatory statements to the media about the case. And they disbarred him.

The decision is almost anti-climactic for those who saw through Nifong from the start. I got wind of the case a couple of weeks after Mangum accused the men. My initial impression turned out to be accurate - a stripper with a criminal record, a history of mental problems, and fantasies of gang rape told a Tawana Brawley-style whopper to save her own skin. But most of the blame falls squarely on Nifong's head.

Update: Scott Johnson wants to know, now that Nifong has been punished, what consequences there will be for the Gang of 88.

...And yet Nifong's misconduct was not the only professional misconduct that occurred in connection with the case. Who can forget Duke's Gang of 88 radical professors that supported the on-campus lynch mob that issued "wanted" posters of the lacrosse players?
Scott has links to several stories about the 88.

Update II: Ed Morrisey has a post about Duke's settlement with the falsely accused lacrosse players.


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Comments (27)

Unfortunately, there are st... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, there are still too many 'true believers' out there who will keep the story alive. As I mentioned in a previous thread, the 'cause' is far more important than the truth.

Sorry, I should correct myself...Their 'truths' outweigh the facts.

Justice is in progress here... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Justice is in progress here. Should Nifong go to court and have to defend himself against criminal charges? Civil charges?
Should his family be put to the challenge of supporting him like the three player's families, stripped of resources, held on an emotional edge for months, watch their loved ones trashed in the media, watch a University that judged them guilty based on some politically correct mindset.

I am not out for justice here, I would be out for revenge.

Then there's the wacky prof... (Below threshold)

Then there's the wacky profs and a real additional victim Mike Pressler-the Duke coach forced to resign.

One kid's taking action...


"group of 88"Hags ... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

"group of 88"

Hags on the rag.

Just for the record you use... (Below threshold)

Just for the record you used the term "Swan Song" incorrectly. The term "Swan Song" comes from the legend that a Swan sings the most beautiful song in its life right before it dies.

So, an appropriate use of the term "swag song" would be like performer giving his best performance ever on the night he is to retire.

Nifong on the other hand isn't leaving his career on a high note. That is why the use of that term is inappropriate in his case.


Two words here:Rod... (Below threshold)

Two words here:

Rodney King.

What does he have to do with Nifong?

Well, after the cops were cleared of any charges by a local jury, Daddy Bush tried and convicted them in Federal Court for violating Rodney King's civil rights.

I don't like it but the situation as it currently stands is that for every local/state law, there is some national equivalent. I don't like it. It is defacto double-jeopardy and an intrusion into what should be the role of the states, but that is how it stands. So might as well make use of it in this case.

The Bush administration can and should arrest Mike Nifong for violating the Civil Rights of the Duke players. The fact that Bush hasn't done so when he so eagerly arrested the boarder guards (and convicted them) is a disgrace and an insult to all who voted for him. The public, ESPECIALLY REPUBLICANS should now demand that he steps in on this case and throw Nifong into a Federal Prison to await trial.

Bush has to be the worst President in America history. And the way that he is has personally betrayed his base is extremely offensive. Surely he could throw us a bone on this one couldn't he? We should demand that he does.

Couldn't have happened to a... (Below threshold)

Couldn't have happened to an oilier weezil if Hollywood had written it.
Guilty on 16 of 19 charges leveled by the NC bar assosciation.

He can look forward to a court date when the civil suits are filed by the former defendants when they try to reclaim some of thier dignity and monies spent defending themselves, as can the City, the State and the school.

Its really to bad they can't sue the hell out of all the mirmadons that piled on proclaiming their guilt.

Hey Steve, make sure that T... (Below threshold)

Hey Steve, make sure that Tin Foil Hat is on securely.


They are blue, the Devils.<... (Below threshold)

They are blue, the Devils.

Can anyone piece together n... (Below threshold)

Can anyone piece together names, addresses, phone numbers, e-addresses, etc for the gang of 88?

If they had a shred of decency, theyd be as quick to apologize as they were to condemn.

I cant quite figure these looney arse libs out.

They condemn the hell out of rich white kids, yet, without them, theyd be teaching in some backwoods community college making deek, since most profs I know couldnt quite cut it in the real world where results matter.

What happens to the lying h... (Below threshold)

What happens to the lying hooker/stripper?

Nifong is going down, big time, baby....

If you are going after the ... (Below threshold)

If you are going after the "88", you might consider adding Jesse Jackson and that Sharpton character to your list, they also owe an apology to the players.

Can't you sue your employer... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Can't you sue your employer for creating or tolerating a 'hostile work environment'?

Well, I'd say the 3 Duke LAX players were in a 'hostile school environment', to say the least.

Why don't they sue Duke U.?

Not to be forgotten:<... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

Not to be forgotten:

1) The Duke rape investigating nurse - a women's studies major and strident feminist - misrepresented the facts and her own status in order to make the rape charges better. She believes that "women never lie about rape" and is still employed and waiting for the next case.

2) Linwood Wilson, an investigator for Nifong, almost certainly "coached" Mangrum to change her story to "fix" the timeline problems presented by the ironclad defense. This was obscured by the dropping of the rape charges but was almost the worst thing in the whole deal. Nothing has happened to Wilson or Mangrum.

3) Assistant DA's attempted to intimidate the cab driver - a strong defense witness - by reviving an old, unrelated, charge.

4) One of the policemen apparently completely made up stuff in his notes about a meeting that probably did not happen.

5) The lineup. How could the police, up to and including the Chief, allow a procedure so bad as this? How could they allow witness interviews to be conducted in private with no recording?

6) Nifong, Group of 88, The New York Times, black activists and others still believe that "something happened" in that bathroom.


Just to be safe, I warning ... (Below threshold)

Just to be safe, I warning my daughter off the whole freaking Atlantic Coast Conference!

Duke just <a href="http://d... (Below threshold)

Duke just announced that they have settled out of court with the three players for an undisclosed amount. Hopefully, this goes a long way toward paying the attorney fees.

Will this be mentioned in t... (Below threshold)

Will this be mentioned in the alumni letters, when they make their periodic requests for money?

Too bad it will come out of the pockets of the Duke students' parents, rather than the gang of 88 and the Duke Administration.

Unlike the faculty, these t... (Below threshold)

Unlike the faculty, these three young men obviously remembered and revered the ideals of their University.

Bush:The Bush ... (Below threshold)


The Bush administration can and should arrest Mike Nifong for violating the Civil Rights of the Duke players. The fact that Bush hasn't done so when he so eagerly arrested the boarder guards (and convicted them) is a disgrace and an insult to all who voted for him. The public, ESPECIALLY REPUBLICANS should now demand that he steps in on this case and throw Nifong into a Federal Prison to await trial.

Mighty quick to condemn are you? What's it been, 3 days since the LEGAL process determined nifong was guilty?

And 2 of those days are the weekend.

Your acute BDS is hangin out.

If the Gang of 88's action ... (Below threshold)

If the Gang of 88's action resulted in Duke having to pay for the libel committed against the players, I hope the University is seeing that they face due consequences for their actions.

Mike, I think the settlemen... (Below threshold)

Mike, I think the settlement was just for the University's official actions. The Gang of 88 are a separate issue, and may get theirs. This is a case of creative litigating from the gitgo, and the novel circumstances will leave imaginative plaintiff's lawyers with plenty of ammo.

Wait'll Libby gets after the Plame/Wilsons.

Do you think Justice58 is s... (Below threshold)

Do you think Justice58 is still waitin' for the US Supreme Court to snatch the dismissed rape case and reinstate it for trial?

She must have some sort of fall back position.

Whatever amount was paid to... (Below threshold)

Whatever amount was paid to the wronged Duke players, it should have covered all of their attorney's fees--not just a portion of them; and it should also include extra for punitive damages. About the heifer that wrongly accused them: I believe filing a false police report is a crime, no? There's not much you can do to someone who has nothing to lose. I do believe Jesse Jackson said he would pay for her education regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit. I wonder how that's coming along. Nifong should be sued to the point where he has nothing left but the tighty-whiteys he's currently wearing.

The players had to give up ... (Below threshold)

The players had to give up all claims against the Dook 88 to get the settlement.

So the profs. are off the hook, on tenure, sine cured, and lookin' for more race action to get the adrenaline pumping again.

If they've settled with the... (Below threshold)

If they've settled with the 88 they've made a mistake. It is presumptive of me to pretend to understand their choice, but working through those 88 was the best way to get both justice and relief from the case. They might have cured a little racism and sexism.

[Quote]The players had to g... (Below threshold)

[Quote]The players had to give up all claims against the Dook 88 to get the settlement.[/quote]

Just the three players. There are still another 40 players who aren't covered by the settlement.

Perhaps a useful point.<br ... (Below threshold)

Perhaps a useful point.






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