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Third Branch

Supreme Court Limits Scope of Federal Antitrust Laws

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled 7-1 that investors cannot sue investment banks under federal antitrust laws for alleged conspiracies to defraud them in connection with IPO stock sales.

Wow, who knew the SCOTUS even heard those types of cases?

Supreme Court Expands 4th Amendment Protections

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled unanimously that passengers have standing to challenge the constitutionality of traffic stops of cars in which they are riding.

Well, duh. Otherwise cops might have carte blanche randomly to stop cars on fishing expeditions. We like aggressive law enforcement but not to *that* extent, Joe Friday.

BTW, what state do you suppose went all the way to the SCOTUS arguing the opposite viewpoint, i.e., that people could not even challenge whether probable cause existed to stop cars in which they are passengers?

Yeah - you guessed it -- California.

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Sources: Associated Press accounts.
Note: I would have linked to the AP articles, but alas they were written from leftists' perspectives, so I figured I'd save you the grief.

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It is important in the gene... (Below threshold)

It is important in the generation of capital to have guaranteed customers; for that they must be given guaranties. Otherwise would shackle the market.






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