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Can You Spot The Coke Dealer In This Picture?

Hint: It's not Rudy...

Wizbang Politics has the story on the cocaine charges against Thomas Ravenel, South Carolina's state treasurer and Giuliani's (now former) state chairman.


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Comments (11)

Interestingly enough, Raven... (Below threshold)

Interestingly enough, Ravenel isn't suspected of selling the stuff. He's being charged with buying a pound of pure cocaine to give away.

Shucks, Thomas, we'd have been happy with a Havana . . .

He deserves his day in court, of course, and the possibility exists that he is innocent. The main witness against him is a major coke dealer who got busted and presumably offered up Ravenel to get a deal. But there are reportedly other witnesses against him, too. If so, it's sad. The young man had a great future. Heck, with his real estate success, he had a great present.

I feel sorry for his father, who is one of the great men produced by South Carolina in the last century or so.

Could never understand how ... (Below threshold)

Could never understand how people with such obvious skeletons in their closet choose to remain in high-profile places.

Reminds me of <a href="http... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Reminds me of Dan Lasater, except Dan was slimier and got pardoned for his "generosity" towards one former president/governor. Nobody cared.

I doubt his political caree... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

I doubt his political career is over. It sounds like he'd be a perfect fit for the Clinton campaign staff.

Maybe he could run for a se... (Below threshold)

Maybe he could run for a seat in the "Most Ethical Congress Ever." Party affiliation wouldn't matter. Looks like he'd know how to finance a campaign too.

I dunno, I was thinking he ... (Below threshold)

I dunno, I was thinking he could try to become mayor of DC.

I dunno, I was thinking... (Below threshold)

I dunno, I was thinking he could try to become mayor of DC.

Bwahahahahahahaha......(the Clinton staffer comment was hilarious too)..

So true.

If you stare at the blurry ... (Below threshold)

If you stare at the blurry background for about 3 minutes focusing your eyes just so, you can plainly see that Hilliary is shooting herself up after paying her supplier, and has a joint hanging from her mouth....

I honestly don't understand... (Below threshold)

I honestly don't understand. I'm not a disciplined person. I can't imagine that I'm some paragon of self-control. It's easy for me to be with friends who are drinking and not drink or drink very very little. I've never even tried a cigarette, never even been curious. I've certainly never taken any sort of recreational drugs. I've never experienced *dis*approval from those I know who do such things.

What kind of personality simply *has* to be the life of the party? I can understand someone with a crappy life or who is self-medicating depression or a bipolar disorder but beyond that any understanding I have of why someone like this would take or distribute cocaine is entirely abstract. There is nothing in my life I can relate it to.

Well, anybody who hoped for... (Below threshold)

Well, anybody who hoped for someone to defeat Lindsay Graham in the primary mine as well give it up.

I never favored it anyway, just saying.

Well, anybody who ... (Below threshold)
wave man:
Well, anybody who hoped for someone to defeat Lindsay Graham in the primary mine as well give it up.

I never favored it anyway, just saying.

Posted by: Cliff at June 21, 2007 12:33 AM

Cliff, there's lots of anger in the state right now towards Graham. Ravenel's not the only viable candidate. Several names being tossed out. And the primary doesn't happen until June 10, 11 months, 20 days from now. Gives Graham lots of time to try to mend fences, but also allows time for others to develop their candidacies and remind everyone of his record. One strong candidate and he's toast. Several, and he may come out on top, but he's got to get 50% of the vote to win. Doubtful he could win a runoff.

He's gonna have a hard time in any case.






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