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Celebrities I Have Never Heard Of

I knew quite a few of the names on Patterico's list of celebrities on Forbes Top 100 he never heard of, but that is probably because I am a televisionaholic. Evidently he never watches the Food Network. Paula Dean and Bobby Flay are well known in my house. Patterico had heard of Emeril, but that was because he had seen him on sausage. I am clueless about some of the athletes, though. It is an interesting experiment. How many have you never heard of?

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Seems to me that whoever cr... (Below threshold)
Paul Hamilton:

Seems to me that whoever created that list has been on a desert island for a decade or so... Nobody could argue with Oprah being #1, but Madonna, the Stones and Elton John are very old news indeed.

I don't know these guys:<br... (Below threshold)

I don't know these guys:
Gore Verbinski
Valentino Rossi
Dane Cook
Rhonda Byrne
Paula Deen
Bobby Flay
Deepak Chopra

I also wouldn't have known Judge Judy, without the Judge part.

A few observations:
1) Why are the entire casts of some TV shows listed? Why not by individual?

B) Obviously paterico isn't into sports at all. Or news outlets in the last few weeks when LeBron was all over.

4) I'm surprised there isn't ONE football player on the list. (Well, AMERICAN football player, in the interrest of clarification for Beckham fans) I would think Peyton Manning at least makes more money and has more regognition than Harry Potter or the celebrity chefs.

D) Alan Greenspan is a celebrity?

Since when is "Grey's Anato... (Below threshold)

Since when is "Grey's Anatomy Cast" a single entity?

Speaking of Forbes lists, y... (Below threshold)

Speaking of Forbes lists, yesterday on The View Barbara Walters was reading a poll from Forbes about which politicians people found the most creepy. #1 was Newt Gingrich (no surprise, the MSM have turned him into Satan), but the SWEET surprises was that Hillary was #2 and I believe Al Gore was #3.

Sweeeet. Love it.

Patterico better be a real ... (Below threshold)

Patterico better be a real expert specialist in whatever field he hovers around in, otherwise his cluelessness must be taken as low IQ.

...Hate the NBA, know OF Lebron James. Never seen a Dakota Fanning movie, know she's cute and precocious as all get out. Danica Patrick, slot car vagina person with big arms. Albom, smaltzy Jewish pablum penciller, got caught phoning-in his B-ball game coverage from bed. heh-heh!...
There MIGHT be one or two celebs I've not HEARD of (Patterico must be watching non-stop porn DVDs til he passes out. Not judging: I lost 2 1/2 days when VCRs first came out! (slo-mo, rewind, repeat) but, How else to explain it? That's the only explanation besides his being a fishing fanatic. I hope he's a fishing fanatic)

That's exactly what I thoug... (Below threshold)

That's exactly what I thought, Steve. How bogus.

To top it off, "Hollywood" didn't even make the list.

I've never heard of: ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

I've never heard of:

Jay-Z, Ronaldinho, Kimi Raikkonen, Gisele Baundchem, Gore Verbinski, Valentino Rossi, Dane Cook, Rhonda Byrne, Hayden Panettere, Paula ean, & Bobby Flay

Kimi Raikkonen is a driver ... (Below threshold)
Paul Hamilton:

Kimi Raikkonen is a driver for the McLaren team in Formula 1 along with Lewis Hamilton, who is the *real* celebrity. Valentino Rossi is a motorcycle racer.

Racing has been my obsession since Hector was a pup...

ARRGH! Just as I hit ENTER... (Below threshold)
Paul Hamilton:

ARRGH! Just as I hit ENTER I remembered that Raikkonen swiched to Ferrari this year. Fernando Alonso is the other driver at McLaren.

who cares?... (Below threshold)

who cares?

ditto... (Below threshold)


Hmmm... I knew all of them... (Below threshold)

Hmmm... I knew all of them (with the only close call in Kimi Raikkonen, because I didn't remember that was his first name).

who cares?Apparent... (Below threshold)

who cares?

Apparently as F1 is the #1 watched sport after soccer, but don't let reality slap you in the face.

oops - that should read</p... (Below threshold)

oops - that should read

"Apparently a lot of people..."

For those who don't know Da... (Below threshold)

For those who don't know Dane Cook, I envy you.

bD, Patterico is a fisherma... (Below threshold)

bD, Patterico is a fisherman, alright. Every day he sits himself down on the end of the dock of the bay, diddles a bit of line off his little toe, and leans back with all the splendor of the Los Angeles Times spread before him. And boy, does he dine well. We're kept well fed by the scraps.

Sadly, I knew all the names... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

Sadly, I knew all the names on his list. Apparently, I have misspent a large portion of my life.

I have a real problem with ... (Below threshold)

I have a real problem with anyone who has never heard of David Beckham. You must be living under a rock...in the Yukon! A person that confesses he's never heard of Beckham reminds me of those "man on the streets" interviews with Leno where people can't name their own state's capital.






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