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Dozens of Insurgents Killed in Iraq Offensive

Hopefully this kind of news will continue:

U.S. and Iraqi forces continued targeting Sunni insurgents in the city of Baqubah north of Baghdad on Wednesday, the second day of a major new offensive aimed at stamping out the Sunni extremist group al-Qaeda in Iraq.

About 10,000 U.S. and Iraqi troops are participating in the new offensive, called Arrowhead Ripper, which began early Tuesday in Diyala province, a mixed Sunni-Shiite-Kurdish province north and east of Baghdad that, in recent months, has become a stronghold of al-Qaeda in Iraq and the most violent area in the country outside of the capital. Forty-one insurgents and one American soldier were killed in two days of fighting, the U.S. military said Wednesday.

"We have found three warehouses and factories where car bombs cars were built, as well as large stashes of TNT and mortar rounds used to make" roadside bombs, said Mohammed al-Askari, an Iraqi Defense Ministry spokesman. "We also found the swords that they used to slaughter people in their so-called courts, in addition to sniper rifles and silencers."

The U.S. military said in a statement that five weapons caches had been found and that 25 roadside bombs and five booby-trapped houses had been discovered and destroyed.
Askari said that the offensive "has developed greatly" and that U.S.-led forces were starting a "second phase by surrounding and isolating the areas in which the terrorists are located."

The U.S. military has been sharply criticized -- particularly from within its own ranks -- for earlier offensives against al-Qaeda in Iraq and other Sunni insurgents that allowed them to slip away and regroup in other areas. As soon as U.S. forces withdrew, the insurgents typically returned.

This time, military planners are trying to avoid that outcome by drawing a tight ring around Baqubah that locks insurgents inside, where they can be captured or killed. The challenge was illustrated Tuesday by the capture of six uninjured men who were trying to escape from Baqubah in an Iraqi ambulance, the U.S. military said in a statement.

Commanders "said we need to cordon off the city and control access in and out, which is what we did yesterday morning, and now we are very deliberately doing house-to-house clearing," said Capt. Jon Korneliussen, a U.S. military spokesman. "Many houses were wired with explosives."

Update: Here's Michael Yon on Operation Arrowhead Ripper and a NYT reporter to look out for (in a good way).

Update II: Bob Owens and A.J. Strata have great roundups of the latest in surge news from Iraq.

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Great to see the Washington... (Below threshold)

Great to see the Washington Post actually cover this!

up until now only Michael Yon and VERY few others have been covering this story honestly! Thank you, Lorie, for starting a thread on it.

In ANY other time in American history...even most of Vietnam, the American Press would be telling the amazing story of this battle.

Instead, most of the MSM is labeling this: "Continuing Iraqi violence".

It's not.

It's AMERICAN violence...against some of the most twisted "humans" that have every lived! And the so-called "humans" are getting their, uh, anal sphincter RIPPED!! Hence the operations name ArrowHead Ripper!! Great naming on someone's part!!

Thanks Justrand. I really ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Thanks Justrand. I really hope we continue to see good news like this. The count has been like this all along in Iraq -- for every one of our soldiers killed we have taken out dozens of terrorists and terrorist sympathizers and their safe havens, but finally the media is beginning to cover the whole story. We have done some things wrong -- such as letting the terrorists slip away, rather than choking them off and denying them an exit route. At least we have learned from those mistakes. I hope we see much success from these new offensives.

As we have never fought an ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

As we have never fought an enemy such as we have in Iraq, nor have we faced the tactics used there, it has been a learning experience. Considering we have had to fight the left here at home as well as the terrorists in theater, it has been twice as difficult. I would say considering the light casualties we have take in the conflict we have actually done an outstanding job considering there were those who would have pulled our forces out of Iraq during the first sand storm. The President said right from the beginning that this would take effort. We did not go in with a 10 million man army and are establishing something that has never existed in the region. The left has proven time and time again they do not have the stomach for a fight, except with the President. I guess Senator Reid is full of shit right up to his eyebrows. Contrary to what that liar says, we are winning this fight.

Perhaps Senator Reid (and ... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Senator Reid (and his supporters) should be made to walk "point" on one of these raids to show us the proper way to fight/win the war. I am sure his expert leadership will be invaluable to the war effort.

Thank you, General Ragshaft... (Below threshold)

Thank you, General Ragshaft, we'll keep you in mind for Gen. Petraeus' job when he needs to be replaced. We do appreciate your courageous leadership in fighting the second front, namely the insidious pinko/commie threat here in the Fatherland. Your updated secret decoder ring will e mailed to you soon! Vigilance!

Groucho has anyone ever tol... (Below threshold)

Groucho has anyone ever told you that you are a lowlife, America hating, asskissing, bootlicking coward. If not I just did. Don't thank me. glad to help.

I was against this war from... (Below threshold)

I was against this war from the very beginning. I wasn't a flip flopper who supported invasion and then didn't have the stomach and wanted to run away. If you drop a bottle of milk and shatters all over the floor, as much as you don't want to, you gotta clean it up. Now that we're there, we got to do the same. I wish these stories were more prevelant, but American media is so awful it sometimes doesn't make it, because, really, Paris Hilton going to jail is exclusive stuff. I digress. I didn't want to send our troops there, but since we're there, I want to see us clean house. Squash these terrorists bastards and for god sakes don't let them slip away and regroup.

suhnami,I agree, w... (Below threshold)


I agree, we have to clean it up. All MSM needs to report the truth, not just the war, but everything.

You are only allowed to cal... (Below threshold)

You are only allowed to call them insurgents when they are doing the killing. When they get killed they are "Iraqi civilians" unless they are from outside Iraq in which case they are "undocumented Iraqis". Please be more careful.

mullah cimoc say each ameri... (Below threshold)
mullah cimoc:

mullah cimoc say each ameriki having two gonad so jealous of mujahid fighters in Baquoba.

usa army say of them mujahid: a 'hardline group of fighters who have no intention of leaving.'

These hardline man all having the two gonad.

Ameriki having the two gonad him understand. But so many ameriki now the feminzied like woman not having even one gonad.

USA media make all ameriki man accepting the woman to rule over him. The war reportr him the woman. the power person in tv show him the woman. this to make ameriki man the obedient.

Now ameirki society becoming so the sick. Is the punish for cruel and torture in iraq?

Google: mighty wurlitzer +cia learn how ameriki media so control now. all for serve masters in tel aviv.

also: ameriki woman now so slut with LBT (low back tattoo) and the so skinny and cannot having the child, just loving dog and cat.

I think mullah cimoc comes ... (Below threshold)

I think mullah cimoc comes out of the same bureau bD does, this one got a lobotomy pre-release.






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