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I Never Thought I Would Ever See These Two in the Same blog post

If you never thought you would see the words "Hillary Clinton" and "monkey scrotums" in the same blog post, then I am there with you. And we would both be wrong.

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A wee birdie tells me I'm a... (Below threshold)

A wee birdie tells me I'm about to step into bannination, so Gute Nacht.

You do have a somewhat shel... (Below threshold)

You do have a somewhat sheltered existence, my dear. You stay very busy, devoted to your family and home and writing, and I'm amazed you find the time to get it all done.

But out here on the hardscrabble streets, we scarcely ever think of Hillary Clinton without thinking about monkey scrota. It's hard to imagine NOT think about monkey scrota when her name comes up.

That's reality. I mean, if she can affect the color of monkey scrota, who is next? I know scrotum discoloration isn't one of the medical problems the mass media finds "sexy" or sympathetic enough to publicize, like cancer or heart disease or AIDS or halitosis, but to its victims, it can be devastating.

Think about it: these poor blokes can never show their scrota in public again. How humiliating . . . I've consented to compose a theme song for them, and I'm thinking of just ripping off Crystal Gayle's "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue," with a few key changes.

As Crystal Gayle sang, "Don... (Below threshold)

As Crystal Gayle sang, "Don't it make my gonads blue..."


YA, I gotta say...Hillary a... (Below threshold)

YA, I gotta say...Hillary and monkey scrotums go together like, coffee and a cup.

I could give some more Hillary (AND) examples, but I don't want to hurt the kinder gentler Wizbang image.

You'll never see Bill Clint... (Below threshold)

You'll never see Bill Clinton and Blue Balls in the same post either.

She's nuts. ww... (Below threshold)

She's nuts. ww






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