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Vice President Steele?

With so much time to go before the 2008 elections, I thought I would take a break from speculation about the presidential hopefuls and think a bit about who the perfect VP candidate would be. The obvious choice to me is Michael Steele. Read the reasons I list here. In the spirit of full disclosure, I probably should remind readers that I am a bit biased toward Steele and have been ever since I got that hug back in April.

The Republican candidates for President and Vice President in 2008 need to be excellent communicators. One of the biggest failings of the Bush presidency has been the inability to effectively communicate. Michael Steele is one of the best communicators the Republican party has today. Not only did I see that in his innovative television advertisements and campaign appearances, but in a speech I watched him give in North Carolina recently.

In April I attended the Civitas Institute's Conservative Leadership Conference and heard some excellent speakers, including presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. No one, however, was any more impressive than Michael Steele. In the speech he talked about the opportunity he found in the Republican party. He was funny and energetic and got a wildly enthusiastic response.
Michael Steele is a proud conservative Republican who not only knows why he believes what he does, but he knows how to explain it to others in such a way that it makes sense. If that is not what is needed in the Republican party today, I don't know what is.

Update: This column by Steele is more proof that he is just what the Republican party needs today.


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Comments (17)

Lorie,I commented on... (Below threshold)

I commented on this quite a while ago in my blog. I think that someone like a Mitt Romney or a Fred Thompson would be brave enough to ask Mr. Steele to be vice-president. I do not see either Mr. Giuliani or Sen. McCain asking Mr. Steele because he will take attention away from them. I think if the GOP nominee in Mr. Romney he should ask Mr. Steele. In many ways they are alike. And, very importantly, they both have an optimism about the United States that we really need now when there is so much division and it is not healthy division. They would compliment each other well.

Steele is an establishment ... (Below threshold)

Steele is an establishment puppet. And that's not hyperbole. Remember the 2nd Republican debate (on FOX)? When Steele was sent out to float the Ban Ron Paul meme on TV with Hannity, LIVE? The poor guy was left with his ear lobes flapping in the breeze when it didn't "take". And Steele wasn't a spokesman/drone. He was speaking as Chairman of the House Republican Election Committee (or whatever the hell it's called).

He was supposed to be SOMEBODY, but he was chagrined to be NOBODY. (The checks are good, though! And he has an office.)

"I am a bit biased toward S... (Below threshold)

"I am a bit biased toward Steele and have been ever since I got that hug back in April._Lorie"

Women are great! Who else would fall for our shxt?

RC Watts, a Republican from... (Below threshold)

RC Watts, a Republican from Oklahoma would be a good choice also.

JC Watts. Let's not play th... (Below threshold)

JC Watts. Let's not play the face color game like the dems do. How about who is best to be president should the current one die? ww

No question this guy's a co... (Below threshold)

No question this guy's a comer; it took the full power and deceit of the Democratic Party, and an ebbing tide, to keep him from winning last election. He is a constant moral lesson to the Obama admirers.

I'm a big fan of Fred Thomp... (Below threshold)

I'm a big fan of Fred Thompson - whom I believe can win the nomination. However, I know that to win the general election in a country strong with liberals & moderates, Fred Thompson needs a good balance to his strong conservativism. At this time, I cannot think of a better running mate then Michael Steele. He's a moderate that stood up against Pres Bush on certain issues and he is from a liberal section of the nation. From what I saw of him, he is very articulate (oops - is it politically incorrect to say that?) and a good campaigner. I agree with WW that we shouldnt have to look at skin color as an attribute, but perceptions are huge in politics. gc

The problem that I see with... (Below threshold)
Eric Forhan:

The problem that I see with Michael Steele is that he (apparently) is ~too~ nice of a guy.

I think he'd make an excellent VP.

June 21st- The U.S. command... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

June 21st- The U.S. command announced Thursday the deaths of 14 more American troops, most killed in powerful roadside bombs in Baghdad.

Besides the deaths on Thursday, another powerful roadside bomb killed four U.S. soldiers and wounded another in western Baghdad, and two Marines died in fighting in Anbar province, to the west of the capital.

Southwest of Baghdad, two soldiers were killed and four were wounded Tuesday when explosions struck near their vehicle, the military said.

The recent rise in U.S. troop deaths in Iraq is the "wrong metric" to use in assessing the effectiveness of the new security strategy for Baghdad, Marine Gen. Peter Pace, the outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said yesterday in a news conference with Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates.


Civil Behavior (not): FYI -... (Below threshold)

Civil Behavior (not): FYI - you're on the wrong thread - go somewhere else.

bryanDirtbag was let out of... (Below threshold)

bryanDirtbag was let out of Area 51 early taday. Sorry.
Told you c.b. was looney.Now he doesn't even know where he is.

WW:JC Watts. L... (Below threshold)


JC Watts. Let's not play the face color game like the dems do.

What the hell is Steele's "face color?"

Nice diversionary tactic th... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Nice diversionary tactic there, uncivil behavior. Never mind that our soldiers were killed as part of a larger operation kicking the sh!t out of al Qaeda.

But hey, you knew that, didn't you?

Or are you the one who's lost his f-ing mind?


Thompson/Steele '08! I've b... (Below threshold)

Thompson/Steele '08! I've been pushing the idea every chance I get for weeks. FDT's chances of being elected will be better with a yankee running mate (He has my vote regardless, but just sayin'.) If Rudy or Mitt gets the top slot they'd be better of with a southern running mate (Huckabee?). If McCain ends up with the top slot the VP choice won't matter cuz he ain't got a prayer anyway.

I heard it once "rained" do... (Below threshold)

I heard it once "rained" down oreos on this man.

jp2:I heard it... (Below threshold)


I heard it once "rained" down oreos on this man.

I heard once you were an asshole and closet racist.

This comment seems to confirm it.

Oreos have creamy fillings ... (Below threshold)

Oreos have creamy fillings and slaves should stay on the farm.






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