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Vote for your favorite moonbat

Michelle Malkin has a snazzy new site design and has even added comments. Check it out and while there vote for your favorite moonbat MSM political donor.

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I see Malkin got rid of the... (Below threshold)

I see Malkin got rid of the "Firecracker!"_ NYT blurb atop her masthead. That was always disconcerting anyway. Michelle Malkin? NYT? WTF?

Michelle, to be part of the PJM stable o' starz, must you adopt the PJM page template? It's a real clusterfxxx, and hard on the eyes! Three lanes, no lines, soft shoulders.

You're fine at VDARE.com, though strange things happen when you re-enter Bushland. And how can I vote for villains I've never heard of before? Raz??? Fulgi-who??? And why can't they monetarily support whomever they will, anyway? Again: Bushland. Brains are superfluous and counter-revolutionary.

Let me get this straight. A... (Below threshold)

Let me get this straight. An "expose" taken from MSNBC of "moonbat" journalists (only) who donate to campaigns (not favored by wingnuts) by the nasty and dingy queen wingnut (Malkin) who is the darling of all wingnuts who all believe campaign finance restrictions impinge on freedom of speech. Oh the irony, errr I mean hypocrisy is delicious.

I have no idea how JFO and ... (Below threshold)

I have no idea how JFO and other lib's hate so easily in the morning. It has to be self loathing. Republicans are the most positive bunch of people and funny.

Michelle is a strong voice against the immigration bill. She has helped a lot. Republican women amaze me. Smart, sharp, edgy and direct plus they raise their families. Michelle, Lorie,etc. Honorable mention to Ann and Laura. ww

Please, bD, we know about C... (Below threshold)

Please, bD, we know about Clintons' 'brains'.

For once I agree with bryan... (Below threshold)

For once I agree with bryan "insidejob" d. Malkin's new site design IS awful. Along with wizbang her site is the first of the day, no more though, it is barely readable now that you have to click all over the place to get stories. Wizbang PLEASE don't ever deviate from the simple ability to scroll down one page to read all the entries!!

bryanDirtbag wants you to e... (Below threshold)

bryanDirtbag wants you to enroll in a class with him to study how steel melts (snicker snort) and a class to design his own blog called "Area 51 Where Are You". (snort snicker)

jhow, don't forget his favo... (Below threshold)

jhow, don't forget his favorite class, CIA 101, taught by instructor and former deep cover agent Timothy Leary!!

Embrace change. Michelle wa... (Below threshold)

Embrace change. Michelle wants to open up comments and such. Plus stories she covers, like here at Wizbang develop as the day goes on. Wizband changed their comments and some didn't like that change, but they all know what is best for THEIR operation. ww






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