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Banned by PBS

The program "Muslims Against Jihad" which PBS would not run, is on Fox News tonight. I missed the first half hour, but am watching the second half now and have set the DVR to record it when it runs again at midnight E.D.T.

Update: For those who saw the movie last night on Fox, I am interested to know what you thought of it.


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Comments (20)

haven't watched it, but nic... (Below threshold)

haven't watched it, but nice to see that it will get more ratings on fox than PBS

Liberal MSM mantra: ... (Below threshold)
Fox News Rocks:

Liberal MSM mantra:


But hey, who watches PBS anyway?

Fox News is the only news I trust. Period.

PBS wouldn't show it becaus... (Below threshold)

PBS wouldn't show it because they discriminate against ALL Muslims. Sad that the liberals talk out of both sides of their mouth. Liberals are EXPERTS at blaming conservatives for doing EXACTLY what they themselves do: CONTINUOUSLY discriminate against "groups" of people.

haven't watched it... (Below threshold)
John in CA:
haven't watched it, but nice to see that it will get more ratings on fox than PBS.

I really don't care what PBS, or NPR for that matter, air. I just wish we didn't have to susidize them.

How does the saying go? When you subsidize something you get more of it than you want or need. Something like that.

AND WHOLE Countries....... (Below threshold)

AND WHOLE Countries....

Is it a muslem comedy with ... (Below threshold)

Is it a muslem comedy with Mickey Mouse slicing off heads for the children of Islam? The muzzies are some weird goat ropers among other things with goats.

Just how long is it gonna t... (Below threshold)

Just how long is it gonna take before someone, anyone bans the moron with the felching fetish that has infested every thread for the last 36 hours?

That's a sock-puppet at 10:... (Below threshold)

That's a sock-puppet at 10:00 PM. Sooner or later I'll get curious enough to look up 'felch', but not yet.

Just watched the special ab... (Below threshold)

Just watched the special about the special. It's that Frank Gaffney neocon-financed film [eye roll]. They showed a few clips. Very uninformative. "Terrorist" instead of Sunni and/or Shiite [organization/outfit/name] denotes that education is not the aim of the producers. Odd rap music angle. Followed on FOX by Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole "UPDATE" program featuring young faceliftee in red dress as hostess. "Daddy" not "father" is preferred FOX term for Larry Birkhead. One second counts as one day in LA County jail. Still better than RedEye, though.

Bryand, are you demented? ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Bryand, are you demented? I have been reading the BS you post here for some time now. You never fail to amaze me as to the abject stupidity of what you are capable of writing. You never stick to the topic, lie incessantly and do all you can to change or divert from what the topic is. My guess is you are a juvinile or at best a freshman at some community college located in a communist infested city. My question is why is PBS pro muslim? Is it because if America learns of the real danger posed by radical Islam, Bush's actions then appear to be the right course of action? Here is one for you Bryand or any lefty willing to answer a question. Would the "Fairness Doctrine" also apply to the MSM and PBS or is it just ment to suppress the commercially successful talk radio?

ZR III:Bryand,... (Below threshold)


Bryand, are you demented? I have been reading the BS you post here for some time now. You never fail to amaze me as to the abject stupidity of what you are capable of writing.

Damn, you have been paying attention!

I watched some of it. Whil... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

I watched some of it. While I can say that it was never the best thing I've seen, I did not see anything that should DQ it from PBS air.

Does anyone know the exact reasons PBS gave to take it off the schedule?

PBS took it down because th... (Below threshold)

PBS took it down because they are the effete Quislings like most western leftists. Bash the Christians and Jews, but not the Moslems....

bD is near the font, folks;... (Below threshold)

bD is near the font, folks; that's some amazing output. How do you do it, bD? I waver between thinking you are group or an individual, perhaps even mechanized; the unity of style mystifies me.

Wussup, boo? Or not, I don't mind.

So, whaddya think of Roger ... (Below threshold)

So, whaddya think of Roger Kimball, bD? Nice prose, huh?

And I'm surprised at you, b... (Below threshold)

And I'm surprised at you, bD, to think that getting banned for smut is a prize. It's only worthwhile when the banning or deleting is for excellence of argument. Now, I know you thought that mimic was me, but still, why would you think I'd think getting banned for garbage is fun?

They let bryanD out of Area... (Below threshold)

They let bryanD out of Area 51 ever now and then to graze. He has been there for years as they try to teach him how to melt steel. No luck yet.

It's not an alien presence ... (Below threshold)

It's not an alien presence so much as an alert one.

I watched this last night (... (Below threshold)
TX Hill Country Girl:

I watched this last night (TIVO'd). Fox seemed more interested in trying to bash PBS and self-promote than to just air the film and address the topic. Glad they aired it, wish we could have seen the version before PBS made them make all the changes though, it was quite mild.

steak111111 bashes liberal ... (Below threshold)
mark a:

steak111111 bashes liberal PBS for discriminating against all Muslims, and Zelsdorf bashes liberal PBS for being pro-Muslim. You stupid right-wing nutjobs fall for all the crap that comes out of Fox Snooze. Sure, you know that liberals are the problem. Now you just have to figure out why liberals are the problem. I'm sure Fox Snooze will tell you exactly what to think sooner or later.






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