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New York Times and Washington Post Give Voice to Terrorists

Both the New York Times and the Washington Post published op/eds by a senior member of Hamas as if he were a legitimate government official when he's nothing more than a terrorist thug. Jewish groups, rightly, are furious:

Several Jewish organizations expressed outrage following the publication of opinion pieces authored by a Hamas figure in two of the US's most prestigious newspapers on Wednesday.

Both The New York Times and The Washington Post ran op ed pieces by Ahmed Yousef, a senior political adviser to Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas, one of two competing Palestinian Authority prime ministers.

The columns, which didn't note that Hamas is recognized as a terrorist organization by the United States, sparked anger from many groups, including the Anti-Defamation League, which wrote to the Times the following day.

"Ahmed Yousef's preposterous picture of Hamas as a moderate, peace loving organization committed to a cease-fire with Israel has no basis in reality," wrote Glen S. Lewy, ADL national chairman.

"The chaos, violence and destruction in Gaza and the looting and dismantling of the security infrastructure and border control facilities that followed shows the real face of Hamas," he wrote.

Morton A. Klein, the Zionist Organization of America's national president, called the newspapers' decision to publish the pieces "appalling," adding that it was akin to printing an article by Holocaust architect Adolf Eichmann in 1942.

Klein went on to say that publishing columns by representatives of terrorist organizations only served to legitimize their views.

Both op eds sought to justify Hamas's takeover of the Gaza Strip and called on the United States to "engage with Hamas," urging the Bush administration "not to repeat the mistakes that have become the hallmarks of its actions in the Middle East."

Throughout the editorials, Yousef said Hamas was committed to peace and blamed Israel and the US for the failures of the peace process.

Yousef's claim that Hamas is committed to peace is a lie. Hamas has always been committed to, at the very least, continual war with Israel, and, at the worst, the complete destruction of Israel and launches kassam rockets regularly. In fact, just today, Palestinians in Gaza, which is now controlled exclusively by Hamas, fired kassam rockets into the Israeli town of Sderot injuring three.

The New York Times, under criticism for publishing the op/ed, defended its decision today. In the body of the piece by Clark Hoyt titled "The Danger of One-Sided Debate," Clark acknowledged Hamas' wish to destroy the state of Israel:

The most recent column was by Ahmed Yousef, a spokesman for Hamas, the party elected to lead the Palestinian government and a group dedicated to the destruction of Israel. He wrote Wednesday about "What Hamas Wants."

Mr. Hoyt himself admits to Hamas' terrorism while insisting that wants to provide a forum for both sides of the "debate." Since when did terrorists debate anything? They only thing Hamas understands is violence and death.


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Comments (24)

What? Didn't you know that ... (Below threshold)

What? Didn't you know that anyone that fights against America and/or Israel is a "freedom fighter" in the lefty's mind? Just ask Jimmah Cahtah.

I really hope the day comes... (Below threshold)

I really hope the day comes, when the policy on dealing with the Middle East becomes----"pave *paradise* put up a parking lot"

I know alternate sources of energy and progressive/crybaby PC war tactics will have to be solved to do such a thing, but I think the current road we are heading down will resolve those issues.

Hamas was democratically el... (Below threshold)

Hamas was democratically elected. May cause dizziness for readers of National Review and the Jerusalem Post.

Hamas was democratically... (Below threshold)

Hamas was democratically elected.

So was George W. Bush.


Don't choke on your latte'.

bryanD[elusional]<... (Below threshold)


Hamas was democratically elected. May cause dizziness for readers of National Review and the Jerusalem Post.

In an election "certified" as "fair" by Jimmah Carter despite Hamas leaving polling places open well past the stated closure time when it was evident they were losing.

"Hamas was democratically e... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

"Hamas was democratically elected. May cause dizziness for readers of National Review and the Jerusalem Post."

Kind of like Chavez and Sadaam Hussein were "democratically elected"?

This is the usual mantra to the left, as it relates to the outrage and disgust people feel towards Hamas, or Hezbollah for that matter. And I am still trying to figure out why people, in this country especially, defer to such groups as they do.

Since liberals are smarter, maybe one can answer this. Is it really possible that a group of people who send suicide bombers into heavily populted civilian areas, shoot rockets from behind homes/hospitals/mosques, and engage in thuggish behavior more often than not, can really be democratically elected? Does the campaign slogan 'Vote for Hamas, or we'll kill your family in the name of Allah" really seem that far-fehtched?

And, is it really "Democracy" when your choices are Hamas and Fatah? the people's choices were more like get on your knees and open your mouths wide or bend over and grab your ankles. Democracy huh? Even if a moderate organization tried to effectuate change, how long before their gibs were raining down over the Gaza and West bank?

I mean, I think the human brain is capable of hating Bush, pouting/being obtuse about a plan to "Democratize" the Mideast, and yet still being repulsed by Hamas/Hezbollah. Because we all know that violence in the Gaza/Lebanon was an issue before Bush came to office, so we should not dumb down the discussion by linking Bush's plan for the Mideast to it's current instability. Maybe it was stable enough for liberals, but the Jews over there may differ.

And, is it really "Democ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

And, is it really "Democracy" when your choices are Hamas and Fatah?

The Hobson's Election.

Hey, Bushbots. "Democracy" ... (Below threshold)

Hey, Bushbots. "Democracy" isn't my favorite term (USA is a federal republic, yadda yadda), it's Presidente Bush's. Live by propaganda, die by propaganda.

C-C-G. Kirk or Picard?

bryanD[elusional]<... (Below threshold)


Live by propaganda, die by propaganda.

Then what has kept you alive so long. Propaganda seems to be your stock on trade.

Yes, BryanD, Hamas was elec... (Below threshold)

Yes, BryanD, Hamas was elected. I'll even go so far as to say they were fairly elected.

Big fucking deal.

They're still an officially-recognized terrorist organization. Unlike you, I don't see their electoral prowess as a way they can whitewash their terrorist status.

To you, they're the legitimately elected government of the Palestinian Authority and should be granted full recognition as such -- and their past (and present) acts of terror forgiven.

To me, they're terrorists who won an election. I put the emphasis on the first part, and as long as they remain a terrorist organization, fuck them and fuck anyone who supports them.

Go ahead and cite other examples. But good luck finding one that did NOT renounce violence as part of the price of admission into the realm of a valid government. Even the IRA set up a separate political faction (even if the separation was mostly fictional).


Hey, Bushbots. "Democrac... (Below threshold)

Hey, Bushbots. "Democracy" isn't my favorite term (USA is a federal republic, yadda yadda), it's Presidente Bush's.

Then why did you use it? Or is Dubya controlling your brain like he controls hurricanes?

"New York Times and Washing... (Below threshold)
WOW jp2, that's quite a com... (Below threshold)

WOW jp2, that's quite a compliment, equating Wizbang to the NYT and WaPo who have hundreds of millions of readers counting all the local papers that reprint their stories world-wide.

Kevin and the gang should be soooo proud!

On the other hand jp2 your attempt at a misguided misdirection means about as much as a fart in a ferris wheel.

By the time you complete one revolution the rank odor is gone!

And there you have it, folk... (Below threshold)

And there you have it, folks, jp2 all but admits (though he doesn't realize it) that in his mind there is no difference between a news story and an editorial.

The antique MSM gives voice... (Below threshold)

The antique MSM gives voice to groups more dangerous than any single terrorists organization every day. We call them members of the democrat party. They are the birds that bind all of the terrorists organizations togather to hate America.
BryanD and jp2 are part of the organization that won't admit they are wrong until they and they're families are lying in the street dying as a result of a terrorists attack they supported.

BryanD and jp2 are part ... (Below threshold)

BryanD and jp2 are part of the organization that won't admit they are wrong until they and they're families are lying in the street dying as a result of a terrorists attack they supported.

Probably won't even admit they're wrong then, they'll just blame it all on the Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil Wepubwicans.

Kim, I must tell you that Z... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Kim, I must tell you that Zelsdorf is a Ragshaft family first name. I know from my father and his father, that is Zelsdorf Ragshaft Jr. and Sr. that no Ragshaft would at any time felch anyone from the NY Times. Although we all agree that the NY Times is felched.

Did another criminal bed ... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

Did another criminal bed wetter get the urge to steal Kim's identity ?

Sock-puppet infletcheration... (Below threshold)

Sock-puppet infletcheration at 9:12 and 9:38. I suppose I should be flattered, but then I'd wretch. Is that what 'fletch' means?

Don't know, but to be menti... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Don't know, but to be mentioned in the same sentence as Jay Tea is an honor for me. But I still would not fletch him with him or for him.

Are the NYT's and WaPo shar... (Below threshold)

Are the NYT's and WaPo share prices still higher than the cost of a single copy of their newspapers? If so, not for much longer....

I guess you can see,... (Below threshold)

I guess you can see,
That it wasn't me, Z.

I can't decide if the Mad King Pinch is just foolish, or cleverly trashing the stock before taking it private. In either case, though, stockholders are being taken for a ride. But which class?

Aren't his relatives leveraged?

And remember when BABA WAWA... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

And remember when BABA WAWA was always going to those prisons and interviewing all those convicted fellons RAPISTS,CHIL MOLESTERS,MUDERERS,ROBBERS, and other liberal preidential supporters afetr all the notorious WILLIE HORTON voted for BILL CLINTON

I remember Mama not Baba. ... (Below threshold)

I remember Mama not Baba. The more the bramblier the bar bar, the more the merrier the har har.






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