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The death of good neighborliness

Most people, when they think of areas afflicted with illegal aliens, think of the thousands of miles of border to our south. They think of big cities. They think of farms and migrant workers, construction sites, and lush landscapes needing tending.

They don't think of tiny New England towns, towns that have such a cordial relationship with their neighbors to the north that their towns are virtual Siamese twins.

But Derby Lane, Vermont and Stanstead, Quebec are finding that their historic amity and friendliness are being exploited... and might even have to tear down their joint library and opera house, where the international border is demarcated by a strip of black tape on the floor.

If you're in the area and want to see for yourself, stop by and check it out. It looks like it won't stay that way for long.


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"They don't think of tiny N... (Below threshold)

"They don't think of tiny New England towns, towns that have such a cordial relationship with their neighbors to the north that their towns are virtual Siamese twins."

Very true - and send them Lee too....

There are many problems wit... (Below threshold)

There are many problems with illegal immigration and this is one of the worst. My community has been forever changed for the worse by illegal immigration and we will never get back what we had. There is no one to sue, no one cares, no one listens. Aside from my next door neighbor, I have to walk for 15 minutes before I get to the house of someone I know who speaks English as their primary language. Having your neighborhood changed illegally hurts in a way that has not been properly expressed by anyone I know.

I got a solution.L... (Below threshold)

I got a solution.

Let's just annex Canada and turn the provinces into states.

Sock-fletcherette at 9:15. ... (Below threshold)

Sock-fletcherette at 9:15. Don't jerk its strings off.

Damn, gone. Strings and al... (Below threshold)

Damn, gone. Strings and all.

You could flinch and miss it, too.






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