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Questions for Conference Call 6/26

I've been invited to participate in a blogger's conference call with Mr. Alan Liotta, the Principle Director for the Office of Detainee Affairs at the Pentagon. He previously was in charge of the Pentagon's prisoner of war/missing personnel office. If you have a question you'd like me to ask about the Pentagon's policies and treatment of enemy combatants, especially in Guantanamo, post it in the comments and I'll try to ask it, and then podcast the results.


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To what degree has Vice Pre... (Below threshold)

To what degree has Vice President Cheney been responsible for setting detainee policy?

JimLet's all hope VP... (Below threshold)

Let's all hope VP Cheney has been completely in charge. Having an adult in the room is necessary sometimes.

Sorry for the diversion. My question is: If the detainees at Gitmo are moved, where do they go? If they come to the US, are they given rights under US Law? Where will they be incarcerated?

If the detainees a... (Below threshold)
John in CA:
If the detainees at Gitmo are moved, where do they go?

Have any of the people who have lobbied so passionately for the closure of Gitmo, and the subsequent transfer of the terrorists to stateside facilities, volunteered to host any of these poor, misunderstood terrorist detainees in their home?

Naw, probably shouldn't ask that question. The guy is just doing his job. But, you can let him know that many Americans have NO problem keeping the scum in Gitmo until we're done with them and done killing terrorists.

Ask him why they haven't fi... (Below threshold)

Ask him why they haven't figured out that stealth biological assymetrical warfare will require the full immersion delousing of all new prisoners not taking advantage of the Geneva Convention protections?






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