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There's nothing like a Dane...

For years, us Westerners have been subjected to seeing Muslims burn and tear up and stamp on our flags, hang and immolate our leaders in effigy, mobs shouting and howling for our blood, calling curses and death upon our heads, and regularly hold riots at the slightest offense.

Now, for the first time I can recall, those psychos are getting back a little of their own medicine.

Notice how the Danes have taken the basic idea and improved the hell out of it -- a clarion call explaining why and a kick-ass soundtrack (although I have to say I prefer the original version).

The smart and civilized thing for the world's Muslims to do would be to simply say that it was a stupid, hateful thing, then just ignore it.

Expect calls for the Danish government to find and prosecute the burners for "crimes against Islam," followed by a deafening silence from the Danish government.

The mass riots and attacks on Danish products, companies, and citizens will either follow that or happen concurrently -- more likely the latter.

(Hat tip: Gateway Pundit, via Charles)


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Comments (15)

Looks like there's gonna be... (Below threshold)

Looks like there's gonna be more headlines with the words "enraged Muslims" than usual this week...

Someone at HuffPo may be ha... (Below threshold)

Someone at HuffPo may be having second thoughts about Libby juror Denis Collins' March 7 post, which has gone missing. h/t C.

Open the Doors for Sir Salm... (Below threshold)

Open the Doors for Sir Salman someday; Satanic Verses are in no rush to die.

KimLibby juror ... (Below threshold)


Libby juror Denis Collins' March 7 post
Where's that?

Thanks for reminding me. I ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for reminding me. I wrote this back in February for the end of a post.

Let's face it: the Danes are way cool. To paraphrase the song from South Pacific:

There is nothing like a Dane.
Nothing in the world.
There is nothing you can name
That is anything like a Dane...


There are no drinks like a Dane.
And no books like a Dane.
And nothing looks like a Dane.
And nothing acts like a Dane.
Or attacks like a Dane.
There ain't a thing that's wrong with any state here
That can't be cured by a manly, forthright, tell-it-like-is...DANE!

HughS, good question. Clar... (Below threshold)

HughS, good question. Clarice at JustOneMinute is looking for his work posted at HuffPo back then and it has gone missing. She's wondering if anyone has a screen shot. Remember, he's the juror who had been a journalist at the Washington Post, and knew Woodward. I believe he had illegitimate influence on the jury. And, I'm not sure he was as forthcoming as the law expects during voir dire.

Anyone got a translation fo... (Below threshold)

Anyone got a translation for the opening lines? I don't read Dutch.

RyanFollow the lin... (Below threshold)


Follow the link to the article. There's a translation at Gates of Vienna. Links are often good to follow. They give information (as well as page hits to the information-givers).

When will Ron Paul and cert... (Below threshold)

When will Ron Paul and certain Leftists complain that such actions enrage Muslims resulting in blowback?

gee, this is kinda like bur... (Below threshold)

gee, this is kinda like burning a cross!
Same mentality.

Gotta love these people who think they are sticking it to their enemies by taking the stupid and offensive things that the enemy does, and doing another step further.

Real smart. Just prove to everyone that you are even stupider than the ones you claim are stupid.
Follow their lead.

In 1966 my best friend's br... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

In 1966 my best friend's brother was sentenced to Leavenworth for burning a piece of paper in public....his draft card.

I can see by my Skagen watc... (Below threshold)
Who's John Galt?:

I can see by my Skagen watch that it's time for me to pop a Tuborg and listen to The Raveonettes on my Bang & Olufsen sound system while my son plays with his Legos. I probably need to to replenish my Danish Butter Cookie supply and our Carribbean cruise this year may be changed to a Scandinavian cruise.

Hey, this "Buy Danish" campaign looks like alot of fun.

I've never figured out the ... (Below threshold)

I've never figured out the mentality behind burning a cross since it's generally done by people who claim Christianity and done to intimidate blacks who might be Christian or might not.

So, sorry, dude. I don't see the similarity. This was a deliberate equating of Islam with evil (go through the link and read the cultural context of burning witches to protect the harvest) and the straight forward statement (from the translation) that Islam is a threat to everything in Europe that is European.

And try to explain how that's not true.

I don't think that anyone will dispute that this was about as overtly anti-Islamic, deliberately offensive as it's possible to get.

But to say it's not *deserved* is to forget, willfully, the response to a set of mild cartoons that was *so* mild that the Imam had to add a picture of a French pig-calling contest winner and a dog humping a praying Muslim, pre-order truck loads of Danish flags and stage violent demonstrations where PEOPLE DIED months later.

People died.

From a staged, fanned, and deliberately provoking lying Imam who added dog humping pictures and blamed the Danes. And people were killed.

But the WEST is supposed to take responsibility. Why is that? Could it be, in your mind JoeBlow, that adults are always supposed to be responsible and children are not?

So we get this traditional pagan event... no more believing in witches and a threat to the harvest than we believe in the Easter Bunny... and some stupid people are bound to misunderstand the culture they discount yet again... asking Danes to go pagan on your ass... not a smart move.

The Islamic radicals think that the West is weak, you know. Because they don't bother to try to understand the culture they despise. It might be good if some of the folks calling for cultural understanding started preaching their thing to the other side of this conflict.

This effigy burning was lam... (Below threshold)

This effigy burning was lame. Just a couple of punk kids. We need a parade with hundreds of people with faces covered in Danish flag-colored Kaffiyas chanting and stomping on the buring effigy.

I wonder if they used vario... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

I wonder if they used various flags of various islamic nations to start their fires and frankly when a bunch of forgein hoods burn old glory in their riots we should burn their own nations flag






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