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Troll Smashing

As some have noticed, a rather persistent one-note troll has been impersonating a regular commenter and insulting me. He is switching his IP on a regular basis, resulting in my playing several rounds of whack-a-mole on him until I started banning whole IP blocks wholesale.

I think I'm going to have to get Kevin involved in this one before I end up shutting down all comments inadvertently...

And if everyone would kindly just ignore the idiot while we squelch him for good, that would be greatly appreciated.


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Comments (19)

I hope you do find a way to... (Below threshold)

I hope you do find a way to rid yourself of who ever it is. At a site I used to visit regularly, a troll decided it would be fun to impersonate me over and over trying to pass him/herself off as me. It was creepy; akin to someone rifling through your personal things.

I'd bet it the recently arr... (Below threshold)

I'd bet it the recently arrived moron "pigs r u" who was banned once than came back a few hours later under the same childish name using a changed ip addy.

THe Coward did the same ... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

THe Coward did the same thing to me. What a waste of talent.

Thanks, Jay, though all tho... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Jay, though all those threads now have me conversing with a ghost. I've run into this mimicking before. It is a witless trick, the last gasp of an expiring argument. Usually I can tell who it is, but not this time. The only one I've been trashing lately is Lee Ward, and he's above this.

Jumping over the moon, somewhere.

Think of the karma, too, Ja... (Below threshold)

Think of the karma, too, Jay, enabled by all the fun that troll had last night. Clearly transported, rapturous, ecstatic; now stilled. I'll bet he's still poring(pawing) over screen shots.

I know what you mean, Oyste... (Below threshold)

I know what you mean, Oyster.

That was me by the way, :P ... (Below threshold)

That was me by the way, :P just to save Jay the time in hunting down another IP.

I say all Trolls should be ... (Below threshold)

I say all Trolls should be forced to watch 72 hours of Three's Company reruns.

73 hours...... (Below threshold)

73 hours...

Okay, who's the troll that'... (Below threshold)

Okay, who's the troll that's borrowing my name?

All your troll hammers are ... (Below threshold)

All your troll hammers are belonging to us!

To the REAL Kim, A... (Below threshold)

To the REAL Kim,

Apologies to any wise comments made in response to the asswipe impersonator.

It's interesting how maybe a 10 year old weasel can be such pains in arse.

Might I humbly suggest to K... (Below threshold)

Might I humbly suggest to Kevin and the geeks behind the scenes that a registration system for comments might not be such a bad idea?

registration might be ok.</... (Below threshold)

registration might be ok.

I did see some of the rather inappropriate and downright idiotic comments left by this person over the weekend and was hoping you guys had said tool under control.

Oh, and i bet the libs over on dailykos or puffpo don't get these kinds of immature and ridiculous comments from conservatives on the regular basis the right-leaning sites get from the libs...

No problema, Kb; whoever it... (Below threshold)

No problema, Kb; whoever it was had himself a nice little fit.

Oh, and i bet the libs o... (Below threshold)

Oh, and i bet the libs over on dailykos or puffpo don't get these kinds of immature and ridiculous comments from conservatives on the regular basis the right-leaning sites get from the libs...

Nope. We're more mature, we don't troll.

I was being sarcastic C-C-G... (Below threshold)

I was being sarcastic C-C-G. Pychotic crazies who kill people ( in the name of god, country etc etc) are what we on the Right do best. Lefty blogs are full of idiot rightwing trolls. Really, we're just showing our niavity by even making this an issue. Most blogs got over trolls long ago. Apparently it's a live issue here, because it's still the mid 90's culturally? Heh.

Dave: It's been my experie... (Below threshold)

Dave: It's been my experience to see "idiot right wing troll" comments stay on lefty blogs to demonstrate how idiotic they can be while many well reasoned right wing comments are summarily deleted giving a lop-sided picture of right wing thought in lefty blogs.

I have left comments several times in lefty blogs and been respectful and well reasoned (if you want to be taken seriously, respectful commenting is necessary) and more often than not they've either been outright deleted or never met the blog owner's approval to be posted at all.

The difference is many commenters on righty blogs will ask that trolls not be fed by other commenters to help promote better dialog and blogs like Kos and DU promote troll comments by deleting the well reasoned ones. It is the sole reason I don't even bother anymore. I let them have their little playground.

In one instance I followed a thread at Kos once where one commenter got into a debate with another commenter. Nothing rude was said by either party and the debate was a good one. But the "diarist" finally interjected, admonishing the more conservative commenter, telling him he was what they called a "concern troll" and that he was about to be banned if he continued. I was shocked, but it gave me a better idea of what their MO was. If it's a threat to the general consensus, it must not be seen lest they lose a convert or believer.

If you want to get technical, there are "righty" trolls here too. They're tolerated to the same degree "lefty" ones are.

But sock-puppeting is unacceptable anywhere. It's deceitful and dishonest and deliberately harmful.

Sock-puppeting is particula... (Below threshold)

Sock-puppeting is particularly disdained in the blogosphere because of its ease of use and disruptive potential. But anonymity is classic in literature and humour. I sock-puppet with glee, but only in fun, not to support an argument. In fact, this sock-puppet, by being so obvious, almost falls into the 'fun' category, except that it looked more like desperate, evilly motivated, mischief.

I've been victimized too often to be much upset by it. This one was more amusing than most.






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