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Goldilocks and the Dumb Crooks

"Moderation in all things" are the words of wisdom. That holds true in all sorts of things, even crime. Here we have two dumb-criminal stories -- one about being too discriminating, the other about not being discriminating enough.

Here in New Hampshire, we have a bank robber who's just too darned finicky. Neal Wright allegedly went into a New Hampshire bank and demanded $2,000 in precise denominations. Then, once the teller gave him the loot, he counted it and argued that she had shortchanged him.

And in Boston, a bunch of garbage collectors found a way to supplement their city wages -- by arranging to take a bunch of construction debris they weren't supposed to. It was a good deal for both sides -- the construction company got to get rid of their trash cheap, and the garbagemen collected a little pocket change. And then the cops had to go and ruin it all...


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JT, usually your dumb crimi... (Below threshold)
John in CA:

JT, usually your dumb criminals posts get more attention. Seems this day this one was overwhelmed by the outpouring on the illegal immigrant amnesty.

Keep them coming when you find them. Everyone loves to read about dumb criminals.






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