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Supreme Court Rejects Racial Preferences in Public Education

The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected racial preferences in public high school education.

The Court struck down a Seattle plan whereby classroom space was allocated by race. The Court also struck down a Kentucky school district's race-based admission policies.

You know, honestly, there are ACLU/NEA types who momentarily awoke this morning from their comas, heard about those rulings, then their heads actually exploded! Sort of like that guy in the opening sequence of the movie "Outland."

Sources: Associated Press wire reports.


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Who would dare divide stude... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Who would dare divide students and allocate classrooms by race? It sounds like a bunch of racists and neo-Nazi types.

Yes, I'm being facetious.

This was possible due to th... (Below threshold)

This was possible due to the replacement of SD O'Connor by Justice Alito (she was the vote that voted the other way in the Univ. of Michigan case).

By the way, Drudge is reporting that Gore won the New Hampshire primary. I think that it would be a waste to have a man of Gore's talents used as just the president. He is needed to do much bigger things, like inventing the internet.

That is, I was being faceti... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

That is, I was being facetious about not knowing the identities of the racist meddlers - not about the accusation of racism.

Correction: what I meant w... (Below threshold)

Correction: what I meant was the "primary poll".

This has been a remarkably ... (Below threshold)
John in CA:

This has been a remarkably good SC term. For all the things we can be upset about with President Bush, the Supreme Court is not one of them.

Please, please, please, just one more SC appointment before his term expires. JUST ONE MORE!

Now, we've got to get moving on getting some circuit court appointments confirmed.

but libbies will argue that... (Below threshold)

but libbies will argue that racism is unacceptable, unless it helps their constituents get things they arent able to earn on their own merits.

Next we need to mandate Eng... (Below threshold)

Next we need to mandate English as our official language.

Either that, or, start to have every govt and business voice mail system REQUIRED to have every language and dialect spoken in the US be accounted for. I can see/hear it now, press 88 for Ukranian, 89 for latvian, etc.

"their heads actually explo... (Below threshold)

"their heads actually exploded!'

Is that the goal?

What do you expect from this SCROTUS?

Marc Antony Scalia will eventually escape town
dressed as a slave, like his Roman ancestor, after
his fav dictator is defrocked.

Breyer is passionate, but in the minority in that he is human.

Would it kill you guys to o... (Below threshold)

Would it kill you guys to offer a link to the article?

Best quote FTA:

"The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race," [Chief Justice] Roberts said.
"Please, please, please,... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"Please, please, please, just one more SC appointment before his term expires. JUST ONE MORE!"

We won't get anyone as good as Roberts or Alito any more. The Senate has gone to the dark side now. The opportunity is lost.

The lefties are not liking ... (Below threshold)

The lefties are not liking this. They enjoy counting and touting skin color. ww

Isnt Bryer the nutcase that... (Below threshold)

Isnt Bryer the nutcase that always wants to use international law to influence how we govern?

I love to read newsbusters,... (Below threshold)

I love to read newsbusters, especially after these SC rulings. They show how the MSM is just livid over the rulings. And it's so sweet.

Seeing liberals have no control over a situation is a beautiful sight. Thank you SCOTUS and thank you George W. Bush for giving us this SC.

Can we divide up classrooms... (Below threshold)

Can we divide up classrooms based on the content of the students' characters?

Parker,"character"... (Below threshold)


"character" is not something that the public schools want to measure.

they do want to continue like they are, measuring melanin.

The other sensible way to divide is to do it by measuring amounts of testosterone. That way, we would have had the males on one side, and the girls and Lee and mantis and libs would have been on the other side. One group learning physics and history and the other group being schooled on diversity and pre-menstrual syndrome.

Wild Willie: Here's my tak... (Below threshold)
Paul Hamilton:

Wild Willie: Here's my take on the ruling as posted over on Blue. I think you'll be surprised...


We won't get anyon... (Below threshold)
John in CA:
We won't get anyone as good as Roberts or Alito any more. The Senate has gone to the dark side now. The opportunity is lost.

Posted by: P. Bunyan at June 28, 2007 11:58 AM

P. Bunyan, I was in your mode of thinking until a couple of weeks ago. Read a couple of pieces (@Bench Memo, or SCOTUS Blog, or Confirm Them, can't remember) that made a pretty good case of us being able to get a solid constructionist confirmed to the SC.

We first need the cooperation of one of the justices' to retire. Whether that will happen, I don't know. It's coming to the SC silly season where all that speculation runs rampant.

Personally don't see one of the lefties on the court retiring and letting GWB appoint another originalist when they might be speculating on a demo WH in 2009.

The exception I see to that is one of them quits out of frustration. And there are a couple of them who are frustrated. RBG is one, I'm certain. She failed to keep partial birth abortion legal. She hasn't been able to get the age of consent down to 13 years old. You know, a whole list of ACLU priorities still left out there, with little chance of getting them down with the Court's current makeup.

Paul Hamilton, I will take ... (Below threshold)

Paul Hamilton, I will take your word for it, I will not travel over to the dark side today. ww

Okay, sorry to hear that. ... (Below threshold)
Paul Hamilton:

Okay, sorry to hear that. The gist of what I was saying was that community schools can be the anchor for community pride and that is more important than mere numbers as determined by someone's skin.

Paul, that theory works unt... (Below threshold)

Paul, that theory works until the people that are always concerned about what others have got to court, demand the same, etc. We do have a lot of charter schools in Houston with great success. ww

Community is much more impo... (Below threshold)

Community is much more important and schools often function as the center of the community. Tearing that up and then wondering why people don't get all chummy is just being silly.

I mean, segregation on purpose is just wrong. Saying that public schools have to take all students is the right thing to do. Saying that public schools can't use other means to make sure they are segregated is the right thing to do.

But sometimes the answer is a greater sense of community rather than less. A smaller school rather than a bigger one. A local school rather than busing.

A lot of charter schools are going for that. A very few are aiming at a particular minority group, but generally they are just going for "small" where all the teachers know all the students for the duration. All the students know each other. Cliques are a normal function of human dynamics... we function best with friend groups a certain size... but a smaller school also means less opportunity for students to avoid interacting with other groups or even *knowing* the students in other groups.






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