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A Few Interesting Links

I am still having trouble finding the time to blog and to make matters worse, I am sharing my computer with my husband until his has a pesky virus removed. I took a quick look around the blogosphere and found a few things that interested me.

  • Bob Owens is asking whether or not the latest AP report of a massacre in Iraq is going to eventually be substantiated or if it will be retracted as the "Burning Six" story was less than a year ago. Only time will tell.
  • At Wizbang Pop there is the story of family documents being donated by a cousin to the Anne Frank House which is a museum incorporating the tiny apartment where the family hid during WWII. When I was a little girl I loved to read biographies. In fact, I still remember the shelves where they were kept in my elementary school library, which was just behind the desk where you checked out the books. I think I read just about every biography they had. I only specifically remember a couple of them though. One was a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt (I was shocked by the fact that she married her cousin!) and the other was Anne Frank's diary. I read it several times as a child, but have not read it since. Being 41 years old, that was a really long time ago. I probably should read it again, but honestly as emotional as it was to read it as a child, I think it would be many times more so now that I have children of my own. I cannot imagine being in such a situation and not being able to protect my children. My girls love to read biographies, but neither has read it yet. I will have to do something about that.
  • I have not been following the case of wrestler Chris Benoit's murder of his wife and child and suicide, but this development is pretty bizarre if it is learned there was no tampering with the time stamp at Wikipedia. Via Fox News.
    An anonymous user operating a computer traced to Stamford, Conn. -- home to World Wrestling Entertainment -- posted an entry to pro wrestler Chris Benoit's biography on Wikipedia.org announcing the death of his wife Nancy at least 13 hours before police in suburban Atlanta said they found her body along with her husband's and that of their 7-year-old son, FOXNews.com has learned.

    Reporters informed the Fayette County district attorney's office of the posting Thursday, and the agency forwarded the information to sheriff's investigators, who are looking into it, a legal assistant said in an e-mail to the AP.

    WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt said that to his knowledge, no one at the WWE knew Nancy Benoit was dead before her body was found Monday afternoon. Text messages released by officials show that messages from Chris Benoit's cell phone were being sent to co-workers a few hours after the Wikipedia posting.

    The wikipedia entry for Chris Benoit says of the early posting: "After news of the early death notice reached mainstream media, the anonymous poster accessed Wikinews to explain his seemingly prescient comments as a "huge coincidence and nothing more." That is pretty darn freaky.

And yes, I do know that there was a Democrat debate and there is immigration news to report since the bill was (thankfully) defeated, and there is lots of really important stuff going on in the world -- especially in Iran. Everybody's already talking about that stuff though.

Update: One more thing, since it is currently 2 a.m. and the show just came on, it reminded me that I have been meaning to mention how hilarious Red Eye on Fox News has become. When I first watched the show, I didn't think it was particularly funny. It was a little awkward and uncomfortable to tell the truth, but now I find it hilarious. It is certainly not everyone's cup of tea, but if you are Greg Gutfeld fan, the show finally captures the edge and wit of his writing. If you can't stay up late enough to watch it, DVR it or check out some of the segments online. Warning: there is a lot of off color and quirky (okay, just plain weird) humor, but it makes me laugh my head off. The segments with his mom are some of my favorites.

And one final note while I am on the topic of television, I watched the finale of Starter Wife on USA tonight. I loved that show and I am not ashamed to admit it. The premiere of Burn Notice followed and it was really good, too. Monk, Psych and The Dead Zone are also some of my favorites, and they are all on USA, too. They must be on a roll.


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"I probably should read ... (Below threshold)

"I probably should read it again, but honestly as emotional as [Anne Frank's diary] was to read it as a child, I think it would be many times more so now that I have children of my own. I cannot imagine being in such a situation and not being able to protect my children. My girls love to read biographies, but neither has read it yet. I will have to do something about that."

Then I'm sure you're just all broken up at the prospect of INS officials kicking in the front door of a barrio apartment in East LA and carrying away a young girl's father, aren't you Lorie?

link -

They are the hidden side of the government's stepped-up efforts to track down and deport illegal immigrants: Toddlers stranded at day care centers or handed over to ill-equipped relatives. Siblings suddenly left in charge of younger brothers and sisters.

When illegal-immigrant parents are swept up in raids on homes and workplaces, the children are sometimes left behind -- a complication that underscores the difficulty in enforcing immigration laws against people who have put down roots and begun raising families in the U.S.

Three million American-born children have at least one parent who is an illegal immigrant; one in 10 American families has mixed immigration status, meaning at least one member is an immigrant here illegally, according to the Pew Center for Hispanic Research and the office of U.S. Rep. Jose Serrano. Children born in the U.S. are automatically American citizens and are not subject to deportation.

This past week in Massachusetts, most of the 361 workers picked up in a raid at a New Bedford leather-goods factory that made vests and backpacks for the U.S. military were women with children, setting off what Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick called a "humanitarian crisis."

Community activists scrambled to locate the children, offer infant-care tips to fathers unfamiliar with warming formula and changing diapers, and gather donations of baby supplies. One baby who was breast-feeding had to be hospitalized for dehydration because her mother remained in detention, authorities said.

Child-care arrangements had to be made for at least 35 youngsters.

Officials of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement division released at least 60 of the workers who were sole caregivers to children, but more than 200 were sent to detention centers in Texas and New Mexico.

"What is going to happen to the children? These children are American-born," said Helena Marques, executive director of the Immigrant Assistance Center in New Bedford. "There are hundreds of children out there without their moms, in tremendous need. These babies have become the victims of a problem that legislators can't seem to fix."

One mother was located in Texas after her 7-year-old child called a state hot line set up to help reunite the families, authorities said. The Massachusetts governor said the woman would be returned to Massachusetts.

Hmm, so we should excuse cr... (Below threshold)

Hmm, so we should excuse criminals if they have kids, Lee?

Lee, that's some jump from ... (Below threshold)

Lee, that's some jump from Anne Frank's diary to an immigration raid story from East LA.

Off topic much? Or did I miss something in history 101 that taught Anne Frank was an illegal immigrant? Or was born in East LA?

BTW, when will you correct/edit your post at Blue?

I sure would hate to see you unmasked as a blatant thief.

Really! Honest!

Well, not so much.

Stupid me!!!After ... (Below threshold)

Stupid me!!!

After watching/reading Lees antics for so long I should have known something was as fishy as Rosie's under garments.

Your link is three months old Lee, so you're not only making a sad attempt to divert the thread in the direction you desire but you do so with a long dead story.

Wait, the Frank family was ... (Below threshold)

Wait, the Frank family was in Amsterdam illegally, and the Nazis were the rightful law in the Netherlands lee? Damn, please disseminate this new information you have for us! Idiot.

I can't believe lee has the... (Below threshold)

I can't believe lee has the gall to accuse Paul and Jay of being trolls, his is the epitome of a troll post. Actually, its lee, yes I can believe it, his hypocrisy knows no bounds.

ne was a biography... (Below threshold)
ne was a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt (I was shocked by the fact that she married her cousin!)

Ha! I've long suspected that all those East Coast blueblood types are inbred enough to make a Kentucky hillbilly blush.

Hey Lorie! I was up last ni... (Below threshold)

Hey Lorie! I was up last night watching Red Eye with Greg Gutfield. It was a hoot! Then of course, as soon as the show was over the breaking news came on of the attempted bombing in London.

Ugh, I find that red eye sh... (Below threshold)

Ugh, I find that red eye show to be just awful. Unwatchable.

Mike: "Hmm, so we should... (Below threshold)

Mike: "Hmm, so we should excuse criminals if they have kids, Lee?"

No, but we should mitigate the damage done to children as we prosecute the bad guys, Mike.

SLotCar Marc, amateur troll sleuth: "but you do so with a long dead story."

And the circumstances and tactics have changed? No, the racists in America have succeeded in insuring there will be much more door-kicking going forward, now that Bush's immigration reform is dead.

Sorry, I meant to use <a hr... (Below threshold)

Sorry, I meant to use this link to Steve's post instead.

Label law enforcement propo... (Below threshold)

Label law enforcement proponents racists...check

Call it Bush's immigration ... (Below threshold)

Call it Bush's immigration reform, ignoring Reid et. al's roll...check.

compare immigration and cus... (Below threshold)

compare immigration and customs enforcement to nazis...check

Link once again to another ... (Below threshold)

Link once again to another pathetic wizblue post in hopes to get SOME attention, anyone? Pleasae e-mail me, someone? CHECK

You're on a troll lee, keep... (Below threshold)

You're on a troll lee, keep on it!

It is truly pathetic how the only way you can hope to get anyone but larkin and hamilton to read blue is by trolling Wizbang and putting your links in comments, as if that is some kind of evidence for whatever ridiculous point you are trying to make, backing it up with more of your own ridiculous points!

"Call it Bush's immigrat... (Below threshold)

"Call it Bush's immigration reform, ignoring Reid et. al's roll...check"

That's role - not roll, bacon-breath. and it is Bush's reform. He initiated this effort ten months ago in his August 5, 2006 weekly radio addresses. It's a Bush initiative.

US Senate kills Bush immigration reform bill

For Bush, once again, the focus turns to what's left in his final ...

Senate kills Bush's immigration hopes.

But don't let reality break that soft, warm cocoon of self-deluding bullshit you nutcakes wrap yourselves in each morning, SnoutMan, oink on!

Did I say he didn't initiat... (Below threshold)

Did I say he didn't initiate it lee? No, I didn't, I simply said what we all knew disingenuous liberals like yourself would do, blame the whole thing on Bush and act like the democrats who fought tooth and nail for this had nothing to do with it. Big surprise. Yoo have a problem with bacon lee? Should have known you were a vegitarian. Nice insults by the way, I'll see you on the playground at recess and we'll have a thumb war over it.

Pardon me, vegetarian and y... (Below threshold)

Pardon me, vegetarian and you. Just to take away lee's apparent only comeback.

Lee:SLotCar Ma... (Below threshold)


SLotCar Marc, amateur troll sleuth

Maybe you should take your own advise Lee. ("Moderating the Voices of Hate>")

It's been over 8 hours since you were notified your post was in violation of Fair Use policy and by cut & pasting an entire Time mag article you have stolen content the post still hasn't been corrected.

Still a thief after all these hours.

Lee is right.The gov... (Below threshold)

Lee is right.
The govt should be mindful of the impact on children when enforcing the law.

Wow. I thought all the comm... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Wow. I thought all the comments would be on Bob's attempts to verify the AP massacre story, but no, Lee decided that saying Anne Frank's diary was an emotional read was more controversial. Good comparison there, by the way. It is just so the same thing to talk about a little girl seeing a door kicked in and her dad hauled off by INS and to talk about a family hiding behind the walls of an apartment during WWWII to keep from being hauled off to concentration camps where they would be robbed, stripped, starved, tortured and gassed to death.

I could answer by saying those on the left have compassion enough for the children of those here illegally (I have compassion for those children, too, by the way), but no compassion for the people of Iraq who were being tortured in rape rooms and having body parts chopped off and being thrown off buildings for daring to disagree with Saddam Hussein, no compassion for babies who were closer to birth than my daughter who was born five weeks premature that are killed by having their brains vacuumed out of their skulls, so little compassion for the people who have lost family members to crimes committed by illegal immigrants like the woman who lives near me who lost her son and husband to a drunk driver who hit them and fled the scene leaving them to burn to death in his truck rather than be arrested for being drunk and here illegally. Gee, I could go on like this all day. Maybe I should turn this into a blog post. Any other suggestions to add to my list?

It's been over 8 hours s... (Below threshold)

It's been over 8 hours since you were notified your post was in violation of Fair Use policy and by cut & pasting an entire Time mag article you have stolen content the post still hasn't been corrected.

Why would Lee care about placing the owner of this site in potential legal or financial risk?

It's not like Lee's paying the bills or anything.

MikeSC:It's no... (Below threshold)


It's not like Lee's paying the bills or anything.

Or have an honest bone in his body.

"Any other suggestions t... (Below threshold)

"Any other suggestions to add to my list?"

I'd like to hear your views on this bit of bad news. I know you've been busy, but if you've got time that would be great.






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