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Hamas' Mickey Mouse Look Alike Killed by Israeli "Terrorist"

Hamas had its Mickey Mouse character that preached Hamas hatred and violence toward the Israelis killed off by an Israeli "terrorist."


Sick child manipulation.


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Just like our old WW2 loone... (Below threshold)

Just like our old WW2 looney toons and disney cartoons! When there's a war on, propaganda is valid. Too bad they killed him, I enjoyed their simplistic hatred...it was comedy gold for me.

Death to the Infidel Mouse!... (Below threshold)

Death to the Infidel Mouse!

Jeez. These people would be funny if they weren't so pathetic.

Just like our old WW2 loone... (Below threshold)

Just like our old WW2 looney toons and disney cartoons? Not quite. We never taught our children to strap on bombs and walk into a German Cafe filled with civilian women and children.

But perhaps you meant "sort of like?"

This is how the Democrat... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

This is how the Democrat madrasas/public schools have been slowly indoctrinating our children. They weren't satisfied with the slew of liberal professors brain washing young adults. Not fast enough for the Democrats are losing voters by the masses once they become informed of the truth and the facts slowly come out and the democrat lies are exposed. Democrats must find new blood to deceive from illegal aliens to the next generation of eligible voters.

What do I call it hansel?

The perpetual fraud aka democrat party.

I guess they killed him off... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

I guess they killed him off before it became matter of copyright violations

That's some crazy a$$ sh**!... (Below threshold)

That's some crazy a$$ sh**! With a child narrating? Wow.

What's an "Israeli terroris... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

What's an "Israeli terrorist" ? Is that like a "peaceful Muslim" ?

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie...de... (Below threshold)

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie...desperate situations make for desperate measures. Suicide attack is not the sole property of Islam. Many throughout history have used it. We we under occupation, I wonder how many of us would be willing to die for our country, our freedom? Would you?

That tv was pure gold. Hope they release a DVD collection or something. Comedy gold. Propaganda for a people with simpler sensibilities than us.

Dave, Dave, Dave, There's a... (Below threshold)

Dave, Dave, Dave, There's a difference between willing to die for our country fighting against occupiers and killing children who obviously are not a military target.

If Muslims took over this country I would have no problem killing them and risking my life to do it. Would I strap on a bomb and go into a Muslim candy store where little Muslim children are eating? Absolutely not. What, just for the pleasure of Muslim-hatred? I don't think so. I would not kill anyone just because I hated them - that is a Muslim thing. There has to be some military objective. At least that's how I was brought up. And you?

Hello! Good Site! Thanks yo... (Below threshold)

Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! mnjutgwwnw

Bernie Bernie Bernie...is t... (Below threshold)

Bernie Bernie Bernie...is this before or after the 20 years of humiliation you will have suffered, the deaths of family members to situations and people you hold the "muslim occupiers" to blame...is it after you've given up all hope, lost all other resources but some home made bombs, or resort to throwing rocks at their superior military tech they keep us under their thumbs with?

Just curious.

I was never thinking Islamic types would "occupy" us...no, just China. That you would assume islamists speaks more about your fears and actual power a few religious fundamentalist nutjobs have over you. Sad really. No intelligent person thinks there's even the slightest risk we're really fighting that sort of war here.






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