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Bless the Beasts and the Children

There are no words to describe this kind of evil. From Michael Yon:

On 29 June, American and Iraqi soldiers were again fighting side-by-side as soldiers from Charley Company 1-12 CAV--led by Captain Clayton Combs--and Iraqi soldiers from the 5th IA, closed in on a village on the outskirts of Baqubah. The village had the apparent misfortune of being located near a main road--about 3.5 miles from FOB Warhorse--that al Qaeda liked to bomb. Al Qaeda had taken over the village. As Iraqi and American soldiers moved in, they came under light contact; but the bombs planted in the roads (and maybe in the houses) were the real threat.

The firefight progressed. American missiles were fired. The enemy might have been trying to bait Iraqi and American soldiers into ambush, but it did not work. The village was riddled with bombs, some of them large enough to destroy a tank. One by one, experts destroyed the bombs, leaving small and large craters in the unpaved roads.

The village was abandoned. All the people were gone. But where?


I told the Iraqi commander, Captain Baker, that it was important that Americans see this; he took me around the graves and showed more than I wanted to see. He said the people had been murdered by al Qaeda. I made video of him speaking, and of the horrible scene. The heat and stench were crushingly oppressive and broken only by the sounds of shovels as Iraqi soldiers kept digging.

Soldiers from 5th IA said al Qaeda had cut the heads off the children. Had al Qaeda murdered the children in front of their parents? Maybe it had been the other way around: maybe they had murdered the parents in front of the children. Maybe they had forced the father to dig the graves of his children.

Lorie adds: Matt Hurley at Weapons of Mass Discussion said the following regarding the massacre (link via Tom Blumer at Newsbusters):

This truly is terrorism. No bumper sticker committed this atrocity. It is as real as it gets. The pictures are absolutely haunting...If American media fails to cover this with the same amount of gusto that they have pursued Haditha and Abu Ghraib, they will be demonstrating their preference for whom they wish to win this conflict. The press has to tell the story that evil really does exist in this world. Imagine if the story of the Holocaust was never told because the media was only interested in reporting Allied atrocities. Yes, by failing to treat this war objectively, the media does indeed enable massacres such as this one and history will judge the coverage of this war very harshly.
Read it all.


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Comments (24)

But they're freedom fighter... (Below threshold)

But they're freedom fighters...

And they belong to the Reli... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

And they belong to the Religion of Peace.

From Sun Tzu on down, many ... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

From Sun Tzu on down, many generals will tell you that war sometimes comes down to will. The people who live there often have the most to lose and the greater will.

AQ is trying to demonstrate will through brutality but this will backfire - even the Sunni are sick of this crap and are taking up arms against AQ.

I don't know about Iran and Hezbollah, but AQ is finished in Iraq.

... but... but... but... on... (Below threshold)

... but... but... but... only American soldiers do that kind of thing!

*slaps self silly*

Sorry, was channelling Lee there for a moment. It is disgusting the tactics our enemies sometimes... often... utilize just to attempt to gain even the slightest of upper hands. That they are sinking this low, and failing miserably, is, unfortunately, a good sign - their desperation is showing the dim future of their cause.

The islamofascist murderer'... (Below threshold)

The islamofascist murderer's know no bounds in their efforts to control people and will stoop to barbarities unspeakable in civilized countries as evidenced by their actions in this village.


How is Edwards going to put... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

How is Edwards going to put that on a bumper f-ing sticker?

Sadly, the MSM will ignore ... (Below threshold)

Sadly, the MSM will ignore this story. Wonder what side they are on.

And the left is OUTRAGED---... (Below threshold)
John Thompson:

And the left is OUTRAGED---that Scooter Libby's sentence has been commuted....

The MSM LOVES these kinds o... (Below threshold)

The MSM LOVES these kinds of "freedom fighters." It is the US soldiers they despise.

And of course this is just ... (Below threshold)

And of course this is just more proof that al-Qaeda is no different than Pat Robertson, James Dobson, etc.

Actually what is sickening ... (Below threshold)

Actually what is sickening is that the loony Left wants us OUT--OF--IRAQ--NOW!!!!!! at any price, seemingly without consideration of the fact that this kind of slaughter would probably increase tenfold without the presence of our soldiers and Marines.

This is a prime example of why our troops want to stay in Iraq until their job is done.

Wow, No one on the ... (Below threshold)
At Last:

No one on the left loves or even can stand al qeada thats something the blowhard limbaugh would say.

The left isn't loony for wanting us out. Think about it, the kind of thing with these killed children is what makes all Iraqis hate al qeada. Why do you think al Q is there? With us removed the sunnis, kurds, and shia would be able to concentrate on the evil bastards!

At Last, the Iraqis themsel... (Below threshold)

At Last, the Iraqis themselves have admitted that right now, they can't handle Al Qaeda on their own. They want and need our help.

Once they can take care of AQ on their own, I have no problem with leaving. But they can't right now. Abandoning them now would be immoral.

"Why do you think al Q is t... (Below threshold)

"Why do you think al Q is there? With us removed the sunnis, kurds, and shia would be able to concentrate on the evil bastards!"

Good point, but consider for a moment just HOW they would do this. And consider that from an Iraqi point of view "evil bastards" frequently includes anyone even remotely supportive of a terror group, even if only by tacit accpetance. Ie, if you are Sunni, and one of Sadr's goon squads offed your cousin- even if your cousin deserved it- ALL Shi'ia are evil bastards.

The fairly low death rate war- for us AND for Iraqis- is paid for by the expertise, integrity, blood, and treasure of the United States and United Kingdom. It is the only thing capable of calming things down. We can afford generosity. The locals can't.


We can only wish there were... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

We can only wish there were more reporters like Michael Yon and fewer armchair generals sitting on editorial boards.

This is just so horrible an... (Below threshold)

This is just so horrible anything I say is just not enough to convey my sorrow for what these people have been through.

And there are those who would have us just leave and consign people all across Iraq to the same fate. The very fate they were consigned to with Sadam's regime and no hope of escape. The only difference between not just AQ, but all the terror off-shoot groups, and Saddam is that one was quite successful in keeping the secret of all the carnage until the lid came off. The biggest difference is that hope now isn't just a pipe-dream.

God bless the real freedom fighters in Iraq - The ones who voted knowing they could die in the act, the ones who point out their terror-masters to the authorities, the ones who go on about their lives in spite of attempts to stop them, the ones who struggle to rebuild their homes and towns and look to a very real hope of finally ridding themselves of those who would rather see them dead than exercize their freedom of choice.

This is the face of the ene... (Below threshold)

This is the face of the enemy that conspires to enter this country, utilizing our own preciously-defended freedoms as weapons against us.

And not a word from the usual suspects.


Still not a word. They're ... (Below threshold)

Still not a word. They're so hyped up on Libby, they just can't find the time.

At Last:With u... (Below threshold)

At Last:

With us removed the sunnis, kurds, and shia would be able to concentrate on the evil bastards!

Ah-huh... it's BS thinking like that that infests the left.

What your really saying is the Iraqis hate us worse than al-Q. BS!

So tell me brain child... do you really believe that trope or did you just mimic a Cindy Shehag/Rosie talking point?

Marc, I hear crickets. Do y... (Below threshold)

Marc, I hear crickets. Do you?

marc,I had some th... (Below threshold)
At Last:


I had some things to do. I don't know if I follow your line of reasoning. I think they probably hate al Q the most, and where did I get my ideas? I follow the war news everyday and have read the best first hand accounts I can lay my hands on. I can't recommend, The Prince of the Marshes, enough. One interesting fact, one can google to verify, is that the Italians, who take a different approach to occupation, had more success than all other coalition forces bringing security to the region they were responsible for. How? A hands off and good will style.

HA HA HA HAThe Itali... (Below threshold)

The Italians!!!! Where are they now and why are they gone?

[chirp, chirp, chirp]

epador,Its true. ... (Below threshold)
At Last:


Its true. The author of the book worked for the cpa in two southern regions of Iraq. The area with the Italians, who for good reasons or not, let the locals take control. What happened? They were forced to cooperate and create their own security. On the other hand the brits, who tried there damnedest and were heavily involved, had total chaos.

At Last, not to get all pic... (Below threshold)

At Last, not to get all picky about stuff but the way regions were distributed between national forces in Afghanistan and in Iraq is that Americans are in the areas with the most violence and potential for violence. Then the Brits and Aussies, etc., and then eventually down to the units from places like Italy.

Now, this doesn't mean that the Italians had an easy job.

But it also doesn't mean that the Brits screwed up their region. Or that the Americans should have just taken a hands off approach.

The Southern regions of Iraq might not be the Kurd North, but neither of those places are the Sunni triangle. And when regions were assigned, the Brits would have got areas where more trouble was expected and the Italians areas where less trouble was expected.






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