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Breaking: BBC Reporter Alan Johnston Freed

Drudge just posted the BBC report that says Alan Johnston was released:

Alan Johnston, the BBC journalist held hostage in the Gaza Strip since March, was handed over by his Islamist captors to ruling Hamas officials on Wednesday, Palestinian sources close to negotiations for his release said.

The sources told Reuters they saw the 45-year-old Briton being taken into the care of officials from the Hamas movement, which seized full control of Gaza three weeks ago.

"He is sitting with his colleagues from the BBC office in Gaza," one of the witnesses said. "He is talking to them and he looks fine and well".

Johnston, the only Western correspondent working full-time in the troubled coastal enclave, went missing on March 12.

His captors later declared themselves to be the Army of Islam, an al Qaeda-inspired group with links to one of Gaza's powerful clans.

They issued Web videos showing Johnston and seeking the release of Islamists held prisoner by Britain and other states.


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Comments (4)

Out of curiosity, and compl... (Below threshold)

Out of curiosity, and completely unrelated, has anyone else noticed the spam-one-star-voting that seems to be striking Wizbang posts?

I seem to recall a comment about one of the Bluer's always voting one start on Wizbang posts... methinks he found little friends.

"Alan Johnston, the BBC jou... (Below threshold)

"Alan Johnston, the BBC journalist held hostage in the Gaza Strip since March, was handed over by his Islamist captors to ruling Hamas officials on Wednesday..."

Whew, glad he's not in the hands of *terrorists* any more...

I'm sure his family is elat... (Below threshold)

I'm sure his family is elated, I'm very happy for them (not to mention his own relief at being freed). I can't imagine the feeling not knowing the fate of someone close to me.

Great news. Now the stupid... (Below threshold)
John S:

Great news. Now the stupid ass can go back to writing his one-sided anti-Semitic stories lionizing the peace-loving Hamas terrorists.






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