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US Soldier Does Will Farrell's Harry Caray: If A Weapon Were Made of Barbeque Spare Ribs, Would You Eat It?

This is hysterical. Even the Iraqi guy laughs along with the soldier, though probably out of sheer nervousness. Big hat tips to Nice Deb and Allahpundit.

If you've got no idea what this is about, watch this video:


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Comments (6)

All I can say is... Pricele... (Below threshold)

All I can say is... Priceless!

Well, he does a better Harr... (Below threshold)

Well, he does a better Harry Caray than Will Ferell, but that ain't saying much.

Oh how monotonous it must b... (Below threshold)

Oh how monotonous it must be on the ground over there. Atleast they are putting some humor into it to get through each day....

I feel that this is a form ... (Below threshold)

I feel that this is a form of TORTURE!
Bush should be ashamed. This checkpoint should be closed and this soldier should get a UnCommutable sentance........

I am waiting for one of our... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

I am waiting for one of our regular leftoid commentators to go on a riff about how culturally insensitive this soldier was. After all, spare ribs are pork . . .

I thought it was pretty fun... (Below threshold)

I thought it was pretty funny myself. But then, I *am* an insensitive wing-nut.






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