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Great News in the Global Warming Debate

Great news out of Britain in the form of a public opinion poll.. One that has the GW hucksters scared the gig might be up.

Scientists weigh new climate challenge

Scientists admit they need to find more effective ways of explaining climate change after a poll revealed the public believe the situation is not as serious as they and politicians often claim.

A spokesman for the UEA-based Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research said the Ipsos Mori survey backed up its own findings and called on scientists to avoid catastrophic warnings and steer clear of hype to avoid alienating the public.

The poll shows Britons remains unconvinced about warnings that the climate is being affected by global warming.

There is also scepticism about "greenspin" and a feeling that the situation is being overstated in order to raise revenue rather than save the planet.

In fact, climate change is not a priority for most people in the UK - terrorism, crime, graffiti and even dog mess are of more concern.

Ipsos Mori interviewed 2,031 adults in their homes between June 14 and 20, and found that 56pc believe scientists themselves are still questioning climate change and believe there is a live debate going on, when in fact there is virtual scientific consensus.

That last paragraph is exceedingly important. If you've ever done any work in Experimental Design, you know people lie on polls. -It's just a fact of life.- The interviewee tends to give the answer they think will make them appealing to the interviewer. Sorta like a first date.

We've all been beaten with the Global Warming stick repeatedly. (Just look at the last sentence of this story.) People don't want to seem out of the mainstream, so there is an inherent bias in these types of polls that people want to give the perceived "right" answer. Especially in a face to face interview in their home.

If a false authority* walks into someone's home and starts asking them about global warming there is a very strong bias for the interviewee to ty to give the "acceptable" answer.

So, if 56% said, in that type interview, that they thought GW was over hyped, (the "wrong" answer) we know the number is significantly higher.

If you add to that, the fact the Europeans tend to be more conformists, it is hard to deny that the global warming hucksters have failed. The icing on the cake is that people already realize this is a ploy to get people to part with money and not about saving the planet.

Just when you think the hysteria might be winning, common sense prevails. This is very good news.

* BTW there are better links on false authority but that one I found interesting especially in the context of this post.


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Comments (34)

In their haste to force an ... (Below threshold)

In their haste to force an unproven idea on the rest of us, apparently to satisfy their need to play nanny, the Enviros have done more to discredit themselves than any other factor.

People know phony when they see it (i.e., Al Gore).

It is appropriate that Algo... (Below threshold)

It is appropriate that Algore has hitched his ride to this rapidly sinking ship. ww

This is the best part:... (Below threshold)

This is the best part:

In fact, climate change is not a priority for most people in the UK - terrorism, crime, graffiti and even dog mess are of more concern.

Put that in your global warming tailpipe and smoke it Al Goeracle.

Unfortunately, the 'Goresto... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, the 'Gorestock' concerts will be broadcast, giving the GW hucksters hours and hours of free airtime to try and alter the public's view.

Combine that with his run for the Presidency, and the push by the hucksters to give him a Nobel Prize, his 'authority' will be hammered into the heads of those who have tried to resist his propaganda.

The MSM have been complicit by not pointing out the Gorebots' hypocrisy, and their 'carbon offset' swindles. The MSM have decided to back Gore no matter what he does or says because they are still bitter that they didn't get their guy into the White House in 2000.

Looks like the Germans aren... (Below threshold)

Looks like the Germans aren't down with the global warming alarm: (Story Link)

Five days before the concert, just 22,000 of the show's 45,000 available tickets have been sold, Die Welt reports. Frank Erich, spokesman for the Comtent Agency, sees little cause for alarm: "We're assuming that the ticket sales will increase dramatically in the last few days before the concert," he said. And there's a surprise guest expected on stage!
Why cant we all just go bac... (Below threshold)

Why cant we all just go back to being concerned about - and work on - important issues such as air polution, water polution,etc. Wait, I know! Basic solutions to polutions doesnt require Govt taking over entire industries, whereas global warming needs socialism to "fix". As in the survey, the Commie-Greens also aren't really concerned about global warming. This doesnt bode well for Algore's presidential run. gc

I can tell you that without... (Below threshold)

I can tell you that without doubt that global warming is crap. It's wasting our time and money to continue to look into it. The earth goes through slow (often decades long) cooling and warming cycles. We need to understand that the earth won't always be the same temperature year after year for millions of years without any sort of variance. It is not how natural things work.

Don't waste time a... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Don't waste time and money trying to stop Global Warming -- instead FIGHT POLLUTION!

Bottom line: there is no su... (Below threshold)

Bottom line: there is no such thing as "scientific consensus", EVER.

Once your theory is vetted mathematically (or through congruence with accepted scientific principles) then your theory is validated by experiment.

Scientists do not sit around a huge fireplace smoking pipes and "agree" or "disagree" with scientific theories.

The sooner we destroy this false assumption, the better off we'll be.

"and found that 56pc believ... (Below threshold)

"and found that 56pc believe scientists themselves are still questioning climate change and believe there is a live debate going on, when in fact there is virtual scientific consensus."

There's that virtual consensus we've been hearing so much about. It seems like their supposed consensus is the only thing they are hanging their hat on anymore as evidence of GW.

"Five days before the concert, just 22,000 of the show's 45,000 available tickets have been sold, Die Welt reports."

That must be because in these global concerts, Germany always gets the shaft with the Scorpions, Kraftwerk and Nena types.

We're going to be switching... (Below threshold)

We're going to be switching over to another global cooling scare over the next couple of years. It's already started:

Forget warming - beware the new ice age In the 1970s, leading scientists claimed that the world was threatened by an era of global cooling.

Based on what we've learned this decade, says George Kukla, those scientists - and he was among them -- had it right. The world is about to enter another Ice Age.

... Many today speak with derision of the 1970s global-cooling scare, seeing it as a cautionary false alarm. Others see it as an embarrassment -- Newsweek magazine, which published a 1975 article entitled "The Cooling World," even corrected the record with a 2006 follow-up to its 1975 article arguing that scientists now have it right.

Dr. Kukla sees it -- and the 1975 Newsweek article -- differently. Although the magazine article indicated that the cooling trend would be continuous, scientists knew otherwise. "None of us expected uninterrupted continuation of the trend," he states. Moreover, thanks to new evidence that Dr. Kukla only recently published, he now knows that global warming always precedes an ice age.

This will be the 5th climate change scare - the first was started by the NY Times in 1895. When will people learn?

That's great!If th... (Below threshold)

That's great!

If the majority of people in a poll says there's no problem, we have nothing to worry about!

The climate IS controlled by majority vote, isn't it?!

The climate IS con... (Below threshold)
The climate IS controlled by majority vote, isn't it?!

Posted by: Publicus at July 4, 2007 10:08 AM

In a manner of speaking, yes it is. If a majority of Americans vote a democrat into the White House, we will have global warming, whether it is real or not. At this point, they have to carry on with the charade. So, with a demo prez, THERE will be global warming by golly!

Publicus, the problem isn't... (Below threshold)

Publicus, the problem isn't the science so much as it is what the media tells us about the science and how it's politicized. Take a look at this video - and you MST3K fans will especially enjoy it - from the 50s. Remind you of a recent Oscar-winning flick? But 30 years before this film the scare was global cooling, and 20 years after it the scare was global cooling, and 40 years afterwards the scare was global warming again. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose - so if we aren't getting too excited this time, they have a hundred years of history on our side, and much better archived resources to back us up.

Listen to that music as Fra... (Below threshold)

Listen to that music as Frank C. Baxter liveblogs the glaciers melting. Thank you, Laura.

UH-OH! The emperor's clothi... (Below threshold)

UH-OH! The emperor's clothiers may have to find day jobs.

In about the late 1970's weather stations throughout the northern hemisphere began converting from the old-fashioned thermometer in a box to fancy new automatic temperature gauges. It was inconvenient to run the long cables to the 100 square meter grassy patch, so they just mounted them on the wall, or roof, or by the building entry.

Somewhere about the late 1970's the average temperature trends throughout the northern hemisphere began to rise. We know the trend is upward because we have all these new accurate instruments, right?

Kim, where the heck have yo... (Below threshold)

Kim, where the heck have you been. We had some very lively Scooter discussions and the liberals sure could have used your input. ww

when in fact ther... (Below threshold)
when in fact there is virtual scientific consensus.

Consensus is a result of a political process not a scientific process.

kim - you're welcome. :-)<... (Below threshold)

kim - you're welcome. :-)

when in fact there is virtual scientific consensus.

Is that anything like virtual reality, virtual memory, a virtual PC, virtual bubblewrap or a virtual colonoscopy?

The climate IS controlle... (Below threshold)
What Willis Was Talking About:

The climate IS controlled by majority vote, isn't it?!

Of course, you are assuming what is yet to be proved. As always, the point is that generally people are not as stupid as liberals assume they are. Dang! It's not hate speech that we need to regulate, it's logic that needs to be outlawed. Oh, wait. Logic is hate speech.

Maybe this poll might wake ... (Below threshold)

Maybe this poll might wake up the UK Conservative Party. Sadly, they seem to think that global warming is an issue that they can use to defeat the Labor Party.

It's a pity that Lady Thatcher's health isn't good anymore. Right now her party could use a good vigorous thwacking with a walking stick.

Lady Thatcher used global w... (Below threshold)

Lady Thatcher used global warming theories to counter the mine workers strike. No help there.

A few days after the poll ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

A few days after the poll on climate change was finished or 'pooh-poohed'....
Torrential rain swept across Britain yesterday bringing flooding, tornados and death on the wettest June day on record from the The Times Monsoon Mayhem

I think that pointing to *w... (Below threshold)

I think that pointing to *weather* as a proof of climate change is one of the reasons that so many people are unconvinced.

Proof of global warming? Look how hot it is!

And when it turns cold?

Oh, that's to be expected too.

Global warming is going to cause lots more hurricanes!

Oh, but this year there are fewer hurricanes. So what does that mean?

But fewer or more, either way, it doesn't matter right? Well then the "more" was never proof of global warming anymore than the "hotter" was proof of global warming.

And then we think about weather, mild years and violent years, years that never warmed up so the tomatoes never got ripe and years that the river dried up completely...

The hype convinces some that there is an emergency. It also convinces others that it's one huge pile of BS.

One of the funniest things ... (Below threshold)

One of the funniest things I've heard lately was a comment by a supposed global warming expert. He'd been queried about the warmistas' prediction of a series of violent storms that didn't come to pass last hurricane season. His response? "One of the things you get with global warming is unpredictability."

And they wonder why rational people don't take them seriously!

The goal of course is the s... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

The goal of course is the system of carbon offsets and controls that would be set up through the UN.

This would be another massive UN program that offers the ultimate in corruption and profit opportunities.

Mark Malek Brown, former bagman for Kofi, is best buddies with Gordon Brown. Maurice Strong (Mr. Kyoto) of Canada is lurking. Putin is primed.

China is building 2 new coal-fired plants each week. Things like smokestack scrubbers - they would have to do anyway - suddenly would generate huge profits in credits sold to the West through people like Malek Brown and Strong. Quite a racket - it would enrich the players and limit western economies.

And don't think for a minute that the fact that warming has not occurred since 1998 will slow them down, even for a minute. The UN is jerking with its own studies to advance the "problem". But they are past consensus building and far into program building.

The EU is in as is the UN. If Gore were President they would have it by now. Only Bush stops them, and not for long.

Steve Crickmore.. ... (Below threshold)

Steve Crickmore..

>It rained so global warming must be true.

What a moron.

SteveYou have got ... (Below threshold)


You have got to be kidding.

A few days after the poll on climate change was finished or 'pooh-poohed'....
Torrential rain swept across Britain yesterday bringing flooding, tornados and death on the wettest June day on record from the The Times

Twenty seven years ago I was a floor trader for a major grain merchant in Chicago. At the time a major drought was devastating corn crops in the Midwest and corn prices were surging on the exchange. For those of you who remember, the 1980 drought was severe, and lasted throughout the summer and harvest season. Crop yields were very low and supplies were diminished.

However, one morning in late July, when the drought was at its worst stage, it poured down rain on LaSalle Street and Wacker in Chicago. Literally flooded the place. Traders panicked and the price of corn plummeted for two days....until some wise person opined "Hey, it may be raining here but it's not raining in Des Moines or anywhere else in the Corn Belt."

Prices promptly rose and the drought continued. Steve, your short term weather example is priceless because it encapsulates the thinking (or lack of) and hysteria of the Global Warming left.

And that reminds me of an e... (Below threshold)

And that reminds me of an excellent primer that all Global Warming enthusiasts should read....for that matter, everyone should read the book.

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

Robert the Original:<... (Below threshold)

Robert the Original:

Do you mean there is abuse and incompetence in fight against global warming?

How utterly... umm... er... unsurprising!!!!

But fewer or more,... (Below threshold)
But fewer or more, either way, it doesn't matter right? Well then the "more" was never proof of global warming anymore than the "hotter" was proof of global warming.

Which is why there has been a subtle shift to redefine it as man caused climate change. They were getting tired of the ridicule everytime they had a GW rally on the coldest day of the year.

anyone who believes in glob... (Below threshold)

anyone who believes in global warming should get a knuckle sandwich for being so dumb and gullible. It wastes such tremendous resources -- think of all the government grants to "study" the phenomenon.

And they say the Republicans are "easily led".

Marc,Thanks for th... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:


Thanks for the link, new one for me.

But unsurprising, yes.

Somewhere, money is changing hands.

ww, it isn't sporting when ... (Below threshold)

ww, it isn't sporting when they are sitting.






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