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Did Wayne Industries underwrite this research?

It turns out that for over a century, we might have been looking at the wrong animal for inspiration...

P. J. O'Rourke, All The Trouble In The World:

Why do people spend so little time contemplating the ugliness of nature? A Jamaican fruit bat look like a colonel in the rat air force. And it's got a set of teeth that you could use to perform an appendectomy. If I were Jamaican, I'd keep the fruit out in the garage or maybe rent a mini-storage space. There was another bat, I didn't catch the name, which ate pollen or pollinated plants or did something in the pollen line. Anyway, it had a tongue that was a surprise. If bats wore blue jeans, this fellow would be able to get change out of his hip pocket with his tongue.


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Bats very interesting.... (Below threshold)

Bats very interesting.

"Anyway, it had a tongue th... (Below threshold)

"Anyway, it had a tongue that was a surprise. If bats wore blue jeans, this fellow would be able to get change out of his hip pocket with his tongue."

Could revolutionize the bat porn industry too....

The Wayne Aerospace divisio... (Below threshold)

The Wayne Aerospace division of Wayne Enterprises more likely. ;)

The bat wing is a fascinating piece of equipment. Coincidentally, I spent a good part of Wednesday looking at bat wings, comparing with birds' (birds are my primary interest, not mammals, but damn if bats aren't interesting creatures).

By the way, here's Brown's bat flight research page (with videos).

Holy airfoil, Batman!... (Below threshold)

Holy airfoil, Batman!

I liked this part combin... (Below threshold)

I liked this part combines technology with biology and evolution,

I think we should spend much more time combining technology with biology.
Think about if we could figure out how to reproduce biological energy systems.
Plants and animals have very good power-plants, if we could copy them the fuel would be sunlight, O2 and our trash.
That seems pretty cool to me.

very kewl article!! thx!</... (Below threshold)

very kewl article!! thx!

I hated the Batman Movie fo... (Below threshold)

I hated the Batman Movie for the joker bringing down the Batwing with a pistol after a half dozen bat missiles didn't even scratch him.

If you're looking for inspi... (Below threshold)

If you're looking for inspiration, you need go no further than Eric Hoffer's essay "Return of Nature" [it's in his book The Temper of Our Time] In this link his essay is hosted by none other that a fellow New Hampshirite, Jay.

oops, <a href="http://broth... (Below threshold)
Of course it has nothing to... (Below threshold)

Of course it has nothing to do with adapting natural qualites to create other things specifically, but it does tell you just how ugly nature really is and how man has risen from naked and helpless - with no other thing in his favor but a large brain - to master of all. It was just that the exerpt you posted called to mind Hoffer's essay.

How could Intelligent Desig... (Below threshold)

How could Intelligent Design ever come up with such an ugly specimen as the Jamaican fruit bat?

Sorry J., just had to throw that out there.

"How could Intelligent Desi... (Below threshold)
Mike G in Corvallis:

"How could Intelligent Design ever come up with such an ugly specimen as the Jamaican fruit bat?"

Ever see a sea lamprey? Yecch ...

Hmmm. Studying actual bats?... (Below threshold)

Hmmm. Studying actual bats? Here comes PETA and ALF

Bats and skunks carry rabie... (Below threshold)

Bats and skunks carry rabies in America, little else. But nearly anything can be bitten.

Whoops -- let's try that <a... (Below threshold)
Mike G in Corvallis:

Whoops -- let's try that sea lamprey link again ...






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