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Hey What Happened To Wizbang?

We've changed. It's a temporary stop on the way to our new design, but there was some functionality that we really needed and couldn't make work with the old layouts without rewriting them completely. As you poke around you'll see new function and links - go ahead and click them that's what they're there for. A bunch of other features are on the way, but I'm getting ahead of myself there...

If you want to compliment or complain this is your spot. If you're suggesting we go back to the old layout save your keystrokes; that won't be happening. I will be making minor tweaks, so feel free to suggest. My focus is mostly on the new design so I wont' be tackling anything too complicated in tweaking this layout...


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I like it. I especially lik... (Below threshold)

I like it. I especially like the way you can highlight the post you are reading. And I like the wide vs. narrow format of the posts.

Just don't do whatever Mich... (Below threshold)

Just don't do whatever Michelle Malkin did; I hate her "improved" site. Much less user friendly...

I like the "live" preview o... (Below threshold)

I like the "live" preview of the comments.

Now the trolls have no excuse for not realizing how stupid their comments appear. Of course, this may constitute a Human Rights violation . . .

I miss the old comments fro... (Below threshold)

I miss the old comments from way back, where the page unfolded below as opposed to opening into a new page.

I recall there was a rationale for changing (too many comments maybe?) but I wish you guys could bring that back.

Heck, I'd rather comments do like Dean's World and open in a little window rather than take me off the main page.


Kevin, I think the blue boy... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Kevin, I think the blue boys pulled one over on you. Did you notice the comments are now on the LEFT side of the page ¿

While the new look is different, it doesn't seem to be better. For one there's no URL button to help create links to web pages. Some of us know how to do them, but now there's going to be even less links to back up what someone says. Once again that's an advantage for lefties who routinely make stuff up.

The good news is that we can now do colors and big print.

Maybe it's a good thing you don't have buttons to make that easy to do, but the URL button should be added.

Well I was wrong about colo... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Well I was wrong about colors and big print. However, that means the preview window is not correct.

Day one, I like it. ww... (Below threshold)

Day one, I like it. ww

I miss the original graphic... (Below threshold)

I miss the original graphic (not the layout, the old header graphic), but hey, change is good.

The only other quibble is that (a) for about a second I thought somehow I'd been redirected to the "Kos" part of Wizbang, and (b) can you excise it - parasites aren't good.

I wish it could expand wide... (Below threshold)

I wish it could expand wider. It has blue margins that are about 25% of my view width right now. Almost 40% if I turn off by Bookmarks window.

You guys are a conservative... (Below threshold)

You guys are a conservative site -- switching to a predominantly dark blue color scheme with a splash of red seems an odd color choice. The old pale blue scheme was more neutral feeling.

The active preview function, though, especially in regards to HTML coding, is actually kind of cool.


Ah...HTML coded colors show... (Below threshold)

Ah...HTML coded colors show up in the active preview but not in the posting. The same with the super and subscripts (yeah, I got a little bit creative). Too bad -- there could have been more colorful discussions.....


It's great! I especially l... (Below threshold)

It's great! I especially like that the author's name is under the title of the article, so that I don't have to scroll down to see who wrote what I'm about to read.

I don't mind the "blue" tones at all. They're easy on the eyes, although another color to consider that would be neutral in the red/blue wars would be something along the lines of 'sea greens', accented with 'bay leaf' deeper green.

I'll miss the exploding old-style bomb, but everything morphs and changes over time, and Wizbang's look is apropos the ever changing times in the blogosphere.

Good job!

I liked the old format, too... (Below threshold)

I liked the old format, too, but hey, this one's a change for the better.

Nice job.

Thought I was onthe wrong p... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Thought I was onthe wrong page for a sec.

I like the new look... but it seems a waste of space and efficiency to have the 2-inch columns on the left and right (at least in Explorer).

Still though, it looks pretty cool.

>And I like the wide vs. na... (Below threshold)

>And I like the wide vs. narrow format of the posts.

HUH? I guess I'm blind but I don't see that feature. (Firefox 2.0 under Vista) I have a 22" widescreen and I have more blue border than I do content. Yuck.

Let me guess, some of that ... (Below threshold)

Let me guess, some of that border is for ads, but there's still too much left over if I drop my bookmarks window.

Yeah, I agree, I am on Fire... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

Yeah, I agree, I am on FireFox 2.0, XP, at 1280x1024, and there's a lot of wasted space to either side.

By the way, please note that I am using a TypeKey Commenter ID... I hope this will keep people from sock-puppeting me.

I like the new layou... (Below threshold)

I like the new layout as well. It is sharp and easy on the eyes to view. Should be able to expand horizontally though depending on the viewers system. All in all a great job so far.

I like this look. Easier on... (Below threshold)

I like this look. Easier on old eyes.

Oh no! Not another one! F... (Below threshold)

Oh no! Not another one! First Michelle Malkin and now you! Argghhhhh....

I ALWAYS hate new layouts in the beginning. I suppose I shall get use to it though.


Regarding the red vs.</i... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

Regarding the red vs. blue thing, I note that even National Review Online is in blue, and almost the same shade of blue for the background.

If it's good enough for Mr. Buckley, I daresay it's good enough for Wizbang.

Of course, this ma... (Below threshold)
Of course, this may constitute a Human Rights violation . . .

They'll make it into some kind of hate crime.

I like this look. ... (Below threshold)
I like this look. Easier on old eyes.

I agree!

would be something along the lines of 'sea greens', accented with 'bay leaf' deeper green

Before I even saw the commenters name, I suspected this was a female (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Folks gotta take into account us older folks who have piss-poor eyesight. We need larger schemes and bigger fonts and sharp contrasts.

And last night I didn't even notice the live preview - but really like it!

I like the new format. My ... (Below threshold)

I like the new format. My one comment would be to bring back the lit bomb somewhere. It was just such a nice graphic.

This kinda sucks, but I wan... (Below threshold)

This kinda sucks, but I want you to be happy enough to write often; so, whatever floats your boat.

I'll save my comment for th... (Below threshold)

I'll save my comment for the final version.

This is "meh."

The issue with the layout n... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

The issue with the layout not filling the screen is related to the base Cutline 2-colum design. I'm sure it can be fixed, I just haven't looked into it yet.

I've added back the formating buttons and made it so if you click on the word "Coment" at the begining of the comment section it will jump you to the comment form...

I have to tell you for a fe... (Below threshold)

I have to tell you for a few seconds I thought I had ended up at Wizbangblue and you guys had been hacked.

Kevin,Your servers... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:


Your servers may have been infected with spyware. In the last few weeks when I open wizbangblog.com my security software issues a warning that yieldmanager is trying to infect my machine. Luckily, it's blocked, but maybe other's coming to Wizbang don't have that level of security on their machines. I just wanted to make sure you know about this.

Not liking the change at al... (Below threshold)

Not liking the change at all. I found I drifted away from Wizbang Politics when it changed, can't STAND the new Michelle Malkin page, hope you don't run me off as well!

There's something to say for tradition. Didn't you try a new look last year and everyone rebelled??

Interesting...... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:


Yeah, Malkin's new layout i... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Malkin's new layout is terrible. And this new look is, well, wizblue. Crap.

Hope this comment isn't so ... (Below threshold)

Hope this comment isn't so late it goes unnoticed.

After a few days of using the new layout, etc., I still like it. Just a couple of suggestions.

1. On the comment rating feature, think a total number of votes cast would be informative. As it stands now, a comment could be rated a zero with 50 people having rated it. It just doesn't give the full picture of the relevance or controversy of a comment.

2. A feature on the comments that indicates a "new" comment from the last time a reader visited the comment thread. On posts that get many comments, it's difficult to find your place when coming back to catch up.

Otherwise, great work and appreciate your efforts in having a great site, new layouts and features or not.

Wow! That was fast...thanks... (Below threshold)

Wow! That was fast...thanks. I'm guessing I'm not the only one who has suggested those things.

Well I haven't quite figure... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

Well I haven't quite figured out the "new comments" function since - as near as I can tell - I'd have to write to a cookie and track the highest comment ID you'd seen on every entry you'd seen. Not imposible, but I'm checking around with the MT Pronet group to see if anyone has ever done it before.

BTW, comments are now numbered and I've moved the comment permalink anchor to the comment number.






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