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Live Earth's mammoth hypocrisy

From the Daily Mail:

The Live Earth event is, in the words of one commentator: "a massive, hypocritical fraud".

For while the organisers' commitment to save the planet is genuine, the very process of putting on such a vast event, with more than 150 performers jetting around the world to appear in concerts from Tokyo to Hamburg, is surely an exercise in hypocrisy on a grand scale.

Matt Bellamy, front man of the rock band Muse, has dubbed it 'private jets for climate change'.

A Daily Mail investigation has revealed that far from saving the planet, the extravaganza will generate a huge fuel bill, acres of garbage, thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions, and a mileage total equal to the movement of an army.

The most conservative assessment of the flights being taken by its superstars is that they are flying an extraordinary 222,623.63 miles between them to get to the various concerts - nearly nine times the circumference of the world. The true environmental cost, as they transport their technicians, dancers and support staff, is likely to be far higher.

The total carbon footprint of the event, taking into account the artists' and spectators' travel to the concert, and the energy consumption on the day, is likely to be at least 31,500 tonnes of carbon emissions, according to John Buckley of Carbonfootprint.com, who specialises in such calculations.

Throw in the television audience and it comes to a staggering 74,500 tonnes. In comparison, the average Briton produces ten tonnes in a year.

The concert will also generate some 1,025 tonnes of waste at the concert stadiums - much of which will go directly into landfill sites.

Moreover, the pop stars headlining the concerts are the absolute antithesis of the message they promote - with Madonna leading the pack of the worst individual rock star polluters in the world.

Sepermodel Kate Moss, another profligate polluter through her use of private jets, is producing a T-shirt for the event. Yet, Gore is touting the concerts as 'carbon neutral'. So how can that be?

Live Earth is nothing but a huge, hypocritical, mutual admiration concert. They're all frauds. Be sure to read the rest of the article.


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Comments (67)

Every year, they have an "E... (Below threshold)

Every year, they have an "Earth Day Birthday" concert here.

And every year, there's literally a foot of trash left on the ground by the concertgoers.

I love the hypocrisy of car... (Below threshold)

I love the hypocrisy of carbon offsets. Here's a thought for celebs to chew on ---
Why not plant a few thousand trees AND leave the Learjet at home. Then you might actually be accomplishing something.

It always amazes me how the... (Below threshold)

It always amazes me how the liberals fool themselves into thinking they are doing something worthwhile, but really more harmful. Anything to "feel" good. ww

You have a typo in the post... (Below threshold)

You have a typo in the post title - it's "mammoth."

Why pretend... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Why pretend that concert organizers, performers and audience members said things were going to change in one day?

Why pretend to not understand?

Why pretend the hot air emi... (Below threshold)

Why pretend the hot air emitted by these "artists" will change anything?

Why not understand that they pretend?

Its amazing the amount of a... (Below threshold)
Las Vegas Fun:

Its amazing the amount of abuse by these stars with there hummers and private jets.

Were Geldof and Bono there ... (Below threshold)

Were Geldof and Bono there with their pompous selves?

"Were Geldof and Bono there... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

"Were Geldof and Bono there with their pompous selves?"

What an odd question.

I went to the Live Earth we... (Below threshold)

I went to the Live Earth website. They wanted me to take a pledge. They wanted me to pledge to switch a number of bulbs in my house to CFLs.

I guess they don't know much about CFLs.

They also wanted me to pledge to take public transportation once a week. I look forward to seeing the photo of Al Gore's fat ass squeezed onto a public bus seat.

They wanted me to pledge to send a link to their lame website to someone else as part of my pledge.

What gargantuan morons, the entire lot of them.

"Why pretend to not unde... (Below threshold)

"Why pretend to not understand?"

Everybody understands the democrat party are Criminal Frauds, especially the democrats.

Why pretend that a group of... (Below threshold)
Linoge Author Profile Page:

Why pretend that a group of musicians - people who get paid to do what most people do for fun, and people who, by and large, have little to no education under their belts (a stereotype, I know, but still) - getting together and banging their instrumetns is going to do a bloody thing for the environment?

Especially since they paid so much in terms of fuel, time, energy, and just basic money to get there? Could that fuel, time, energy, and money not been better direct towards actually useful programs like alternate energy sources, or planting trees, or building a garden?

Yeah, I thought so too.

I'd personally love to see ... (Below threshold)

I'd personally love to see how this soiree ends up being carbon-neutral.

If carbon footprints really... (Below threshold)

If carbon footprints really had an effect on the environment then I would get upset too.

Tibetan monks write prayers on little wheels that spin. Maybe we could print little Kyotos and do likewise. We might feel as good without all the hub bub.

1950s commie:"Viva Catsro!"... (Below threshold)

1950s commie:"Viva Catsro!"

1960s commie:"Make love,not war!(Come on Doddsy! Hold onto your half of the waitress!)"

1970s commie:"Please vote for me,I'm John Kerry."

1980s commie:"Ronny 'RayGuns' will kill us all man!."

1990s commie:"Please vote for us,we're the Clintons."

Modern commie:"Hey,put on your Che Guevara shirt and lets burn an effigy of the troops,then we'll take Teresas' Hummer down to the 'Live Earth' concert. Man,I sure hate rightwing nuts,like Bush,don't you?"

Interesting,four out of six commies are actually John Kerry himself.

I'm part of the production ... (Below threshold)

I'm part of the production of our local Blues by the Bay concert coming up next Sat&Sun as the talent liaison. Canned Heat, Big Brother & the Holding Co. Charlie Musselwhite, Elvin Bishop to name a few will be here for the weekend. Our policy is to attempt to keep politics out of the conversation and provide a good show. After a few years at it, most of the older entertainers just want to play their music.

I'm sure the ego's at the "Gore-bah-thon" have different agendas.

Thankfully no metal band of... (Below threshold)

Thankfully no metal band of significance is performing at this gig. And no Metallica no longer qualifies in my book.

Compact Fluros have mercury... (Below threshold)

Compact Fluros have mercury in them, making them a hazard to the environment, which these nutjobs profess that they want to protect.

Child of Baby Boomer stands... (Below threshold)

Child of Baby Boomer stands revealed as the same hypocritical jerk his/her parents were 30-40 years ago.

Viewing the responses to yo... (Below threshold)

Viewing the responses to your post Kim, I found this one interesting: not for topic, but for demographic honesty.

"Thankfully no metal band of significance is performing at this gig. And no Metallica no longer qualifies in my book.

Posted by gozorak | July 7, 2007 7:45 PM | Score: 0"

Don't know if we agree or not on politics, but I salute your honest opinion of the lame louge entertainment.

Don't you understand?... (Below threshold)

Don't you understand?

With the "settled science" collapsing all around them the Gore-acle and his minions have now turned to super events like Live Earth in order to generate enough carbon footprint to create the global warming they're trying so hard to stop!

Live report from one of the... (Below threshold)

Live report from one of the Live Earth sites showed no recycling bins, only trash cans.

Typical two faced libs.

"hypocrisy....it goes to 11... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

"hypocrisy....it goes to 11"

Child of Baby Boomer stands... (Below threshold)

Child of Baby Boomer stands revealed as the same hypocritical jerk his/her parents were 30-40 years ago.
Posted by glenn | July 7, 2007 8:50 PM | Score: 0
Glenn gets best supporting HONEST critic of the Live Hypocrite band fest.

So far we have awarded:
No Talent
No Guilt
Stay tuned...
Coming up:

The Gullible Idiots
Carbon Credits WILL get you that loan!

It might be carbon neutral ... (Below threshold)

It might be carbon neutral if we cut them all up and make some fertilizer for the trees.

There will be a heavy metal... (Below threshold)

There will be a heavy metal version of teh event, it will be called "Bang Your Head For Global Warming".

And don't forget the overcr... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

And don't forget the overcrowded emergency rooms from all the musicians and attendees patting themselves on the back for being such good people.

Expect to hear calls for socialized medicine if some legend in his/her own mind can't get in within 30 seconds.

There will be noise from th... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

There will be noise from the left about Fred Thompson being a fraud for being a hired gun for a pro-abortion group
"Fred D. Thompson, who is campaigning for president as an antiabortion Republican, accepted an assignment from a family-planning group to lobby the first Bush White House to ease a controversial abortion restriction, according to a 1991 document and several people familiar with the matter.

A spokesman for the former Tennessee senator denied that Thompson did the lobbying work. But the minutes of a 1991 board meeting of the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Assn. say that the group hired Thompson that year.

His task was to urge the administration of President George H. W. Bush to withdraw or relax a rule that barred abortion counseling at clinics that received federal money, according to the records and to people who worked on the matter.

The abortion "gag rule" was then a major political flashpoint. Lobbying against the rule would have placed Thompson at odds with the antiabortion movement that he is now trying to rally behind his expected declaration of a presidential bid."

I don't think this exhibits fraud on the level of Live Earth...after all Fred was a lobbyist..he did not care who he represented or even agree...as long as he was paid..he did not have to agree

Where's your link, Nogo? Yo... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

Where's your link, Nogo? You don't expect us to believe this just based on your word, do you?

Nogo war, Jesus hates thre... (Below threshold)

Nogo war, Jesus hates thread hijackers.

Hey NogoPost over th... (Below threshold)

Hey Nogo
Post over there at Blue like I am. Your drive by remark is so predictable.

OMG, they're interviewing C... (Below threshold)

OMG, they're interviewing Cameron Diaz now on the Live Earth show. You ought to hear how idiotic she comes across talking about the (gasp) "climate crisis."

Oh how I wish I could be there and ask her, "Hey Cameron, is rape legal yet?" You know, cuz that's what she said would happen if people didn't vote (for Kerry) in 2004.

Bwhahahaahahahah.....you can't make this stuff up.

Ahh, I apologize to everyon... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

Ahh, I apologize to everyone for offering to let him continue the hijacking.

Nogo, disregard previous request... which you were probably gonna do anyway. -LOL-

Here's the article a... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Here's the article about 'fraid Thompson:

Thompson lobbied for abortion-rights group, it says

"A spokesman for the GOP presidential hopeful says he did no such work. An ex-colleague calls the denial 'bizarre.'"

[ . . . ]


Adrian, thank you for the l... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

Adrian, thank you for the link, but as you see above, I rescinded my request in order to avoid further hijacking of this thread.

You are welcome to find a thread that is more relevant to Fred's campaign, either here or on my own blog, and I'll be happy to discuss it with you there.

Its OK for the elite to "si... (Below threshold)

Its OK for the elite to "sin", because its for the greater good of us all.

Forget this "hoopla" a coup... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Forget this "hoopla" a couple of simple questions..how is the weather in the place you have lived for a long time? Do you really believe there is no connection between climate and what our cars/industry do to our fragile atmosphere?
In watching this I have seen where they give simple ways to reduce consumption...what is your objection to less oil/coal consumption..

what is your objec... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:
what is your objection to less oil/coal consumption..


And we could have done without all the hundreds of thousands of miles in jet travel, all the electricity used to light the stage and power the sound systems, all the fuel for the limos and trucks...

If they want us to conserve fuel, why don't they start by doing it themselves?

It's classic lefty hypocrisy: Do as I say, not as I do.

This whole scam is to make ... (Below threshold)

This whole scam is to make Gore money. The last time I checked he has made over $60,000,000 on this scam

Concert? Live what?<... (Below threshold)
Piso Majoda:

Concert? Live what?

Did I miss something important?

Nothing to see here folks, move along.

Come on people, don't act s... (Below threshold)

Come on people, don't act surprised, you know what this concert was and was not about.

It was not about actually doing anything positive for the environment, it was all about appearing to do something positive for the environment.

It is all about the famous liberal habit of patting themselves on the back for being so moral, merely for saying the right things.

Results? Heh, since when did liberals ever care about results?

"what is your objection to ... (Below threshold)

"what is your objection to less oil/coal consumption.."

I am pretty sure I consume less oil and/or coal than Al Gore does to begin with.

What is amazing, and I know... (Below threshold)

What is amazing, and I know you know this, is all these stars that have a 50,000+ square foot house that has to be air conditioned, acreage that has to be watered, power mowers that have to be run, staff that has to drive to the house to keep it up, accent lighting that has to show off the house, pools that have pumps running all the time, and other homes in other areas of the world, and they are telling us how to take care of our one humble home. If anyone cannot spot the hypocrisy, time to thin the herd.

Also, all the stars that decry corporations are corporations in themselves. ww

"Gore is touting the concer... (Below threshold)

"Gore is touting the concerts as 'carbon neutral'. So how can that be?"

Easy, he went here and picked up 75,000 tons of carbon offsets. I got 1,000,000 tons of carbon offsets which I figure covers my family and me forever. So NOBODY can question me about my commitment to global warming.

Gore is Mother of all hypoc... (Below threshold)

Gore is Mother of all hypocrites.

I WILL NOT conserve ANY energy until I use as much as Gore (and his cronies) wasted on 'live earth'. In fact, I just turned my 7 AC units on in my 14,500 sq. ft. house. My lawn will be mowed twice a week. My two fountains will run continuously. My house and gated entrance will be lit up continuously, etc., etc., etc.

I just don't care anymore. Liberals are dumber than bricks - shooting themselves in the foot like Barney Fife - getting the OPPOSITE results as what they work toward (the same being true with their policies in politics).

I quite recycling about 8 years ago when I was threatened by the Dept. of Natural Resources for having my commercial tenants separate out the skids so they wouldn't end up in the county landfill. What'd I get? A $25,000 PER DAY threat for fines.

So take that you liberals. I hope you enjoy my pollution. You wanted it and now you can have it. I could care less.

And another thing - I laugh... (Below threshold)

And another thing - I laughed my head off at all the imbeciles attending...

...for their stupidity and ability to be completely brainwashed by the likes of Gore et al.

Nogo and others:As I... (Below threshold)

Nogo and others:
As I've noted before, most of the "greenhouse effect" from CO2 that was going to happen, has already happened. Did it raise the average temperature around the world by two or three tenths of a degree? Yes, I believe it did. Will it cause runaway warming with some magic tipping point that, once passed, will cause death and misery to millions? No, not even close.

Weather station temperature readings have spiked upwards dramatically since the mid 1970s, so there is your confirmation of warming. Or is it really? I suggest you visit surfacestations.org and check out what they have. Many of the stations that are still located in nice grassy patches have shown little or no warming at all.

AGW, as it is presently promoted, is a hoax. The consensus of physicists in the 1890s was that they had learned most everything there was to know about how things work. Flat earth, earth centered solar system, and many other lesser known theories were was accepted as "known facts" by people who really should have given the problem a bit more thought.

Save energy. It's a good idea. Conserve and be thrifty. I do. Just don't give me any moral lecture when I drive my pickup instead of the Mazda 3.

Could Scooter Libby have bo... (Below threshold)

Could Scooter Libby have bought a perjury offset from a Boy Scout, or maybe from Hillary? Would that have saved him from jail?

Could Scott Peterson have purchased a murder offset from the Pope?

I'm a former small time roc... (Below threshold)

I'm a former small time rock singer with radio play with at least one song in the past. And I cut my carbon imprint way down by selling my 9 mile per gallon high performance car and buying a very reliable Chinese Coolster F5 motor scooter that gets 90 miles a gallon and keeps right up with 30 mile per hour plus traffic here in the city.

Here's more on these great 90 mile per gallon scooters that sell for under $1,000, and are nearly as large as any small motorcycle, and a nearly 20inches longer than a Vespa or other motor scooters: RadioTvPartz Electronics

Getting three times the gas mileage of a Toyota or Honda, plus the thrill of motorcycling is great fun. My last gas bill was $2.30 for driving 60 miles.

Whoop-de-doo for you, Hooso... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

Whoop-de-doo for you, Hooson.

I have no problem with you driving what you want. It's when you try to force me to drive what you want me to drive that I have a problem.

And when Algore wastes (yes, wastes) all the jet fuel, gasoline, and electricity just for the chance to lecture us not to do as he does, well, I get a little testy.

"Live Earth is nothing but ... (Below threshold)

"Live Earth is nothing but a huge, hypocritical, mutual admiration concert. "

You misspelled "masturbation" there, Kim.

What is worse is that Hooso... (Below threshold)
Linoge Author Profile Page:

What is worse is that Hooson's blatant spam is a broken link. What, did you get your affiliate number wrong, Paulie?

The fact of the matter is that while "global warming" has been questionable since the beginning, "carbon offsets" have been a scam since the word "Go". This "concert" was nothing more than an excuse for people who thrive on attention to get together, and get more attention. It was a laughable attempt at "raising awareness" at best - a contemptible attempt at worst, since the amount of damage it caused by resorce wasting is amazingly large.

As usual, and as with all liberals, they are all manner of talkative about how to help the government by restricting everyone's fuel/energy consumption, forced recycling like I have here in Kalifornistan, and all the rest of that nonsense... But, of course, by "everyone", they mean "everyone but themselves".

Sweet, sweet irony.<p... (Below threshold)
And now another commercial ... (Below threshold)

And now another commercial from Paul Hassoon. ww

"Sweet, sweet irony."... (Below threshold)

"Sweet, sweet irony."

"But critics have blamed poor publicity for the weak turn-out."

That is pretty damn funny. :)

All that energy burned off ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

All that energy burned off for nothing then some silly event to make the eco-wackos go home with warm and fuzzy feeling and realizing they have bamboozled the fools again and using all that CO2 its no different then those rediculous SAVE THE RAINFORESTS concerts MORE ECO-WACKO RIP OFFS

Hooson:Getting... (Below threshold)


Getting three times the gas mileage of a Toyota or Honda, plus the thrill of motorcycling is great fun. My last gas bill was $2.30 for driving 60 miles

But.... but... but what about all those U.S. scooter makers?

Og wait, their are none. Wonder why?

And BTW have you checked the carbon footprint of the Chinese manufacturer? How about if they employ under aged workers?

enviromentalists in hollywo... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

enviromentalists in hollywood just how much CO2 do they use and of course the mainstream left-wing news media will make big hay of this

Notice that the liberals ig... (Below threshold)

Notice that the liberals ignore this thread in mass because they know the hypocrisy of the looney left. They have NO defense to support their own propaganda.

That dopey concert will be ... (Below threshold)

That dopey concert will be labelled as carbon neutral cuz al gore said so.

If the point of the concert... (Below threshold)

If the point of the concert is to "raise awareness" why did they charge 100 bucks to get in? Did they only want to raise awareness among those who can afford exorbitant ticket prices?

How many tons of trash did ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

How many tons of trash did they leave behind and how many birds did they keep awake while howling like tone deaf coyotes SQUAWK SQUAWK ^**(*^%&()(&^%^& DAMN ECO-FREAKS

..."Do you really believe t... (Below threshold)
V.O. Reason:

..."Do you really believe there is no connection between climate and what our cars/industry do to our fragile atmosphere?"

Do YOU really believe the pebble you threw into the Grand Canyon made it less of a canyon?

Does your flashlight help to light the Earth when you turn it on at night?

CO2 does NOT heat the Earth. Look at the same data that Al Gore and the other Eco nut jobs quote: FIRST the temperature of the Earth increased... THEN, hundreds (in some cases thousands) of years later, CO2 levels increased. This cycle has repeated many, many times -- long before humans were riding round in SUVs.

The World's greatest problem: Proliferation of the gene responsible for the absence of capacity for rational thought.

Yep keep pretending..."CO2 ... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Yep keep pretending..."CO2 does not heat the earth"..hey I can pull stuff out of my ass(and often do)please give a scientific link that supports your out of your ass simplistic claim..
(hint google Co2 does not heat the earth...then google CO2 heats the earth)

Paying for gas to power 3,0... (Below threshold)

Paying for gas to power 3,000 pounds of metal, glass and rubber down the street doesn't pass much of an intelligence test when it costs $3.00 a gallon to do it, and some motor scooters will get you there just as fast with a 73-120 mile per gallon range, and are a ton more fun than any car or truck.

But probably a few sissies worry about falling off something without a seat belt, harness and all sorts of air bags, etc. Well motor scootering is a ton more fun than driving some huge car or SUV if you're not worried about open motoring in congested city traffic. It's like a way cool extreme sport. But if you are afraid, then you better strap yourself into something you feel safe in. But it sure costs you in the pocketbook for gas for all that needless weight and overprotection.

Motor bikes are way cool fun, and the 90 miles a gallon I get is a great bonus, and leaves only a small carbon imprint.Pay $20 to gas up your big ride, while I pay only $2.30 average to gas up mine. I can always use a car around the house on those really wet or really cold days. But still leaves most days of a year for bikiing fun.

Carbon Credits are the new ... (Below threshold)

Carbon Credits are the new Air Miles.

Does anyone remember PMRC? PMRC was Al Gore's dry run for his Inconvenient Truth. After bilking $millions out of concerned Americans, he realized how he could raise his profile by preaching new moralities and then pad his bank accounts by receiving tax deductable donations from a duped public. He loves to dictate the "New Morality" while he himself lives a totally different lifestyle.

Interesting that several of the web sites, critical of PMRC are either no longer on the net or are not registering on Google anymore. Many of these websites made a link between the RIAA's (Recording Industry Association of America)desire to add a $1 tax per blank cassette (to compensate them for home recording) and Al Gore's desire to raise his profile by seeming to care about what America's children were listening to. It's the old "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours". I guess Al and tipper weren't paying enough attention to what their drug-addicted son was listening to.

The PMRC is now, not only totally irrelevent (ie witness Hip Hop lyrices) but was disbanded. After receiving tax-deductable status, the PMRC collected millions of dollars before disappearing. What happened to all the cash? The same thing that's going to happen to all the carbon credits.

People, people listen. Whether man-made global warming is real is up for debate. But putting your money in Al Gore's Swiss bank account through carbon credits will not do one thing to help the environment. Modern music isn't any cleaner because of the PMRC.

In preparation for next yea... (Below threshold)

In preparation for next year's Live Earth concerts, I thought I would do my part to
help in making people aware. I may not be a pop star but I'd still
like to get the word out, before it's too late. This is just a rough
draft. If anyone can add any more versues, I would appreciate the
help. If our song becomes a big hit we could use the profits to stop
starvation in Africa or Cuba or Al Gore's home state, anywhere someone is starving (for attention).

I haven't writen any new chords for this song so please sing these
lyrics to the tune of "We Are The World"

We all love Al
He is our saviour
He is the one who showed us
the Earth is warming

There's still hope for you and me
if we reduce our GHG's
as we shiver in the cold
without any heat

that's Al to a "T"
He uses more energy
than anyone I know.

If you really want to see
just follow the money
I'm sure Al will make
his Carbon Credits tax free

We've got Live Earth
with Jet-Set rock stars
they'll tell us poor folk
how we all can conserve

It's really weird to me
to see Al and Snoop Doggy
doesn't anyone remember

Cync, who me?
I believe what I see

(so I need help bringing this home. You could mention how Al invented
the internet or... say... how Tipper's attempt to censor explicit
lyrics didn't really help her drug-addicted son. Any help would be






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