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Glenn Reynolds links to this Time article with the following comment:

ANOTHER GRIM MILESTONE: "According to Gallup, just 14% of people express confidence in the current Congress. That's the lowest measure in the 34 years Gallup has been tracking government institutions."

It's a quagmire. They should pull out of Washington and redeploy to Okinawa.


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My poll's bigger.<blo... (Below threshold)

My poll's bigger.

Americans want impeachment for Bush-Cheney

In an explosive poll of American sentiment, nearly half of the U.S public wants President George Bush to face impeachment.

The survey by the American Research Group found that 45 per cent support the start of impeachment proceedings against Mr Bush.

Even more startling are the figures against Vice-President Dick Cheney.

It is a 54-40 split in favour of impeachment when it comes to Mr Cheney.

300 investigations launched... (Below threshold)
Elroy Jetson:

300 investigations launched in the first 100 days of the democratic Congress, Lee.
By the time they sort through all the bogus crap, the '08 election will be over. And the Repubs will have taken back both the House and the Senate because of the do nothing Congress.

I think every Democratic pr... (Below threshold)

I think every Democratic proposal should end with "...then we redeploy to Okinawa."

Lee "The Thief" Ward:... (Below threshold)

Lee "The Thief" Ward:

Not that it would matter, you only care about "the number," but this little tidbit is at the bottom of the poll results:

Based on 1,100 completed telephone interviews among a random sample of adults nationwide July 3-5, 2007. The theoretical margin of error is plus or minus 3 percentage points, 95% of the time. Of the total sample, 933 interviews were completed among registered voters.

A "theoretical margin of error?"

95% of the time?"

What's the error the other 5%? A 10% error? A 50% error?

In short your "poll" is crap on a stick?

My poll's bigger.... (Below threshold)
My poll's bigger. Posted by Lee Ward

And your your sense is smallest.

I want the demo's to... (Below threshold)

I want the demo's to attempt to impeach Bush. It's time for them to stop talking about it.

After all, they are the one's who listen to the little people, and obviously those people are demanding impeachment, The demo led Congress should respond.

So quit talking already and act!

The lady was asked how after having been married for four years she could still be a virgin, responded, "Oh, he was a democrat and all he did was sit on the edge of the bed and tell me how good it was going to be."

Well, ARG is the poll still... (Below threshold)

Well, ARG is the poll still showing McCain as a leading candidate, which should tell you how whacked their methodology must be.

If Lee thinks that pathetic poll is more accurate than Gallup, well, that explains a lot of his other conclusions, too, doesn't it?

I read that poll also. When... (Below threshold)

I read that poll also. When the poll was conducted, wouldn't it follow that a reasonable person might ask "Impeached for what?".
What are the charges?

I agree w/ John. Bring it on.

What was the question? I am... (Below threshold)

What was the question? I am sure it was not "Do you want the President impeached?" It was probably, "If the President committed a crime that was PROVED, would you favor impeachment?" I would say yes to the second one. On the other hand, there is no trick question to the congress' low number. 300+ hearings from the democrats and no major bills passed that would help the American people. Can't wait for 08. Wow. That rhymes. I new bumpersticker for Edwards. ww

I want the demo's to att... (Below threshold)

I want the demo's to attempt to impeach Bush. It's time for them to stop talking about it.

So do most demo's. But congress isn't doing that, ending war, or anything else that the people want these days. That's why everyone thinks they suck.

Oh and when the repo's had both houses and the WH, I was thinking, I want the repo's to outlaw abortion. It's time for them to stop talking about it.

I want the repo's to ban gay marriage. It's time for them to stop talking about it.

I want the repo's to outlaw flag burning. It's time for them to stop talking about it.

I want the repo's to get prayer back in our schools. It's time for them to stop talking about it.

Well so much for the do nothing congress.

Kim in a post above shows w... (Below threshold)

Kim in a post above shows why Ward's "poll" is a fraud. It is a push poll.

Polltergeist?aPollog... (Below threshold)

Nah, just Poll Dancing. Stick a wrinkled dollah in his G String and wink a few times at him.

I've been looking into why ... (Below threshold)

I've been looking into why voters are unhappy with the new congress, and found that they expected that the Iraq War would suddenly end and other wholesale changes would happen with voting in a new Congress. However with the Democratic majority so slim in the Senate, and the White House still in Republican hands, Congress has no real power to change anything, so it's still the same old government, so voters who wanted these wholesale changes, for good or bad, feel unhappy.

Sometimes I think a parliamentary government like that of England would be a big improvement, where at least the party that wins a majority could actually rule the country for a while. But our "checks and balances" does slow the wrong stuff. So much can be said about that as well. It's a toss up.

Paul,Republicans are... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Republicans are unhappy with the Dems in the Dem-led congress because they are too liberal, and they are unhappy with many of the Republicans in the congress because they are not conservative enough. The liberals are not happy with the current congress because the Dems in congress want to blame everything on Bush, but they don't have the courage to actually do what they say they want (stop the war) by pulling funding. It is similar to Bush's low poll numbers. His numbers dropped as low as they did because he lost the approval of his base due to spending and immigration. It isn't exactly hard understand it. I will admit to being pretty surprised that the Dem congress approval rating is so much lower than that of the previous GOP-led congress because they were constantly being demonized in the media. Heck, even they got blamed for Foley's nasty emails to pages they didn't have ratings this low. It will be interesting to see what makes the numbers eventually go up because I don't think they can get much lower. I mean there is only 16 points they can drop before they hit rock bottom. They have to go up at some point.

The approval won't fall muc... (Below threshold)

The approval won't fall much below the current 16% because there's enough democrats that would approve of a baby rapist and child Ax murderer as long as he/she had a 'D' after their name. Come to think of it they approve of Islam and they, Islamist (99%), are all of the above.

If folks don't realize that... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

If folks don't realize that the pretense of Iraq and the failure of our Elected officials to deal with it...
It is not just the more more more Republicans that face re-election...it will be Democrat incumbents that will face challenge.
Most of us in our lifetime have bought a lemon car...well there is too much destruction to really compare this to a lemon car.






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