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Things that make you go "hmm..."

Over at Silflay Hraka, they have posted a video that says a lot of very interesting things.

I'm going to have to watch it a few more times to fully wrap my brain around it, but a lot -- a LOT -- of what that guy says makes a whole lot of sense.

Enough sense to lift this discussion above petty politics and personalities, and into an honest, realistic, principled discussion? I hope so.

I don't like his dependence on the International Criminal Court, and I think he puts a bit too much faith and stock in the United Nations, but overall this Mr. Thomas Barnett has a hell of a lot to say -- and he knows how to say it.


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Department of Everything El... (Below threshold)

Department of Everything Else = State Department.

I don't see the State Department doing much good with what they have. Giving them an even more ginormous budget and military resources answerable to them doesn't give me a warm fuzzy.

Also, institutionalizing international support was called the UN and look where it is at. Countries will pretty much support us or not support us at whim.

Basically I see too much bureaucracy as the answer to everything in his discussion. He had a good point about that initial window. But otherwise I don't see how any of what he said will stop Al Queda and Iran from building and planting IEDs.

Our problem is more fundamental in that we shun hurting civilians and that has given 'insurgents' a space to move in almost with impunity.

He makes good points about Iraq, but with hindsight, who can't?

It may just be me but this ... (Below threshold)

It may just be me but this guy galls my rear bigtime. He just comes across as a know it all to me. If this guy knows the answer to it all, wonder why he is still just a lowly writer? Hmmmm

That was high quality. I se... (Below threshold)

That was high quality. I sent the link to several people.

Agree with Jay... Apart fro... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Agree with Jay... Apart from the criminal court and UN, I liked some of the ideas. Worth consideration at least.

Some great ideas, but you c... (Below threshold)
Patrick H:

Some great ideas, but you cannot put the marines and army under the criminal court or under the command of some NGO Eurodork. The US, Australia, Britain and India could join together to go it alone or accept other countries that are willing to participate and set up this kind of SysAdmin force, but it cannot be put under NGO control without creating an absolute mess.

this guy did an eight part ... (Below threshold)

this guy did an eight part interview with Hugh Hewitt. Hugh gave him a complete hour for each chapter to explain in depth what he means. It was very enlightening. If you think we can win the peace without having some system in place and buy-in from the world community, and that the answer is to continue to go in and break the furniture and then go home, you need a Dr. Phil moment. "So hows that working for you?"

He has some good ideas, tho... (Below threshold)
Eric Forhan:

He has some good ideas, though he took a fair amount of jabs at the administration that seemed to be beneath him. It's also very easy to say after the fact, "See? I told you so."

The sharp distinction between wartime troops and peacetime was interesting.

Is he right about a three-million-dead attack perverting our political system beyond recognition? Would that be the end of the USA as we know it?

here's the link to all of t... (Below threshold)

here's the link to all of the shows on one page

Any "buy in from the world ... (Below threshold)
Patrick H:

Any "buy in from the world community" means the bad guys and America haters get a vote. I'm perfectly fine with going in and breaking the furniture then leaving if the only other option is putting US foreign policy under control of the proven corrupt NGOs, the just as corrupt United Nations and the ineffectual idiocy of the International Criminal Court.

I think what Barnett is env... (Below threshold)

I think what Barnett is envisioning is similar to what McArthur did in postwar Japan - rapidly reassembling a functioning indigenous political system, as well as its civil and economic structure. Not what the "Leviathan Force" is built to do.

In his books and blog entri... (Below threshold)

In his books and blog entries, his idea of international buy-in isn't the UN so much as the G20. Meaning, the people with similar interests as ours in the world economy and the money and/or manpower to prove it (said money and manpower also coming in handy in actually succeeding in these places).






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