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Mother's little hostage

Yesterday, the Boston Globe ran yet another sob story about the plight of an illegal alien. In this case, a five-year-old girl is facing a court hearing that might send her back to El Salvador, where she was born.

The story is sad, of course, but even the Boston Globe can't whitewash who put Karla Morales-Solis in her plight.

"Karla, who was smuggled into the country illegally last fall..."

"The mother entered this country illegally..."

"Karla's father, Carlos, 25, who was granted a temporary work permit six years ago..."

"In 2004, Karla's mother also came north, but there was not enough money to pay for Karla's passage. Settled in Revere, the family last year hired a coyote, a border smuggler, to bring Karla to them. She was caught with the smuggler near the Texas border and transferred to a detention center for immigrant children in Texas."

(Emphasis added)

So, let's sum this up:

The father came to the United States legally on a "temporary" work permit that expires in two years.

The mother came here illegally.

The parents paid a total stranger to smuggle their daughter across the border.

After this series of incredibly bad decisions, my sympathies for little Karla have skyrocketed. She has been the victim of her parents' (mainly her mother's) incredibly bad decisions all along, and has suffered tremendously because of what they have done to her.

I have a simple solution: deport the mother, who's here illegally. Deport the father, who conspired to break the law by hiring that coyote and entrusting his daughter to a complete stranger and criminal. Or, if that's too harsh, let him stay for the remainder of his visa (despite his violations of US laws), but make damned sure he will NOT gain an extension.

And put Karla up for adoption, so she can stay here in the United States and get her the hell away from the parents who have shown such utter disregard for her safety.


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Given that I must ignore my... (Below threshold)

Given that I must ignore my seven-year-old's pleas to wait in the car while I go into a store because I would be arrested for child endangerment, that is the very least that should happen.

The guy broke up his own fa... (Below threshold)

The guy broke up his own family breaking into the country but we're hardasses if we break them up.


Its a sad story but the tru... (Below threshold)

Its a sad story but the truth is she broke the law. And there are now millions of illegals in this country and we get to pay the bill.

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I am totally with you on th... (Below threshold)

I am totally with you on this. How stupid can one be to allow a stranger bring the child here? Hasn't anyone thought of what creeps do to little babies.

The parents should be sent to guantanamo, they are not citizens yet their behavior shows little regard for children, and ALL SMUGGLERS AND THOSE FUNDING SMUGGLING TO THE US SHOULD BE TREATED AS THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR TERROR.

It is that clear cut. Breaking the law to get here only leads me to believe that they may allow another illegal to reside in their home, possibly one that is a terrorist.

Let us all think of Elian Gonzalez. The government returned him to his homeland, to a father( but Karla must have relatives in her homeland that miss her) That should be the result.

Now as a realist, and a little opinionated, I know that the entire family will end up staying here, and the story will be buried.

Gotta love having emotional... (Below threshold)
Linoge Author Profile Page:

Gotta love having emotional leverage to work your illegal actions, do you not? Considering how succeptible liberals and the ACLU are to it, and how prone they are to use it themselves, I would say the mother was definitely planning ahead with her actions.

That said, she is a despicable individual, and should undoubtedly be deported as soon as possible. We can, no doubt, find the child a family here in America who would actually care for her, as opposed to use her for their own ends.

I have some sympathy regard... (Below threshold)

I have some sympathy regarding the illegal alien situation, except it's the for the opposite side than the MSM is on. Bill O'Reilly highlights stories all the time (that the MSM ignores) about rapes and murders and drunk driving atrocities committed by illegal aliens (usually with long rap sheets so why are they still here?) against our own American citizens.

The liberal & democrat MSM continually show what side they are on. And it's not on the side of the average American.

You nazicons are so mean! T... (Below threshold)

You nazicons are so mean! The parents should be given cabinet level positions in the Dept. of Homeland Security and poor little Karla should be sent to the Castro/Moore paradise of Cuba, where she can be tutored on the ugly truths of America by Alien Gonzalez.(My appologies if you had managed to forget that little episode of American shame.)







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