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Blue on Blue

Cindy Sheehan, "Momma Moonbat" herself, alias "Peace Mom" and "she who has absolute moral authority," has decided that Crawford, Texas is just not her place and is heading home.

To San Francisco, where she is threatening to run against Nancy Pelosi if the Speaker does not file impeachment charges against President Bush within two weeks.

I find myself wondering if Sheehan even realizes that, should she run against and defeat Pelosi, Sheehan would not instantly become Speaker herself, but merely one of the most junior members of the House -- and, likely, ostracized by the vast majority of her colleagues.

Either way, those of us who pegged Sheehan as a sad, delusional wreck who has let her grief over her lost son destroy her relationships with the rest of her family are feeling a bit of schadenfeude over those who rushed to embrace her, shove her into the spotlight, and used her celebrity status to push their own agenda.

Now, that she's turning on those who have imbued her with so much power, expect them to abandon her and try to marginalize her as best they can, desperately hoping that everyone forgets just who gave Sheehan the power she is now turning on them.

Perhaps, when this is all done, Sheehan can finally get the help she needs and rebuild her life. But she better not count on those who made sure she had the limelight for so long -- now that she's more hindrance than help, she'll be shoved aside and buried as fast as they can manage it.


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Comments (23)

Has she given her son a hea... (Below threshold)

Has she given her son a headstone yet? I am not being facetious. I'd really like to know.

This whole episode with She... (Below threshold)

This whole episode with Sheehan exposes the pathetic and uncaring nature of the liberal left. They used and abused this woman, who so obviously has mental issues that go back before the death of her son. Now these same people will slowly marginalize her, and cut her loose. I disagree with every position she has, but I always knew she was disturbed and being used by the left. Compassionate people those lefties. ww

I now fully understand why ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I now fully understand why famous SF columnists Herb Caen dubbed SF "Baghdad by the Bay". Every terrorist sympathizer, far left-wing whackjob can find refuge there....

I'm not so sure she's got "... (Below threshold)

I'm not so sure she's got "serious" mental issues, I do think her cheese is precariously pitched near the edge of cracker, though. She could use some counseling.

Having said that, as much as I truly dislike this woman, the fact that she (eventually) figured out that she was a tool to special interests and called them out and then, momentarily, left the stage because of it ... meh ... gives her just a sliver of credibility I hadn't expected to give her.

Of course, she completely lost that when she came roaring back with her same old tired crap and shows a bit of delusion thinking that Pelosi is concerned.

Anyway ... it'd be quite hilarious if Cindy were able to get Pelosi out.

Aren't peoples' heads going... (Below threshold)

Aren't peoples' heads going to explode trying to figure out who to root for in the primary?

Personally, I'm really glad... (Below threshold)

Personally, I'm really glad to see Cindy back - I've missed her nonsense.

Since she would run as an I... (Below threshold)

Since she would run as an Independent wouldn't it be the greatest irony if she won but the Democrats lost control of the House by one seat?

Cindy is all about Cindy. W... (Below threshold)
Paul Hamilton:

Cindy is all about Cindy. When her one-note act got old and people started looking elsewhere, she got mad and left. Now she's making another desperate attempt to win attention. It's just a shame that she's too blind to realize that she's become nothing but a DIVERSION to the anti-war effort.

Kinda sad when 2 of your pa... (Below threshold)

Kinda sad when 2 of your partys' brightest lights are Cindy Sheehan and Charlie Sheen.I'll take our,proud veteran, goofballs like Pat Robertson over that mess any day thank you.

As much as we dislike Sa... (Below threshold)

As much as we dislike SanFranNan the likelihood of anyone unseating her in the 8th District is slim. Nancy won in 2006 with 80% of the vote.

Though it would be fun to watch.

Proof that the 'dumbing dow... (Below threshold)

Proof that the 'dumbing down of America' had begun back when we told you all so....

...and don't hold your breath that she'd ever win ANY kind of a political race.


Remember, in 2006 she threa... (Below threshold)

Remember, in 2006 she threatened to run against Feinstein in the primary unless she voted against Bush's SCOTUS picks. Dianne quickly reversed her previous position and went with the far-left in their opposition to Roberts and Alito.

I do think her che... (Below threshold)
I do think her cheese is precariously pitched near the edge of cracker, though.



To San Francisco, where she is threatening to run against Nancy Pelosi if the Speaker does not file impeachment charges against President Bush within two weeks.

She's like the far left's Frankenstein monster, except she's not as green, not as scary and not as smart.

This is a textbook definiti... (Below threshold)

This is a textbook definition of a win-win scenario.

Path A (never happen) - SanFranNan caves and files impeachment charges. In all likelihood, they pass the Democrat controlled house, and we get to have a show trial in the Senate. Senators Obama and Clinton both leave the campaign trail in order to serve in the impeachment trial. There, the Republicans, plus Joe Lieberman and possibly Obama and Clinton, vote to acquit. Result: The Democrats have burned a lot of political capital and humiliated themselves going into 2008, while the Democratic presdential candidates distance themselves from it. All good results for the GOP.

Path B (much more likely) - Cindy Sheehan runs against Nancy for Congress. How could political theater possibly get any better?

Oh, America's #1 insane hau... (Below threshold)

Oh, America's #1 insane hausfrau isn't going to run for anything. Sadly, the nutty voices in her head are put there by real people around her who encourage her to go off the deep end.

cindy sheehag will do whate... (Below threshold)

cindy sheehag will do whatever it takes to get money so she can continue to be on the dole (and not have to work at Micky D's).

Did you say SF????... (Below threshold)

In Pelosi's district, the Green Party candidate got 7% of the vote.

I think Cindy could actuall... (Below threshold)

I think Cindy could actually beat San Fran Nan. Not that there'd be much difference in the coddling of dictators thing--The Ditch Witch services Chavez while Nancy gets oral with the creepy dude in Syria.

Bwhahahahaha....couldn't ha... (Below threshold)

Bwhahahahaha....couldn't happen to two more idiotic people. Let them battle it out. I'd love to see each of them try to outdo the other in "outting" the other's moonbatty-ness.

So she is going back to the... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

So she is going back to the PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF SAN FRANCISCO gosh i hope she can stand the stench

Jesus, she and the loonies ... (Below threshold)

Jesus, she and the loonies on the left are gifts that keep on giving. Even the MSM covers their stupidity. That the Republicans cannot or will not capitalize on this is beyond me.

"You can't pay for entertainment like this."

Will Cindy camp put in fron... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

Will Cindy camp put in front of Pelosi's home?

Would the media cover her if she did?

I hope she does run, and th... (Below threshold)

I hope she does run, and then she can see just how many people actually support her. When she fails miserably, her purpose, celebrity, and media spotlight will all snuff out like a birthday cake candle in a hurricane.

Let her run - get it overwith.






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