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Those Amazing Asians

Every now and then, someone tells me "get a life."

It's often myself.

but I've just seen a couple of things that are absolutely jaw-droppingly astonishing examples of pointless wastes of time -- spectacular, amazing, and -- in the end -- pointless.

But still incredible to watch.

First, thanks to Meryl Yourish, this "explanation" for a certain part of common computer technology.

In a similar vein, but on a truly fantastic scale, this real-life, analog recreation of some other computer display techology -- this one thanks to the fine folks at AMCGLTD.com.


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Those Amazing Asia... (Below threshold)
Those Amazing Asians

Henceforth dubbed 'Amasians'.

Yes, Jay. You need a life... (Below threshold)

Yes, Jay. You need a life. I couldn't bring myself to see all of it.

My only thought was that there seemed to be a lot of bleach blondes in there.

That real-life-animation wo... (Below threshold)
-S- Author Profile Page:

That real-life-animation work by the Amasians was fabulous but did everyone catch the leader-guy's performance on that human stage (lower center of frame)? It was nearly as good as the dance routine by TV-Talk-Show-host-Japanese-guy in LOST IN TRANSLATION.

That real-life-ani... (Below threshold)
That real-life-animation work by the Amasians..

Holy cow it stuck!

The whole thing was pretty impressive...though I think a special congratulations is due to Shin Li, 23rd row up, 13 in...fantastic performance Shin, you really brought the whole thing together!

They gave us FIREWORKS grra... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

They gave us FIREWORKS grrat on the 4TH OF JULY






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