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Behind the Scenes at HHS

Carol Liebau has some behind the scenes scoop including details about the complaints of Surgeon General Richard Carmona.

A very good friend and former colleague worked closely with Dr. Carmona during the time in question. The source of Carmona's frustration was not, in fact, The White House as much as it was Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson. The Thompson people at HHS viewed Carmona (generally perceived within the Department as attractive and charismatic) as a threat. Accordingly, they did everything they could -- in remarkably petty ways -- to make his life difficult, including stepping on his press coverage and preventing him from participating in events that they feared would result in too much visibility or positive publicity.
Read it all.


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Lorie, you didn't mention B... (Below threshold)

Lorie, you didn't mention Bush once. You know there is a quota of 3 mentions per page, according to the former Surgeon General.


According to the man that i... (Below threshold)

According to the man that is complaining. A very reliable source. I would like to see the directive, but there is none. Just another malcontent trying to make headlines. The Surgeon General serves at the pleasure of the president. He cannot do whatever he wants and that includes speaches. Liberals are so squirrely. ww

What a coward; too cowed to... (Below threshold)

What a coward; too cowed to open his mouth within the administration, let's fly when no longer.

He didn't want to get fired... (Below threshold)

He didn't want to get fired, so he kept his counsel. What kind of doctor is that?

He did a disservice to Bush, and to the nation. What state is he licensed in? He's been unethical.






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