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Up, up, and away!

Well, at this time I ought to be at cruising altitude, flying from Manchester to Baltimore to attend my third consecutive Shore Leave Convention.

Next Monday, I'm planning on going into DC and doing the tourist thing.

Any readers/bloggers/stalkers care to meet up for lunch or a chat?

Mr. Duckie will be traveling with me, but please -- no autographs.


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Got a BBQ going down in DC ... (Below threshold)
Matty The Dude:

Got a BBQ going down in DC on Saturday. Be warned, however, that there will be extensive drinking games (Beer Pong, Cornhole, Polish Horseshoes).

Send me an email Jay. I wou... (Below threshold)

Send me an email Jay. I would like to stalk get together.

Huh, strike worked in the p... (Below threshold)

Huh, strike worked in the preview but not in the finished comment.

I'll take you up on that if... (Below threshold)

I'll take you up on that if you're ever in NYC, Jay.

I work in DC, so I would lo... (Below threshold)

I work in DC, so I would love to sit down and talk with you. Drop me an email.

Any plans to get out to Nor... (Below threshold)

Any plans to get out to Northern Va? I'm suburban. I could show you the Chinese restaurant of presidents and other politterati.






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