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Take it easy...

As I said before, I'm on vacation for the next almost-week. That means I'm getting away from as much of the routine grind as I can -- or simply not focusing on it as much.

One of those things will be posting here.

I still will post as the mood and opportunity strikes me, but I will not be pushing myself to fulfill my self-imposed "three posts a day" quota.

And the routine schedule is right out the window.

I should be back to normal posting (well, as "normal" as I get) next Wednesday or so.

Until then, if you're going to be at the Shore Leave convention this weekend, look for me and Mr. Duckie -- and feel free to say hi.

I will most likely be attending any event featuring Peter David. I have a very unusual autograph request for him... and if he obliges (which I think he will), I will be posting a photo or a scan of it.

Until then... have fun. I certainly will.


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Comments (4)

Bon voyage!=======</... (Below threshold)

Bon voyage!

Have a great vacation JT. I... (Below threshold)

Have a great vacation JT. I will miss your posts, but I believe I can wait. A well deserved time off. ww

Have a great time! Relax, h... (Below threshold)

Have a great time! Relax, have a few drinks and eat out while you show Mr. Duckie the sights. I think the moonbats will be in retrograde for a while, nothing for them to yap about.

Shore Leave, eh?Look... (Below threshold)

Shore Leave, eh?
Looking into getting some seamen on your poop deck JT?

Just kidding. But if the con ever moves to San Fran, the joke might be a touch funnier.






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