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Time Decapitates President and Troops

Okay, it is only in a picture, but it is weird. Maybe I just don't appreciate artistic expression.


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If it were Bill Clinton, th... (Below threshold)

If it were Bill Clinton, they might of zeroed in on an area...well, maybe even they would've not gone that far. Maybe.

If it were just a picture, ... (Below threshold)

If it were just a picture, not *of* anyone, it would be artistic. Sort of a juxtaposition of unlike things. Pattern and contrast.

It could imply several things if it was just a picture, not *of* anyone. That the suit didn't belong or was different, or that the suit *did* belong and was only a surface difference concealing the sameness.

Of course they hate the tro... (Below threshold)

Of course they hate the troops. If I said to you something like, "Wow man,your boss is an idiot and the assignments he sends you on are without any sense.Everything at your company is stupid and counterproductive.Too bad you have no choice but to work in such a hell hole though.Oh and by the way, I think you're great and me and the missus wish you the best." And then it just went down hill from there,you sure would feel loved and supported, wouldn't you ?

Time Magazine . . . back in... (Below threshold)

Time Magazine . . . back in the day, it was one of the leading news publications in the world. But paid circulation peaked at slightly over 4.6 million about 20 years ago, and has declined to just over 4 million now. Also, the Audit Bureau of Circulation recently began requiring magazines disclose how many of their subscriptions go to places like doctor's offices, and Time sends 9% of their circulation to such venues.

So it isn't surprising to see such stark and possibly controversial images begin to appear in Time's pages, as they are desperate to goose the circulation numbers any way they can. Still, it seems odd their photo cuts of the heads of the President and the troops.

After all, Time's main goal for years has been to cut them off at the knees.

My father was a long-time subscriber who canceled his subscription in the late '80s, declaring it "completely useless." They continue to send him offers to "come back" to this very day, nearly five years after he passed on. In his memory, I make sure to send back the "business-reply" envelopes with just their ads enclosed, so they have to pay the postage.

It's a picture that's makin... (Below threshold)

It's a picture that's making a statement to get a response. Opinions are like #######, and everybody has one, as the saying goes.

Who cares....Time magazine what's that? a birdcage liner?

Hey, this looks like one of... (Below threshold)

Hey, this looks like one of the pictures my wife takes of family events. We have more decapitations than a Manson family outing.

I'll ask her if she's been doing some freelancing work recently.

Another example of the disd... (Below threshold)

Another example of the disdain and loathing the left has of our troops. Their GW hatred is out of control.

Mitchell, that comment was a coffee spitter. Thanks for the morning wake up. ww

I sent Time this letter:<br... (Below threshold)

I sent Time this letter:
Dear Editors,

I thought your choice of showing a "decapitated" photo of Bush and the troops in Joe Klein's article "Bush's July Surprise" was quite fitting. The photo demonstrates the common goals between liberal democrats who want to cripple the military and Bush administration and the jihadis that want to
literally decapitate western civilization. This is yet another example of the "enemy of my enemy is my friend". Of course you also mean to imply that the Bush administration and the military are deaf, dumb, and blind. Bin Laden was right when he said that the west has no stomach for a fight. All he and similar
adherents to his ideology need in order to gain recruits is listen to the media drum-beat almost from day one. Sadly the freedom we live for in our media is misunderstood by those who have never experienced it and seen only as weakness and provides them only encouragement. I pity the soldiers who are the pawns in
the raw battle for power in Washington. The Democrats are in the position where they have to seize on every IED explosion and every casualty in order to ensure our defeat. No war has ever gone according to "plan". The enemy
never stands still so we can just kill him and the troops never go home according to schedule.

Time will soon join the NYT... (Below threshold)

Time will soon join the NYT's in left wing hell--the trash bin of history.

Would Sheryl Crow be happy ... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

Would Sheryl Crow be happy or upset if I used one sheet of Time in the bathroom?

Glad to be of service, WW.<... (Below threshold)

Glad to be of service, WW.

TIME magazine is one of ame... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

TIME magazine is one of americas most far left news rags i mean you cant trust a thing they say and its not woth lining a birds cage with AND DONT EVER THINK OF PUTTING IT IN MY CAGE OR I,LL GET VIOLENT SQUAWK SQUAWK

This accidentally-on-purpos... (Below threshold)

This accidentally-on-purpose crop-shot speaks volumes of disrespect against our military. I do like the idea of the family photo gone wrong, though. I did the same to an ostrich through a car window once, while visiting a wild animal park when I as a teenager.






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