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What Bush Should Do About Iraq (if he were a partisan idiot)

Of course my tongue is planted firmly in by cheek but part of me just has to say.....

What Bush should do is have all the Dem leadership to a big press conference. Oh... and make sure Hillary and Obama are there... We want them on the record too...

Then he should let each of them rip him a new one on Iraq. Then at the end, he should get up and tell the American people that since they elected the Dems and all the polls seem to agree, he is pulling the troops out tomorrow. -- As long as the Democrats on the stage take responsibility for the outcome. -- Heck they like passing all the meaningless proclamations, let them sign a big piece of paper saying they where responsible for ending "the war."

Then Bush should further pledge that when the middle east melts down and the UN comes calling for backup (again) that he will stick to his guns and refuse to let Americans join the UN forces that will be overwhelmed.

Then when the terrorists are dancing in the streets and the media wants a statement from the Whitehouse, the administration should give them Queen Nancy's number. When Muslims declare victory and terrorism soars, point them to the DNC.

The Democrats have wanted us to lose every war since Vietnam. Here they think they can get a twofer.... Have the U.S. lose a war AND put Republican fingerprints on it.... If we're going to defeat ourselves, Bush should make it abundantly clear the Democratic party was responsible for the policy.

We'd have a Republican majority for 50 years.

-- Of course this will never happen and Bush shouldn't do it but sometimes... sometimes... I almost think it would be worth it.


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Paul, you aren't the only o... (Below threshold)

Paul, you aren't the only one who has thought about this scenario. A few times I've thought, Bush should just give in, say okay, I'll pull out of Iraq. That's what the demos say the American people want. And of course, as you said, Bush will not do this. It would be irresponsible.

Also, if the demos wanted us out of Iraq, first they would pass a bill saying to pull out right now. No timelines, no next year, right now. They won't.

If they really wanted to save troops' lives, they would make the President quit today. That's not what they care about. They don't want the responsibility of forcing Bush to quit Iraq for fear the resulting chaos and mayhem would be placed at their feet.

I think most of us have had... (Below threshold)

I think most of us have had similar thoughts, but someone has to be the grown-up.

I just took my Constitution... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

I just took my Constitutional Law final, and have a better understanding of what is going on. While the Pres. is the Commander in Chief, and is charged to execute the laws Congress pass, he is constantly in a battle to establish the balance of power in his favor, while being limited to the powers Congress gives him.

With that being said, if I were Bush, I would hold the press conference and do the following:

1. Tell Congress to fund the war or not. Otherwise, STFU (Okay, he can't say that, but I would)

2. Say "We are cooperating with Congress in the fired attorney investigation", after sending over 20 boxes of related documents..... Already shredded (Whoopsies!!)

3. Put a "Reserved for Helen Thomas" sign over the toilet in the women's bathroom, with a wall magazine rack filled with The Nation, The NYT, American Prospect, and Mother Jones in a Guns and Ammo cover..... And always leave 3 sheets of toilet paper (The Bush Admini. is friendly to the environment too you know)

4. Say David Gregory's and Terry Moran's name in Arabic. then ask "You like that huh..... That is what we would be hearing if I listened to you"

5. (After recieving the first question involving Congress' lack of support of the war) say "Maybe if Congress started legislatun' and stop trying to manufacture scandals with their dog and pony investigations, their poll numbers might actually get higher than mine"

Look they don't want us the... (Below threshold)

Look they don't want us there. A poll of Iraqis, conducted by the BBC and other news organizations, found that only 22 percent of Iraqis support the presence of coalition troops in Iraq, down from 32 percent in 2005.

If Iraqis were pleading with us to stay and quell the violence, maybe we would have a moral responsibility to stay. But when Iraqis are begging us to leave, and saying that we are making things worse, then it's remarkably presumptuous to overrule their wishes and stay indefinitely because, as President Bush termed it in his speech on Tuesday, "it is necessary work."

Wow, a BBC poll wants us ou... (Below threshold)

Wow, a BBC poll wants us out? Let's run like frightened children for the exit!

How stupid do you have to be to post such nonsense? I apologize if you have recently suffered a severe head injury, as that would excuse the erratic behavior.

We aren't in Iraq to please the Iraqis. We are there to pursue our own national security interests. If we can help the Iraqis form a stable democratic society along the way, that's great! But it isn't why we are there, and never was, so arguments based upon Iraqi public opinion are irrelevant.

Of course, anyone who regards the BBC as an objective source is irrelevant, too - head injury or not.

If we pull out of Iraq too ... (Below threshold)

If we pull out of Iraq too early, and if/when terrorism reaches America (again)......

If social and economic stability is rocked, lets say (10) times as bad as Katrina, and US citizens need to maybe take up arms. Can we at least make sure for every terrorist removed, one liberal goes also?!

Just a thought............

A nice pass-the-buck fantas... (Below threshold)

A nice pass-the-buck fantasy, but unfortunately this will be a Republican war forever. Someone will have to clean up the mess though.

Reality:A poll... (Below threshold)


A poll of Iraqis, conducted by the BBC and other news organizations,

Is that the same BBC that was fined £50,000 for... making shit up?

Or wp;d that be the BBC that commissioned a year long study that damns its 'culture of bias'?

jp2:Someone wi... (Below threshold)


Someone will have to clean up the mess though.

Any suggestions, or are you just doing your normal drive-by and just dropped your little turd of wisdom with nothing more to add.

The blood shed that will ha... (Below threshold)

The blood shed that will happen to the Iraq's after we leave to soon will be immense and on the hands of the liberals. Also, the political leaders in Iraq are losing courage because they are not sure we will be there to protect them in the foreseeable future. Also, the terrorists know we will leave when there is a reduction in the violence, but they continue to kill people. Why? Because they hate democracy more then us. The political move the dimmers did in the house is perfect for the primary season. So disgusting.

The liberals are mad because the political process is bogged down in Iraq and they aren't meeting their benchmarks, yet the democratic leadership is bogged down and can't meet their own benchmarks. ww

Victor Davis Hanson has an ... (Below threshold)

Victor Davis Hanson has an article in the City Journal ripping the New York Times for their 7/8/07 editorial which is utterly chilling in its disregard for the Iraqi people.

These leftists are looking forward to another Cambodia. Read it yourself.

I'll tell you what's chilli... (Below threshold)

I'll tell you what's chilling too. To hear some Dems calling to pull some or most troops out, leaving behind those who will only be in non-combat roles. They'll be signing the death warrants of the ones left behind. With most of their brothers gone, who will watch their backs? The Iraqis they've castigated for not stepping up to the plate?

So you Dems, please be careful who you vote for. You have little to chose from in regards to the war. Your candidates only differ in their pullout timetables. It's obvious you care little what happens to the Iraqis as we all know what will happen if we leave. But do you care about the troops left behind? Be careful what you wish for. Obama wants them all out now. Hillary wants to leave some behind. Guess who's leading the Dem race?

A nice pass-the-bu... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:
A nice pass-the-buck fantasy, but unfortunately this will be a Republican war forever. Someone will have to clean up the mess though.

I doubt it, jp2.

If a Democrat gets elected President and decides to pull out of Iraq, no matter how hard the DNC spin machine revs,people will still blame the Democrats.

The news may not have reached Boise yet, jp2, but the era of leftist media domination is either pretty much over or on its way to being over. With online information services and Fox News, the Party of the Donkey just can't control what stories get out and which ones stay buried anymore.

(in the 'if President wante... (Below threshold)

(in the 'if President wanted to play partisan games as the Democrats currently are' vein). He could further announce that he's decided to comply with the Democrats wishes (whinings?) and cease all domestic monitoring programs until approved by a Congressional commission and thoroughly disclosed in the NYT.

I think Jim was dropped on ... (Below threshold)

I think Jim was dropped on his head one time too many as a baby. For some reason (even though he has no proof) BBC polls are not accurate in his world.

He could have found a counter poll if he really thought the bbc was inaccurate, but he didn't of course, because there is no recent such poll. So he responds with an ad hominem attack against me followed with a complaint that BBC polls are not to be trusted (again with no evidence).

Since I have peaked in on this blog I have seen the Baltimore sun, the SF Chronicle, the NY times, the Washington post, The BBC, and the Chicago Sun Times all accused of being liberal rags that are untrustworthy. I assume that Drudge is the only source people like Jim believe because he tells Jim exactly what he wants to hear. No harsh reality intruding upon your world is there Jim?

If Jim isn't the strongest argument for education reform in this country I don't know what is.

I assume that Drud... (Below threshold)
I assume that Drudge is the only source people like Jim believe because he tells Jim exactly what he wants to hear.

The DRUDGE charge is so ludicrous. DRUDGE is a news aggregator. A couple of times a month, Drudge himself might have a story on breaking news. Other than that, it's just the news stories that are floating around.

The first few stories I opened, one from a TV station, one from Asia Times, three from AP, one from Reuters, one from Bloomberg.

DRUDGE puts up what he likes and what he thinks the readers will want to see. The only thing he has a hand in is selecting the story and writing the headline.

To think that DRUDGE is somehow biased is ridiculous. If he is, he's only as biased as what the news organizations out there are.

Democrats are pretty good a... (Below threshold)

Democrats are pretty good at saying one thing and doing another (look at homosexuality issues... they are the teflon party... they can do exactly what the Republicans do and they still get praised for being Pro-gay.)

So a Dem gets elected. Yay! They say they are bringing our troops home, they show some of our guys getting on planes, and then it stops being reported in the press and the same number of guys are over there that would have been if a Republican was elected and it's just funded as humanitarian stuff and that's that.

They demonstrate over and over that they don't *really* think it would be good for us to pull out but they have to please the anti-war crowd. They know it would be a bloodbath and they'd get blamed for it unless they can continue to pretend they can't do what they won't do and it's all Bush's fault.

I am with Paul on this one.... (Below threshold)

I am with Paul on this one. It would be worth the price of the ticket to see the look on their faces.

Here's an idea called in to... (Below threshold)

Here's an idea called in to Hugh Hewitt's show called the nuclear option:

Bush and Cheney resign and Nancy Pelosi is installed as the next in line to the presidency. Then the Dems have the whole enchilada and about a year and a half until the next election to bring their pixie dust dreams to fruition.






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