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Omar Fadhil: The Surge is Working

Maybe the Democrats will listen to an Iraqi who's actually living through the surge:

Here is exactly where the American surge and Iraqi plan have proven effective in Baghdad.

The combined use of security walls, the heavy security-force presence in the streets, and an overwhelming number of checkpoints have highly restricted the movement of terrorists and militias inside Baghdad and led to separation. Not a separation of ordinary Sunnis from ordinary Shiites but a separation of both Sunni and Shiite terrorists from their respective priority targets, i.e., civilians of the other sect.

With their movement restricted and their ability to perform operations reduced, they had to look for other targets that are easier to reach. After all, when the goal is to defeat America in Iraq and undermine the democratic political process any target is a good target.

Just look at the difference between the aftermath of the first Samarra bombing in February of 2006 and that of the second bombing in June of 2007. Days after the 2006 bombing more than a hundred Sunni mosques were hit in retaliatory attacks, and thousands of Sunnis were executed by militias in the months that followed. This time only four or five mosques were attacked, none of them in Baghdad proper that I know of.

Sadr's militias have moved the main battlefield south to cities like Samawah, Nasiriyah and Diwaniyah where there's no American surge of troops, and from which many Iraqi troops were recalled to serve in Baghdad. But over there, too, the Iraqi security forces and local administrations did not show the weakness that Sadr was hoping to see. As a result, Sadr's representatives have been forced to accept "truces."

I know this may make things sound as if Sadr has the upper hand, that he can force a truce on the state. But the fact that is missing from news reports is that, with each new eruption of clashes, Sadr's position becomes weaker as tribes and local administrations join forces to confront his outlaw militias.

Al Qaeda hasn't been any luckier than Sadr, and the tide began to turn even before the surge was announced. The change came from the most unlikely city and unlikely people, Ramadi and its Sunni tribes.

In Baghdad the results have been just as spectacular so far. The district where al Qaeda claimed to have established its Islamic emirate is exactly where al Qaeda is losing big now, and at the hands of its former allies who have turned on al Qaeda and are slowly reaching out to the government.

While al Qaeda and Sadr are by no means finished off militarily, what has changed is that both of them are fighting their former public base of support. That course can't lead them to success in fomenting the sectarian war they had bet their money on.

It would be unrealistic to expect political progress to take place along the same timeline as this military progress. The obvious reason is that Iraqi politics tend to be affected by developments on the battlefield. Anyone familiar with the basics of negotiations should understand this.

First things first. Let's allow our troops to finish their job. And when that is done nation-building will follow, and that's where diplomats and politicians will have to do the fighting in their own way while American soldiers can finally enjoy a well-deserved rest.

Backing off now is not an option. The light at the end of the tunnel faded for a whole dark year, but we can see it again now and it's getting brighter. It's our duty to keep walking towards it.


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Comments (27)

How many times would you wa... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

How many times would you want for the troops to "finish their job"?

Exactly how many?

Civil, How many times does ... (Below threshold)

Civil, How many times does your employer want you to finish your tasks at work? Exactly how many? Ooops I forgot your a liberal you quit before your finished. So sorry.

Kim, you just made every liberal to read that article stick their fingers in their ears and go, LA LA LA LA LA LA, I can't hear you!

Fewer Iraq battalions opera... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Fewer Iraq battalions operate on own: U.S. general

The number of Iraqi army battalions that operate independently, with no assistance from U.S. forces, has dropped from 10 to six over the last two months, the top U.S. general said on Friday.

[ . . . ]


Misreading Iraq, Aga... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Misreading Iraq, Again

"Anbar evidence could be read almost exactly the opposite way: that it is the growing belief among Sunnis that the American occupation is nearing its end that has caused some of them to view the U.S. military as a lesser evil and position themselves for what they perceive as the next phase of the conflict.

Anticipating a U.S. departure, these Sunnis are now more concerned about defending Sunni territory against the Shiite-dominated government army as well as eradicating al-Qaeda extremists whose indiscriminate killings have offended Iraqis of all stripes."

[ . . . ]


Ich bin den al-Ameriki.<br ... (Below threshold)

Ich bin den al-Ameriki.

Hey, Maliki's even confiden... (Below threshold)

Hey, Maliki's even confident. September might be good. The Dems are all busily trying to figure out how to stage manage the finish.

Too bad it's a surprise ending. It spoils the plans.

"How many times wo... (Below threshold)

"How many times would you want for the troops to "finish their job"?

Exactly how many?"

For the many acts of treason by the gutless democrats, I just want to see them executed one time.

Let's send RobLA to Iraq. W... (Below threshold)

Let's send RobLA to Iraq. With his pent-up anger and hostility unleashed, the al-Quaedas who attacked us on 9/11 wouldn't stand a chance! And this country would be safer in the bargain.

Kim, expecting Democrats to... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

Kim, expecting Democrats to accept evidence of an American victory is like expecting a Democrat to turn down a Chinese or Nigerian bribe (see Gore Jr., Albert and Jefferson, William).

In short, it ain't gonna happen, They will accept nothing less than the total defeat and humiliation of American troops.

Hey groucho you ever seen t... (Below threshold)

Hey groucho you ever seen the elephant,nah your to busy wanting others to do the job Democraps wont do.Your kind cost lives over and over again.War is really horrible ask me I'll tell you all about it you putz,but you know some times its necessary,but I don't expect you to understand that.

Isn't it interesting how Mr... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

Isn't it interesting how Mr. Browne wants to listen to the generals when they say things that he likes, but when they say that things are getting better, we're making progress, the war is not lost, he suddenly doesn't want to hear what they have to say?

It's all part of their stra... (Below threshold)

It's all part of their strategy, C-C-G. A win in Iraq would give credence to Bush's vision for the area and show that it CAN work. This might give the Republicans an advantage in 2008. This cannot be allowed, so a loss MUST be engineered any way possible.

If the Dems can't orchestrate a pullout, they'll talk down any successes and give the insurgents hope. Occasional successes and deaths can be pointed at as a reason to quit the fight. If the Dems DO succeed in their pullout desire, they can blame Bush for the increase in terrorist activity and the deaths that follow. There's no downside for them either way - except in case of Iraq actually stabilizing and being able to kick out the insurgents. That can't be allowed to happen.

Hey, so it burns up a country. That's a small price to pay to get power in '08. They're on the other side of the world, they don't vote here in the US - sucks to be them but who really cares? Some things are more important, and winning in '08 is one of them.

I'm thinking Bush ought to make Iraq the 51st state. That'd change the Dems tune real damn quick from "How can we fuck them over for our success?" to "How can we promise them everything possible to get a vote out of them?"

Even autopreview doesn't al... (Below threshold)

Even autopreview doesn't always help...

"Occasional terrorist successes and the deaths caused by them can be pointed at as a reason to quit the fight."

Just wanted to clarify a little.

Are you kidding? Iraq becom... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

Are you kidding? Iraq becoming the 51st state would just increase the looney left's cries of "American empire!"

You mean there is progress?... (Below threshold)
A Progressive:

You mean there is progress? We don't like progress. This is bad.

Dear Leader's brilliant mil... (Below threshold)

Dear Leader's brilliant military plan in Iraq is working.

All who question Dear Leader in a time of war are nothing more than dirty libs and not deserving of the full protection of our great constitution that Dear Leader has dedicated his life to protect and defend.

Praise be to Dear Leader and God Bless America.

So when exactly do liberals... (Below threshold)

So when exactly do liberals not try to change the subject?

This is bad news for the li... (Below threshold)

This is bad news for the libbies. I can always tell when they comment right out of the chute. I love watching the libbies lose their arguments. ww

Thank you for putting the w... (Below threshold)

Thank you for putting the whole article here. I don't have a subscription to WSJ. I love the way the three brothers write. (Only two write here.) Have a nice day.

Dear Leader's bril... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:
Dear Leader's brilliant military plan in Iraq is working.

All who question Dear Leader in a time of war are nothing more than dirty libs and not deserving of the full protection of our great constitution that Dear Leader has dedicated his life to protect and defend.

Praise be to Dear Leader and God Bless America.

Yup, that's what we'll be told if a Donkey wins the White House. Our plan is succeeding (nevermind those bombs in NYC, DC, LA...), we are advancing in a new direction (away from Iraq), and we are not bothered by the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, who will all be rounded up and shot as enemies of the state.
<a href="http://www.iraqthe... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:
Oh, is it by that Om... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

Oh, is it by that Omar, John?

Sheesh, I shoulda realized that from the start.

Guess that shows how long it's been since I dropped by his blog. [embarrassed blush]

It's funny, but lefties onl... (Below threshold)

It's funny, but lefties only seem to want to fight in wars where nobody fights back. As soon as they fight back, it's a quagmire and we're losing.
No, I guess that's not really funny because it leads to killing fields and boat people.

They won't listen because t... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

They won't listen because their leadership honestly doesn't give a damn, the issue is just a lever they can use for domestic political gain.

Hey groucho how about we se... (Below threshold)

Hey groucho how about we sent you instead. Much easier to win that way. They could not fight if we did because they would be bent over all the time so you could kiss their poo-to-t.

What is truly amazing is th... (Below threshold)

What is truly amazing is the courage of Iraqis like Omar and his brothers to write what they do. If the Democrats get their way and we abandon Iraq to Al Queda, Omar, his brothers and their families, and probably anyone they associated with will be killed, probably very brutally. The democrats - the party of compassion, the party who wants to save Darfur, the spotted owls, and the world - doesn't give a damn.

The problem i have with the... (Below threshold)

The problem i have with the dems is they have cost lives... period.... If they would have been with us from the start Al Queda would have never lasted this long. They keep saying its not terrorists we are fighting but yet every time you see the news theres captured terrorists or a bomb set off by them and THEY claim it.






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