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Another New Low for Ted Rall

I know, "new lows" for Ted Rall occur on a regular basis. This is a noteworthy one though. See the latest outrage at Michelle Malkin's blog, then go to Cassy Fiano's for a refresher on Rall's past lows.


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My personal favorite part o... (Below threshold)

My personal favorite part of that cartoon, is the poverty section.

Apparently he's unaware that it's illegal to fire someone because they are deployed fulfilling their national guard commitments.

Fricken idiot spouting off from a position of ignorance. In other words... standard operation procedure for liberal moonbats.

Let Rall have his impotent ... (Below threshold)

Let Rall have his impotent hatred of the troops. A hundred years from now, people will remember the honorable deeds and sacrifices our troops are making today, but no one will remember Rall.

Or they *will* remember Ral... (Below threshold)

Or they *will* remember Rall.

Forgetting him might be a kindness.

Another clueless chump who ... (Below threshold)

Another clueless chump who abuses freedom of speech by disrespecting the ones who ensure he has it.

"Hating the troops is the h... (Below threshold)

"Hating the troops is the highest form of patriotism."

Teddy Rall

Of course they'll remember ... (Below threshold)

Of course they'll remember Rall.

We still use the name "Quisling," for example.

And "Chamberlain" is certainly going to be a well-known name for centuries to come.

Ted Rall is a human piece o... (Below threshold)

Ted Rall is a human piece of shit. When the muslim terrorist successfuly attack a US City (and they will soon), I hope Ted Rall is right smack in the middle of it so he gets to see what our men are fighting for. I hope Ted gets to see right up front what they are fighting for and I hope Ted gets to live through a very painful recovery from his muslim terrorist inflicted injuries.

FU Ted Rall. You are a royal asshole. I hope you get yours soon.

He does, however, brilliant... (Below threshold)

He does, however, brilliantly illustrate the many people in this time and place who are entirely incapable of making moral distinctions of any sort whatsoever.

Historically that might be valuable.

Rall's a troll and a surpri... (Below threshold)

Rall's a troll and a surprising number of bloggers feed his ego by linking to his current engineered outrage.

This increases his exposure and get him more attention which is exactly what he wants.

I can't understand why bloggers keep helping him out that way.

cirby,Maybe it's t... (Below threshold)


Maybe it's time for a new verb -- "ralling."

And it would be a good idea for Republicans to keep reminding Americans that the Democrats are continually ralling our men in uniform.

I, as a life-long Democrat,... (Below threshold)

I, as a life-long Democrat, am disgusted by Rall.

Billy-Bob has it half-right in his first sentence.

Now excuse me, I just had coffee and I have to take a rall.

What would happen to TED RA... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

What would happen to TED RALL if he drew a muamed cartoon? You can bet they would want his head on a pole TED RALL ARON McGRUDER GARY TRUEDUA the most vile of these infernal scibblers

I agree, Michelle Malkin's ... (Below threshold)

I agree, Michelle Malkin's column is always an outrage.






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