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Rob Port Eight My Vacation

Gee, thanks SO much, Rob...

Eight Random Facts About Me

1. I have twice accidentally killed a bird with a moving vehicle.

2. I have grown beards twice in my life, only to be thwarted by tiny bald spots at the ends of my mouth that keep my mustache from properly connecting to the beard.

3. I once rode three employers in a row right into bankruptcy or out of business entirely.

4. I have never once run afoul of the law -- not even to the extent of receiving a moving violation.

5. When I was in English class in junior high, I sat beside a guy with the same first name as me and behind a guy with the same last name as me. The teacher started calling me by my initials, and I hated it. Then, years later, when I wanted a pseudonym, I recalled that incident and decided to embrace it -- but stretched it from "J.T." to "Jay Tea."

6. I have a gift for accents -- I can imitate many readily. Often without realizing it, if I am talking with someone who has a strong accent.

7. I have no talent whatsoever for learning foreign languages, but did study French when I was in high school -- and can often read something aloud something written in French perfectly, but have no idea what I am saying.

8. I eat cucumbers as snacks. I bite off and toss out the ends, then eat the rest, skin and all.

Bitch set me up...


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Comments (6)

Anyone that can eat a (yuck... (Below threshold)

Anyone that can eat a (yuck) cucumber deserves to be looked up to no matter what his beliefs!!!!

I have similar trouble with... (Below threshold)

I have similar trouble with facial hair.

We have numbers 6 and 8 in ... (Below threshold)

We have numbers 6 and 8 in common, and I'm incredibly impressed with number 4, particularly the moving violations bit. I love cucumbers as well, but I prefer to cut the ends off!

I can flip my tongue upside... (Below threshold)

I can flip my tongue upside down from right to left, but not left to right.

I have moved 23 times in th... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I have moved 23 times in the last 20 years. Sometimes half-way across the country (SF to Dallas); other times, literally just two apartment buildings away. I can't tell you how happy I am to finally to be living in my first house.

Something I absolutely need... (Below threshold)

Something I absolutely need to know:

Have you ever been involved with a ska band called the Arrogant Sons of Bitches?






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