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It's all in the timing

On Sunday afternoon at the Shore Leave convention, I found myself loitering in a hallway with a couple of Star Trek authors and other fans, and the authors were entertaining us with behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the world of writing for Star Trek.

One story in particular was the time about a dozen or so of them got together to pull an April Fool's prank on their editor.

On that day, he got about two dozen book proposals e-mailed to him, all revolving around a common theme:

Star Trek porn.

"Slash" was discussed. "Tom, Dick, and Harry" from Voyager was tossed around. 7 of 9 and her older sister, 6 of 9, came up. Data's "full functionality" was explored. Interesting applications of Odo's shape-shifting were discussed. Ponn Farr received several prominent mentions. One writer indulged his Saavik fantasies. Borg assimilation tubes lent themselves to tentacle porn.

But somehow, "alien probes" were not mentioned.

Right in the middle of the discussion, three people strolled through the chat. (As I said, we were in a hallway, outside a "Dresden Files" panel discussion.) And leading the trio was none other than the still lovely and gracious and powerful Nichelle Nichols, her bright white hair a fitting crown.

We fell silent, more out of shock than any sense of propriety.

One does not discuss alien sex in the presence of royalty, after all.


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Not to be picky, but it is ... (Below threshold)

Not to be picky, but it is PON Farr, only one N: http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Pon_farr

:o/... (Below threshold)


I have had several 'fascina... (Below threshold)

I have had several 'fascinating' encounters with the LADY in question over the years. She is remarkable, and dedicated to the actual exploration of space. I wonder if people today even realize the role she played in recruiting our first women astronauts. To me, she is a true "Star".

SJ Reidhead
The Pink Flamingo

I attended a Trek conventio... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

I attended a Trek convention 21 years ago and Miss Nichols serenaded us at the banquet dinner.

Jay, shame on you. You wer... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

Jay, shame on you. You were supposed to bow when Her Royal Highness walked by you.

Also, SJ Reidhead is correct about Nichelle's influence on today's female astronauts. One of them has stated that her desire to become an astronaut began when she watched Nichelle's STAR TREK performances.

I met Marina Sirtis, Counse... (Below threshold)

I met Marina Sirtis, Counselor Troi, at GenCon a few years ago when she was a guest.

She is about five times prettier in real life than she is on tv - I had no idea people could be that good looking.

I was at a Trek convention ... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

I was at a Trek convention many years back (when Denise Crosby was still on TNG, and not in reruns either) and was at a stall waiting to make a purchase when an elderly, but still quite lovely, lady who had been sitting in the rear of the booth stood up and came over to assist me.

A few moments after she came over, it hit me who she was.

Majel Barrett. Also known as Mrs. Gene Roddenberry. She also did the voice of the computer for (I believe) all of the Trek incarnations... I know she did it for TNG, VOY, and the Federation ships on DS9.

Lovely lady, very kind and gracious.

And that's my brush with Trek fame. It wasn't till 20 minutes later that I realized I should have asked for her autograph, tho.

Keep on Trekkin'.===... (Below threshold)

Keep on Trekkin'.

Never ever mix ROMULAN ALE ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Never ever mix ROMULAN ALE and SARIAN BRANDY you will fly the shuttlecraft into the nearest wormhole and end up very far away

CCG, she also played Counse... (Below threshold)

CCG, she also played Counselor Troi's mother in several episodes and was producer of several of the series and Andromeda.

Also true, Robin... sorry I... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

Also true, Robin... sorry I forgot Lwaxana Troi.

Never watched Andromeda, tho.

How many DOOMSDAY MACHINES ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:







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