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The Examiner has an excerpt from Rowan Scarborough's new book, Sabotage, about the CIA's war with the Pentagon. It is interesting stuff.


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Fascinating read. I wish th... (Below threshold)

Fascinating read. I wish there were some way to fry the cowards in the CIA who got way too lazy in their cushy jobs. They fight for their own survival which will eventually be their undoing.

Broom the organization and ... (Below threshold)

Broom the organization and rebuild banning current employees from future employment. I don't think we'll miss the loss.

What jpm100 said... (Below threshold)

What jpm100 said

Turf battles aren't anythin... (Below threshold)

Turf battles aren't anything new - the Navy and the Army were at each other's metaphorical throats in the '30s, fighting hard for the little funding available. Then the Air Corps/Air Force came in, and there was a third contender for the pie - and with aircraft and ballistic missiles it was pretty sexy.

But USUALLY when faced with a threat the Navy and Army and AF worked together to fight it. They've learned the hard way that none of them can go it alone, and working together they're a hell of a lot stronger than on their own.

The CIA apparently wanted to own all intel and decisionmaking regarding 9/11. I agree with jpm100 - there's time for gameplaying and time to be serious. They decided that only they knew what was important - and only they were going to release what they thought was important. It didn't matter what the customer wanted, what the hell did the customer know, anyway?

Yeah, I can understand in slow times a desire to 'preserve' their territory, and there's a lot of bureaucrats to whom the amassing of people-power and the building of little kingdoms is more important than getting the job done or even being ready to do the job when the bell rings.

But the CIA dropped the ball, then tried to deflate it to keep others from using it. That just doesn't cut it.

I wish I knew more about Ha... (Below threshold)

I wish I knew more about Hayden.

Maybe the whole damn outfit... (Below threshold)

Maybe the whole damn outfit has been marginalized with a copacetic babysitter. Better than being sandbagged again, as have Presidents who've depended upon the CIA since it quit being an office of special services. For good or bad, the DIA pretty much has it all now, anyway.

Val Plame's hubby outed a w... (Below threshold)

Val Plame's hubby outed a whole agency. You just haven't seen the carcass yet.

Holy cow. Democrats workin... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Holy cow. Democrats working against the best interests of the United States!?

Shocked I am! Just shocked!

/scarcasm off

Another thought provoking p... (Below threshold)

Another thought provoking post, Lori. How long did it take you to write this one?






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