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Michael Vick Indicted For Dog Fighting Operation

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Atlanta Falcon's quarterback Michael Vick was indicted today for his role in the dog fighting operation discovered earlier this year on his Virginia property. It looks like those anonymous sources who said Vick was a big man in the underground dog fighting culture were telling the truth. The Smoking Gun has the full indictment, which features the former #1 draft choice as a participant in destroying dogs who didn't perform.

The NFL, which has not problem banishing Pacman Jones, Chris Henry, Tank Johnson, and others, is - for now - saying that they won't take any action until legal proceedings conclude. That didn't stop them in the previous cases, but Vick's a marque player whose trangressions (allegedly spreading herpes and flipping off fans), while newsworthy haven't been with the law. Of course there was that hidden compartment in his water bottle that didn't have drugs in it, but there were no charges there..


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I think more of most dogs t... (Below threshold)
Dan Patterson:

I think more of most dogs than of most people. Vic's actions have supported the view that many professional athletes and entertainers have little or no...

Never mind. I have tried several times to write a sentence that conveys how disgusted I am with a**holes like M. Vick and I cannot. Maybe some other commentor with more finely honed skills can do it. I can't.

And heaven forbid that someone use a pejoritive phrase to describe Vick's behavior! Can't do that, can we? You see, Vick belongs to a protected class of asshole, as do many politicians and entertainment types, so I'll bet that he gets a free pass. No professional hinderance. No civil action. No outrage from anyone. We'll see his no-class smiling face during an interview, he'll say some bull**** about something and that will be that. Next season some other asshole commentator will babble on about what a great athlete he is:

"You just can't stop Vick. Give him a SLIVER of daylight and he is a six-point threat".

"That's right Don and hopefully he will, you know, hopefully get better and better and not, you know, have a injury, you know, that um, puts his playing career, you know, at the end".

"Hopefully. You're right"

"Yeah, um, hopefully".

Dogs? What dogs? They're just DOGS man! Nobody gots hurt. People have been raising dogs to fight for hundreds of years. The one's that can't cut it get done away with. In some cultures dog fighting is a sign of manhood. Power. Respect. Like gold teeth. And prison time. And bastard babies.

If one doesn't have some moderate measure of self-respect and humility, actions like Vick's are expected and understood. I am disgusted.

Dan Patterson
Arrogant Infidel

Wonder if Bobby Petrino wou... (Below threshold)

Wonder if Bobby Petrino would like to go back to Louisville now?

Dittos there Dan. I would n... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Dittos there Dan. I would not be surprised to see justice done in this, however. First, this ain't Mike Nifong with a hastily arranged "investigation", but a federal case that has been built over several years. Second, as much as Vick could ever be considered a "marquee" player, he has done nothing lately to hold onto that designation on the field. Finally, NFL leadership seems to finally have turned the corner on the kind of mindset that would turn a blind eye to such behavior. I think they are just waiting a little longer to let the federal case to play out.

Prediction: Michael Vick will not play a down of football for at least a full season, and the Falcons will be better off without him.

Gawd!! All the money he was... (Below threshold)

Gawd!! All the money he was making and the acclaim and he is into dog fighting! I guess you can't take the loser out of a potential winner no matter what!

He's always been an asshat ... (Below threshold)

He's always been an asshat and now maybe he'll catch it for his mistreatment of dogs, although I doubt it because he is a member of the 'protected' class and he has enough money to hire damn good lawyers.

I love all dogs. I think th... (Below threshold)

I love all dogs. I think they are the definition of loyalty. My father-in-law has a saying: " All dogs are good dogs, just some dogs are better then others." People who can purposely mistreat a dog is lower then pond scum. ww

I agree with Dan, <b... (Below threshold)

I agree with Dan, WildWillie, and the other commentators, but I disagree on one point: I think Vick will pay for this.

Maybe the NFL will wait until the case is adjudicated (scumbags), but this indictment means Vick's sponsors will start to get nervous about their association with him. Nike, for example, has heretofore refused to drop his endorsement contract, but an indictment is serious business, and Vick isn't big enough, nor are the Atlanta Falcons are marquee team to protect Vick from being dumped like the sack of sh*t that he is.

It's amazing just how much ... (Below threshold)

It's amazing just how much some people are devoid of education and class..

Someone should smear peanut butter on his balls and sick a pack of wild dogs on him..

Prediction: Michael Vick wi... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Prediction: Michael Vick will not play a down of football for at least a full season, and the Falcons will be better off without him.

Posted by John F Not Kerry

Langtry, am I a potted plant? Heh.

How about putting he and Pa... (Below threshold)

How about putting he and Pacman in a ring together for a little fight action. Vick thinks he's a rebel and Pacman wants to be a gangsta so we'll see who's tougher, and then we'll kill the loser.

p.s. My two Welsh Corgi's just proof read this and agree whole-heartedly. They suggested the winner get's lowmal's peanut butter treatment.

This dog lover is personall... (Below threshold)

This dog lover is personally sickened by this story.

Hey, it's not like he abuse... (Below threshold)

Hey, it's not like he abused cats

Better headline suggestion:... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Better headline suggestion:

"Dog bites Ron Mexico"

I'm a basketball fan and no... (Below threshold)

I'm a basketball fan and not a football one. But my own hometown Portland Trailblazers once had a terrible criminal reputation for years and years including four players having sex with young underage girls they met at a Salt Lake shopping mall while playing the Utah Jazz, players who were convicted rapists, drug and other crime problems. Compared to raping kids, Michael Vick's dog fighting charges looks almost tame compared to the old "Jailblazers" reputation.

Professional basketball and... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Professional basketball and football is quickly becoming the repository of thugs and gang members with money.

They make it through high school and college gaining the reputation of being able to do anything with a basketball or football except write a simple declarative sentence or sign their name on it.

By the way, I lived in Atlanta for twenty years and watched the Falcons only flirt a couple of times with any playoff hopes. A lot of people thought he was the one to take them in...No Way.. It runs in the family, his younger brother was kicked off the Virginia Tech Team a couple years ago for his criminal behavior.

How about dog breeders beco... (Below threshold)

How about dog breeders becoming responsible and not selling their pits to african americans or suspicious individuals?

I agree w/ you eneilis. Fo... (Below threshold)

I agree w/ you eneilis. Football is a repository for thugs and gang members. So why do they keep hiring them, b/c there is a demand for their talent b/c WE love football.

What Vick (allegedly) did w... (Below threshold)

What Vick (allegedly) did was unconscionable.

Worse however, I have heard that when told about the investigation, Vick was surprised that anyone would care about dogs, and thought the worst he'd face would be a fine.

And the NFL thinks his conduct is no big deal? It's not about the courts, it's about the character.

We now have proof the NFL is corrupt. Just like Vick and his hoodlum pals.

I guess we can add a new QB... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I guess we can add a new QB to my All-Time Most-Troubled NFL Team.

It's just a dog not a perso... (Below threshold)

It's just a dog not a person and you people that treat a dog as person is just retarded.Is it wrong what Vick done Yes but dogs are not people...

Editorial written by one of... (Below threshold)
Mike Z:

Editorial written by one of the dogs IN Michael Vick's dog fighting club.







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