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Some Things Never Interchange

The Washington Post today has a story on the completion of one of the largest interchange projects ever, the infamous "Mixing Bowl" in Springfield, Virginia. Anyone who lives in the Washington area or who commuted up and down the 95 corridor through the DC area has their own special tale(s) of horror regarding the Mixing Bowl. If you're looking for a little visual retrospective, or just learning about the intersection from hell for the first time, be sure to check out Beth Rado's photos of the project and the Springfield Interchange Flickr group..

Now that the project is done it's smooth sailing for the 430,000 cars a day traversing the intersection of Interstate 95, 395, and 495, right?

Generally yes, but today those 24 lanes are a highway to hell...

Southbound I-95 Closed Due to Acid Leak


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Well, I mean yea!<... (Below threshold)
Ugh, my sister lives in Spr... (Below threshold)

Ugh, my sister lives in Springtuckey, awful place, in fact most of northern VA is awful.

Back when I used to live in... (Below threshold)

Back when I used to live in Springfield and had to move from I-395 (interior lane) as it merged into I-95 (south from the beltway) over to the extreme right to exit into Springfield, I called it the "Slide for life."
Was not pretty.

D-Hoggs, you're just wrong about much of NoVa. Get out to Loudoun County (LoCo) and see how great it can be.

O, c'mon, you wusses. Ther... (Below threshold)

O, c'mon, you wusses. There's nothing quite like sliding across eight lanes of traffic in the space of a quarter mile to grow a little hair on your chest ...


BlogDog, I enjoy Loudon, Le... (Below threshold)

BlogDog, I enjoy Loudon, Leesburg, those areas, I grew up right on the Potomac on the Maryland side. I am more talking about Arlington/Alexandria/Springfield, everything is so sterile looking, zero personality, just an ugly place.

Let me correct myself, obvi... (Below threshold)

Let me correct myself, obviously historic Alexandria is very nice.






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