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Bloggers Roundtable with the Commanding Generals

The Pentagon has been active participants in what Tony Snow described as a "surge of facts" from Iraq to hold the line against the Democratic congress and their calls for withdrawal/redeployment/change of strategy/surrender. I've been on several conference calls this week with Lt. Generals, Lt. Colonels, Rear Admirals, and others who are sharing status updates with mil-bloggers like those at BlackFive, US Cavalry OnPoint, The Belmont Club, and others. Tomorrow morning I'll be on two with these guys:

  • BG Edward Cardon, USA, Deputy Commanding General, Task Force Marne will be joining us with an operational update from the
    Multi-National Division Central area of operations.
  • MG W.E. Gaskin, USMC, Commanding General Multi-National Force West will be joining us with an operational update
    from Al Anbar province following his Pentagon Press briefing.

These should be lively accounts of what it's like on the ground in Iraq. If anyone has a specific question that you'd like answered, I'd be happy to ask it. Post a comment with your suggestions.

I've got a podcast in the works that will include lots of stories from the men on the front and those supporting them at HQ.


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Comments (7)

Would it be possible to plo... (Below threshold)

Would it be possible to plow up the sides of roads, traveled by our people, with an unmanned minesweep dragging the dirt for buried I.E.D.s?

Is anyone working on a localized/directable, E.M.P. device with which to disable I.E.D.s and murder-bombers ?

Are there ops which include posing as arms dealers so as to catch the killers while they build-up ? Seems there's alot of angry Iraqis out there who would be perfect for the job.

Is there "safe haven" provided for informants,ala,the witness protection program ? The Kurdish area seems like a nice place to go for a patriot willing to risk his or her life.

Is there any hope of,or are there already, broadcasts, publications and local/state religious leaders condemning the acts of massmurder as unholy and not deserving of martyrdom ?

Could we put captured al qeda,bound and gagged,in completely UN-uparmored, remote controlled Humvees and drive them around dangerous parts of the country ?

pudge, re your last questio... (Below threshold)

pudge, re your last question: can we skip the uparmored part?

Wars should be fought by th... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Wars should be fought by the military men and not the politicians

Why are your Bradleys killi... (Below threshold)
Iraqi dog:

Why are your Bradleys killing my puppies?

To what do you contribute t... (Below threshold)

To what do you contribute the long overdue push to get more balanced information out of Iraq? Is it that the crescendo of negativity coming from Congress has reached a certain tipping point? If so, why was that negativity left to gain such momentum that it has reached such a critical point?

Iraqi dog,Why don'... (Below threshold)

Iraqi dog,

Why don't you put your head under a Bradley ? I understand they require more testing on mushy surfaces. Isn't it wonderful folks ? I mean,isn't it just got-dammed lovely and wonderful how the left always rushes to embrace lies from terrorists and there allies in the body-count media, but they absolutely refuse to believe in the heroism and honor of those who bleed and die to keep us safe and secure while we carry on with this meaningless drivel on the internets ?

You,you leftist nazi symp you, "support the troops"? Right. You support each others junk while pole smoking you perverse reprobates.Rot in hell real soon now, ya hear ?

1) simp2) and [the... (Below threshold)

1) simp

2) and [their] allies

Also: it is customary to put a space after a period or comma.






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