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Ducks... In... Space!!!!

This should be the last batch of photos from my time at Shore Leave. Honest.

While there, I had the chance to engage in some intergalactic diplomacy. Unfortunately, Mr. Duckie was mistaken for a tribble.

He escaped unharmed, but it was a very near thing.

I also had a chance to meet the very lovely and talented Claudia Christian. She was selling autographed photos and books, including one set in a binder marked "Cheeky Photos." All I can say is that, for someone forever typecast as a slightly telepathic, neurotic, bisexual Russian Jew, she knows her fans.

(Warning: the photo has been made almost SFW, but the original is not. Click here for the unexpurgated version -- showing her gannet, and one of her robins.)

Finally, I got a Peter David autograph that I've been after for several years. I wanted him to sign one particular page in a particular fashion. More specifically, Page 339 of the hardcover edition of Q Squared by his former pen name, "David Peters."

He blew it at first, signing with his real name, but then fixed it -- and I think it's even better.

Major Wizbang Bonus Points to anyone who can explain why I thought this would be such a cool idea.


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Comments (8)

To show everyone you are ou... (Below threshold)

To show everyone you are out of your mind? ww

The page in question has th... (Below threshold)

The page in question has the Ten Forward hostess as Guinan in two of the timelines and Caryn Johnson (the real name of Whoopi Goldberg, who played Guinan) as the hostess in the third timeline. You now have the page signed by Peter David both in his real name and his stage pen name.

Frack! I had "stage" struc... (Below threshold)

Frack! I had "stage" struck through in the previous entry, and it showed up in the comment preview as struck through, but now it's normal text, which makes it a bit less coherent.

You nailed it, DL. And no, ... (Below threshold)

You nailed it, DL. And no, you can NOT have the book. The autographing was MY idea, I spent over $200.00 getting it signed that way (air fare, con admission, and parking alone added up to that much), and I am NOT parting with it.



Claudia showed you those... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Claudia showed you those pictures... that she brought with her?!?

I love shy girls. ;)

You are such a fraking geek... (Below threshold)

You are such a fraking geek, Tea. Rock on! I'm sooo jealous.

I must say, that's a fine n... (Below threshold)

I must say, that's a fine nipple..

Oy, vhat a tuchus!... (Below threshold)
The Exposer (But Not as Exposed as Claudia):

Oy, vhat a tuchus!






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